Darcy Brooke Styles.
She has a passion for singing and dancing.
One day, when she gets the chance to show the world her moves with her bestfriend, Ryan, she runs into someone. Possibly her own father.
Wanna know what happens?
Read it!(;


8. "Ready to go, love?"

Darcy's POV: I woke up at around 1:30 that afternoon. "Honey, why aren't you at school?" I sat up and spotted my mum in the living room door way.

"I just wasn't feeling well" I lied. There was no way I was going to mention my dream.

"Do you need anything?" She looked at me with sympathetic eyes. "No, I'm fine. I'm just gonna get out...Get some fresh air." I ran past her and up to my room slamming the door shut. I slid down the wall letting a few tears escape from my eyes. I should be stronger than this. HE left US.

I wiped my tears away and searched for my phone. It vibrated on my desk. Quickly I unlocked it.

New Message From: Tommy.:D

A smile spread across my face. Why though? Why am I smiling. I wouldn't be in so much pain if I hadn't of met him. He puts me in so much pain, but it feels so good with him.

"Hey Darc. Don't forget about hanging out! Movies at 7? xxx"

I wanted to scream! My thumbs did a little dance as I tried to find something to say...

"Tommy! That sounds great! xx"

Well that was lame.. Oh well. I pressed send and throw my phone to my bed. I ran to my closet and dove into a pile of clothes. I needed something decent to wear!

I picked out and orange dress that I had gotten a few weeks ago at Forever21, with some punk ankle boots. I straightened my long brown hair and let it drop down my back.

I applied eye makeup that made my emerald green eyes really stand out! I smiled showing my dimples.

I got my keys, phone, and a book and ran to my car. I went through the Starbucks drive through for a peppermint mocha. Yum. I stopped at the park and found a nice spot under a tree. I haven't read in awhile because I've been so caught up in my dancing. It was such a calm and peaceful day.

I read till about 5:30 and figured I should go get some supper before my movie date with Tommy. I stopped by Olive Garden. It was incredible. I made it home at 6:12, so I would have time to touch up my makeup.

About 15 minutes later I heard the doorbell. My heart began to beat faster than ever. I ran to open it. There, was Tommy. His green eyes sparkled like the stars.

He was a beauty to my eyes....

"Ready to go, love?"

"Yes.." I smiled showing my dimples. My dimples, just like Harry's..

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