Vampires are Normal Too, You Know!

Rebecca is a normal teenager, living a normal life. Except that she's a vampire. And where she's from, no one knows that. Rebecca attempts to live her normal-ish life while trying to not feed off the living. But is that how she really wants to live?


4. Chapter 4

For the next few days, I dread the coming of school. I'll have to see Kyle for 5 days a week for about 9 months. I predict this will be torturous... I naturally don't get along with most people, but now there's a shape-shifter. It's going to make things much harder., in more way than one.

My mind keeps wandering back to Kyle; I want to know more about him. The story he told me about why he came here intrigues me. The fact that he didn't want to kill me makes me feel different in some way. I don't know what this feeling is.  haven't experienced it in my long life.



At the first day of school, many people great me. I just give them a polite smile. Not many people like me, they just want to be nice. I sort of rule the school because I never take no for an answer and always get what I want. None of the people here are my real friends. I actually want to have friends, but I feel if I get too close, I'll give away my secret of vampirism. I want to live a normal life like most high-schoolers, but I just can't. I've been given a curse of immortality and I hate it.

I make my way through the high school, through the winding halls of the building. My first class, American history, is my favorite. The teacher fears me and gives me As in everything. It's rather enjoyable. I scan the classroom for anyone I know and see my semi-friend, Sasha. She  catches my eye and waves. I wave back and slightly smile. I vow to myself silently that I will make more friends this year.

The next classes of the day fly by. I don't see Kyle all day long, which I kind of don't like. For some reason, I want to see his face again, and soon. During my last class, my wish comes true. I turn around in my seat to see who sits behind me and it's none other than Kyle.

"Hey, blood-drinker. How's your day?" Kyle flashes a cute little grin.

I'm tempted to grin back, but I don't. Instead I say, "Don't say that so loud. And my day was good until you showed up."

"How nice of you to say. I wish I could say the same."

"What, your day wasn't good?"

"No. I don't know anyone except you, I haven't met many people, and, if you hadn't noticed, I'm not that smart." Kyle's face falls slightly. I can see that he truly isn't having a good day.

When he says he isn't smart, that strikes me as odd. He seemed smart the other day. And he survived a few vampires down South. Maybe he just isn't good at comprehending things.

"You haven't made any friends? You have me though." I smile then realize what I said. I'm a vampire, I'm supposed to be mean. I don't socialize with shape-shifters. But something about Kyle makes me want to be nice.

"Really? You think we could be friends?" Kyle seems astonished.

"Yeah, it could work out." I decide to let my walls down and see where it leads me.

"That's great blood consumer. I mean Rebecca."

I like the way he tries to hide the fact I'm a vampire. It makes me feel... normal almost. I like this feeling very much.

Through the rest of the class, I learn more and more about Kyle and nothing about biology, the subject of the class. His birthday is in September, just like my own. His family are just like himself: shape-shifters. He loved living in the South but likes the North better. I tell him a little about myself; when I was born, where I've lived, how I became a vampire. But I don't tell him my big secret yet. No one knows about it, and I'm not ready to tell him, no matter how well we get along together.

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