Vampires are Normal Too, You Know!

Rebecca is a normal teenager, living a normal life. Except that she's a vampire. And where she's from, no one knows that. Rebecca attempts to live her normal-ish life while trying to not feed off the living. But is that how she really wants to live?


3. Chapter 3

If I were a panther, why would I be in the northeast United States? There's only one reasonable answer I could think of at the time: vampires. There are many unknown vampires in Maine. We like to keep a low profile so people don't find out about us. So how would a shape-shifter know about us?

The next day I thoroughly begin my hunt. I head into the weapons room (yes, we have one of those) and examine all the items. Maces, swords, whips, stakes; you name it, we have it. I grab a crossbow and take some arrows with it. This panther will never know what it's about to face.

I speed out of the house so no one asks any questions. I devise a plan in my head on how to conquer this beast. Aiming for the neck has always been an effective move, but aiming for one of the legs would most likely work too. My goal is to not kill, but to harm so I can find out information.

While thinking of plans of attack, I make my way to the clearing where I first saw the animal. I sit on the ground, anticipating any noise. Mere seconds later, I hear that same breathing I heard a day earlier. "Come out, come out wherever you are," I taunt.

The shape-shifter must've heard me because it points its small head through the trees and bushes.

"Who are you?" I question.

The panther moves back into the woods for a short time, then comes back. But it isn't a panther anymore; it's a teenage boy, about my age of 17. He has sandy hair, a muscular physique, and a tall stature. "Hello, bloodsucker." It seems as if he's growling at me.

"Who are you?" I ask again, my voice rising.

"I'm Kyle. And as you can see, I'm a panther." His tone is light, yet it sets my nerves on edge. "Who are you?"

"Rebecca. I live around here. And there are several other vampires ready to attack."

"You lie. You came alone. I've been tracking you, waiting for my time to strike. And it looks like now is a good time." Kyle starts running toward me, about to change forms.

"Stop!" I have no time to pull out my crossbow. This is the first time I've ever been caught off guard in a long time. Why did I lose my focus?

To my surprise, Kyle stops in mid-stride. "Okay, leech. I'll stop this one time, only if you bargain with me. Don't tell anyone of your vampire buddies about my being here and I'll tell you why I'm up here."

I ponder for a moment, thinking of my options. On the plus side, I'll hopefully learn the truth about this guy. On the minus side, I won't be able to tell anyone about this encounter. "Okay. I won't tell anyone. Now talk."

"Well, as you can see," Kyle begins, "I'm a shape-shifting panther. I left my fellow shape-shifters because they kept getting attacked by none other than vampires. They were in Georgia. I'm the only panther; everyone I knew was something different, no one was the same. Vampires came and killed most of us. So I chose to leave and come to the north."

"Do you know who these vampires were?"

"Jeez, you just have to interrupt. That's what all vampires do." This last comment seems like Kyle's speaking to himself more than to me. "But no, we weren't able to track them. Anyways, on with the story. So I came up here in hopes of finding more people like me, but I found more bloodsuckers instead. I've made it my goal to kill all the ones I see, but I think we can come to a compromise here."

I chuckle to myself. "You would do that? Why? Are you afraid we'll kill you before you get the chance to kill us?"

"No, Rebecca. I'm certain I can take you all. But I don't want a reputation up here. I wanna start off on a good track, not on a murderous one."

"Good for you, because I'd tear your head off right now if you were planning to kill any of us. So what if I agreed to this compromise? What are the terms?" I cross my arms over my chest to emphasize my toughness.

"wow, you do ask a lot of questions. The terms are we don't kill each other. If I kill one of your kind, you can kill me, and vice versa. An eye for an eye."

I walk closer to Kyle so I'm almost touching him. I'd never of thought I'd be this close to a shape-shifter. "Seems fair to me." I glare at him. "How long are you going to stay here?"

He puts a hand underneath my chin. "As long as you want me to." He smiles charmingly.

I whip his hand off my chin. "Don't touch me. You don't want to see what I can do."

"Fine. And we're going to the same high school, by the way."

For some unknown reason, it seems as if there are butterflies in my stomach. But why? "Oh, what fun." I look away from his face.

"See you at school!" Kyle waves as he walks ways. When he's in the dense forest, I hear him change forms once more and run off to who knows where.

So I'm going to school with a shape-shifter. Great. I bet Daisy and Isaac, who are sophomores this year while I'm a junior, will sense something's up with him. I can't wait for that showdown to happen.

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