Vampires are Normal Too, You Know!

Rebecca is a normal teenager, living a normal life. Except that she's a vampire. And where she's from, no one knows that. Rebecca attempts to live her normal-ish life while trying to not feed off the living. But is that how she really wants to live?


6. Chapter 6

One of my favorite 'human days,' as I like to call them, was when I found my first love. I lived in Virginia, the year was about 1800, and even though it was such a long time ago, the memory is still clear in my head today. His name was Aaron and he was 15. I met him and immediately adored him. The boy had sandy hair and sparkling ocean-blue eyes. I met him before I was diagnosed with cancer. He made me feel so happy and good about myself. When I received the news that I was ill, he was always at my side, even on my worst days when I would cry nonstop. The doctors told me I had a few days to live when I was 17, and I told Aaron that. He reassured me and told me I would overcome this. I didn't believe him because the odds of surviving were even slimmer than they are today. But in some way, in some unnatural, paranormal way, I did survive. I obviously couldn't tell Aaron about my vampiric condition, so I fled along with Maude to Maine. That was when I realized I had to hide what I was. No one would understand me being a vampire besides other vampires. I was sad to leave Aaron, but I knew I had to. I would rather survive and live undercover for a while than be discovered and killed for what I turned into.

I still am reminded of Aaron in everyone I see: his crooked smile, his wavy hair, his way of walking. I sometimes hope I'll see him again, but I know that's impossible.

As I relive my old days, Maude and Richard move about the house, trying to seem preoccupied. Sometimes being a vampire and not having to breathe, eat, or sleep gets boring; we sometimes just move around to have something to do. That's why Maude and Richard are moving around. I watch them move from room to room, just looking at everything. The huge TV flickers on and Maude watches it. Richard sits on the leather black couch and Maude follows. The way they show affection towards each other in the slightest ways makes my heart ache. I wish I could have a relationship like theirs, true and imperishable. Daisy and Isaac always have some sort of fling with classmates. I feel very alone sometimes when I realize I'm the only one without a partner. But maybe I'll change that soon.

I examine everything around the house until it's time for another monotonous day of school. I've learned most things already, but I like going to school anyway. As soon as I step into the maze-like halls, I spot Kyle by his locker. I walk over to him and tap his shoulder.

"Why, hello there vampy! What's up?" Kyle asks. He flashes a dazzling smile at me.

I can't help but smile back, and I don't even reprimand him for saying a form of vampire aloud. I say, "Hey, kitty cat. Wait, maybe ferocious kitty cat is better suited for you."

"I like that." He turns back to his locker to get an oversized book out. "Hey, do you want to help me study today? I know it's only the beginning of the year, but I want to be prepared for any test." Kyle tilts the book he's holding toward me. The book is about the Italian language.

"Sure! That's my favorite language!" I silently curse in my mind because I just sounded over-eager, just like annoying freshmen girls.

"Really? Do you know any?" Kyle questions.

"Certo che ci credo," I reply.


"It means, 'of course I do,' in Italian." I chuckle a little.

"Oh, did you hear about the new student coming to the junior class?" Kyle and I walk through the halls and talk.

"No. Do you know who it is?"

Both of us turn into our first class of the day, which we have together. "No, but I think I've heard his name is Adam."

Adam... I use my vast knowledge and experience with names. Adam means 'enlightened.' Another name is on the tip of my tongue. What other name means enlightened that I know of?

I sit down next to Kyle and let my mind wander. I know I've met someone whose name meant 'enlightened.' I just can't remember who...

The teacher of this class walks in. "Okay students, sit down. We have a new student today," he says dully.

Just as the teacher announces that, I remember the other name that means 'enlightened.' Aaron.

And that's when I realize what is going to happen. The new student, Adam, walks in. He has sandy hair, ocean-blue eyes, and a crooked smile. Just like my Aaron from over 200 years ago.


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