Darcy Brooke Styles.
She has a passion for singing and dancing.
One day, when she gets the chance to show the world her moves with her bestfriend, Ryan, she runs into someone. Possibly her own father.
Wanna know what happens?
Read it!(;


9. Soft, Calm, and Loving..

Darcy's POV: The ride to the theater was quiet. But not an awkward silence. It was rather peaceful, so I didn't mind it. We finally arrived. Before I could open my door to get out Tommy ran around to open it for me.

"Well thank you, Sir." I blushed.

"It was my pleasure, My Lady." I giggled. "You're such a dork." I smirked.

"And you're not?"

"Oh please!" I took his hand and we walked inside.

"Two tickets please." Tommy handed the man money, and we got our tickets. "TOMMYYYY! I want snacks!" I pleaded, and of course he gave in.

"Anything for the lovely Darcy" He smiled.

"Yay! Thank you Tommy!" I quickly picked out skittles, sour patch kids, and a Dr. Pepper. Tommy got a large popcorn and a Mountain Dew.

"Ready?" He asked. "Yep!" I replied popping the 'P'.

We took out seats close to the back. That's my favorite place to sit in a theater. Last time I came here to watch a movie with Jade an old woman threatened to call the dang cops just because I didn't want to put my phone up! It was 'too bright'. Pshh.

"Enjoying the movie?" His green eyes made me want to melt every time I looked into them.

"Of course. Are you?" I smiled up at him.

"Yes. All because it's with you.." He flashed an award winning smile.

"Whateverrr." I replied.

"It's the truth.."



"Stop lying." I demanded.

"I'm not."

"Prove it." I looked straight into his eyes.

"Fine. After the movie."


With that we sat there and had a starring contest.

"Tommy, I'm tired."

"Lean on me babe." He smirked. I laid my head down on his shoulder. He was so... Comforting. When the movie ended we walked to the park leaving his car at the theater.

"Cold?" He must've saw me shake. I nodded lightly. His strong arms wrapped around me.


"Yes..." I blushed.

I took my head off of his chest and looked into his eyes. He began to lean in. I stood on the tips of my toes, and our lips crashed together. Soft, calm, and loving...

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