Vampires are Normal Too, You Know!

Rebecca is a normal teenager, living a normal life. Except that she's a vampire. And where she's from, no one knows that. Rebecca attempts to live her normal-ish life while trying to not feed off the living. But is that how she really wants to live?


1. Chapter 1

I've learned a lot in my vampire life and a lot in my shortened human life. I've learned that death comes with a price; sometimes it's good, sometime it's bad. For myself, Rebecca, I think that my death was very... fortunate. When I was eighteen I had pancreatic cancer. Since it was the 19th Century, there were not many treatments. My doctor, Maude, told me I had some sort of alternative. I could either live or die. I didn't quite know what she meant so I said I wanted to live. What happened next thoroughly shocked me and still does over 200 years later. Maude bent over my weakened body and bit my neck. Being the wise person she is Maude put her hand over my mouth so I wouldn't scream. Next thing I knew, I was drinking blood from a helpless being. One after the other, I killed humans. I was never a killer... I sometime wish I had chosen to die. But the past is the past. I've maimed much more over the years. The blood quenches me like nothing else.

I bet by now you all think this is just the normal vampire story, the one that all vampires tell. Well soon you'll figure out that it isn't. Soon, but not now. Since I'm a vampire, I just have to keep you waiting.

Okay, now to the present.

"Rebecca?" Maude called from the kitchen. Even though the house I live in is triple the size of a regular house, communicating with one another is fairly easy. "We have to go hunt."

Ah, hunting. One of the few lovely things of being a vampire. Just like the well-known Cullen clan in Washington, my clan in Maine does the same: we only hunt animals. The berry red blood is enough to liv with, but human blood gives me such a rush. To have the rich liquid touch my lips, to feel the warmness of it sooth my throat. But I don't... I can't feed off humans anymore. Not after what I've done to humans in the past. But sometimes I just have to break rules.

"Let's catch some huge deer today, Bec," my fellow vampire clan member Richard says. The Caribou Coven, as I like to call us, is a very diverse group. I was from Massachusetts. I lived there until I became a vampire. I had to flee to a cold, cloudy area to hide my life. Maude, on the other hand, lived in Germany back in the 14th century. I can still slightly hear her accent sometimes. Richard, Maude's husband, is about 450 years old. He lived in South Africa. Daisy and Isaac, two twins, are the newest to our group. They've been vampires for 75 years. Garret and Kim are also part of our coven, but we rarely see them.

Oh, and we all have special vampire powers of course. Maude can change the way someone appears to someone else. Richard can change his whole self into someone entirely different. Daisy has the ability to project thoughts and images into someone's mind, while Isaac can make someone forget memories. The two twins sometimes compete to see which power over rules the other. It's quite funny, actually.

I have the most... diverse and complicated power. I can change emotions as well as personalities. If I don't like someone's attitude toward me, I can just change that. It takes a lot of concentration, so much that sometimes I can't bare it, so I don't use my ability much. Our vampire clan has the most people with special abilities.

You may know of the Cullen clan from somewhere in the northwest. We associate with them sometimes when we travel. They are close allies, since we live the same lifestyle as them: not drinking the blood of humans. But I like to manipulate this lifestyle a little bit. But no one knows the things I do, so I get away with it. Besides, who could resist the temptation of the delicious liquid of human blood?
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