Vampires are Normal Too, You Know!

Rebecca is a normal teenager, living a normal life. Except that she's a vampire. And where she's from, no one knows that. Rebecca attempts to live her normal-ish life while trying to not feed off the living. But is that how she really wants to live?


2. Chapter 2

Let's get back to what we vampires were about to do: hunt. Since we try to be a civilized clan, we only hunt animals. Animal blood is good and all, but something just isn't right with the taste. It's not as sweet, not as red as human blood. But don't get me started on that subject.

As I step outside into the warm summer breeze, I hear something... odd. Something I'm not familiar with. It sounds like deep breathing, but something else as well. But I just can't put my finger on it. Whatever, I'll just let it go.

Richard comes out of the house and stands next to me. "Seems like a good day for the hunt, don't you think?" He gently pats my shoulder. Richard has always been my favorite. He always seems so down to earth compared to the others. Maybe it's just because he's likeable, or maybe it's because he has been a vampire the longest.

"Yeah, I bet I'll get a bigger catch than you," I tease. By now, everyone has come out of the spacious house and is ready to hunt.

"Bite me!" Richard shouts and runs off at top speed. Richard has never been the fastest, but he does pick up a lot of speed.

The others run off in different directions. I head the same way Richard went in hopes of catching him. I feel the warm wind flow through my blond, silky hair, the soft soil compact with my soft footsteps. I close my eyes and take in this moment. Then I hear the strange noise again. It sounds even closer now. I stop quickly and cock my head. The sound is coming from the east, I think. I run toward that direction not even caring about Richard's and my hunt. I near closer and closer to the mysterious noise. The sound is definitely a panting, but a weird kind of panting. I sense an abnormally loud heartbeat as well.

I end up running into a clearing. The noise is closer than ever. What is this, I think to myself. I turn in a complete circle to scan the area. Something glistens in one side of the surrounding woods. I finally realize what the glistening thing is: a pair of eyes. A pair of huge, golden, menacing eyes. So the noise has to be coming from some kind of animal -- an animal that ought not to be messed with.

I swivel my body around and run at top speed toward home. I don't care about food at the moment; I only care about what that animal was and what it was doing in the woods. It definitely wasn't a common animal in these parts. It was foreign and unwanted.

A few minutes after I reach home, I go up to my room. Even though I'm not the girliest person, my room is pink: the walls, the bed, the curtains, everything. I search through my personal bookcase for one certain book. Once I find it, I take it down, leaving a mess of books behind. The book, Shape-shifters and Other Creatures, practically breaks in my hands. Maude insists on passing down books to the younger vampires, so that's why I have this old piece on junk. I examine the index through all the creatures until I find what I'm looking for: known shape-shifting animals. The book lists many species, such as wolves, bear, and sharks. None of them match the characteristics of the creature I just saw.

I frantically turn the pages looking for anything that will end my searching. I quickly flip through the brittle pages when I finally see something. A pair of yellow eyes looks out from one page. It's surprising they had color ink when this book was made. Maybe it has a witches spell on it, I joke with myself. Never in the history of the supernatural has there been a witch. It's a common misconception among humans. I turn my attention back to the book and read the blurb of text the book has. "This animal is one of the least common shape-shifting creatures. It has yellow eyes, sharp teeth, and is slight in posture. Panther shape-shifters have not been recorded since 1700. It is believed they have been banished from the world."

So it was a panther? Maybe Maude knows about this. I make a promise to myself to ask her later. While everyone is away, it's time to do research.

I navigate my way through the large house to our lab. Usually only Richard and Maude use the lab. Daisy, Isaac, and I usually don't have the need to use the room. It mainly contains computers, computers, and more computers. I sit down on one of the swivel, worn-out chairs and bring up the search engine. I type in "panther shape-shifters," but don't expect much to come up. To my surprise, one article matches my criteria. I click it and wait for it to load. I look out one of the many windows to see if anyone's coming. No one is back, but I suspect they will be soon. I quickly skim the article to see whether it's true or just some story some nerd made. The article mentions the same basics that the book did. Well, that was useless...

The only way to figure out who and what this shape-shifter is is to search myself and not use the untruthful Internet. This person better be ready. There's one more week of summer and I'm not afraid to waist it on hunting something.

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