Darcy Brooke Styles.
She has a passion for singing and dancing.
One day, when she gets the chance to show the world her moves with her bestfriend, Ryan, she runs into someone. Possibly her own father.
Wanna know what happens?
Read it!(;


7. Nightmare come true.

Darcy's POV:

I walked slowly down the street. Nothing but my short yellow dress, and his jacket. It smelt like him. It was pouring the rain and we walked hand in hand. "Thanks for walking me home Tommy." I gazed up into his green eyes. "It was no trouble love." He kissed m cheek softly and I made my way up to the door. "Be safe Tommy!" I called out to him. "I will!"

"Mum? Dad?" I called as I walked into ]my home.

"Darcy! You're home!" I heard a deep, familiar voice greeted me as I stepped into the kitchen. "Daddy!" I ran to hug him... I ran and ran for what felt like a year before we were inches apart. As I jumped up for a warm hug, he vanished.

"DAD?!?!? DADDY?!?!" I screamed at the top of my lungs.

"DAD COME BACK!" I fell to my knees. The pain shot through me. "Daddy... You can't leave. Come back.. Please!" I pleaded hoping he would walk back in and tell me he was here for me. The whole room turned pitch black. Strong wind blew on my face. I heard a crack of lightening. For a split second I looked around to see if he was around. Where had he gone? Why did he leave so early?

"DADDY!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!! I NEED YOU!" I thrashed around looking for him.

"Darcy! Darcy!" I heard someone call my name. "DAD?!" I questioned, to hopeful.

"DARCY WAKE UP!" Ryan shook me. My eyes popped open.

"What were you dreaming about Darc?!" He seemed worried. Sweat dripped down my neck.

"No-nothing.." I stuttered. A tear slipped down my face.

"Darcy don't cry. It's okay." He pulled me into a hug and I soaked his shoulder with tears.

"Was it about your dad, Darcy?" We pulled away from our hug. I looked him dead in the eyes.

"It was nothing. You should probably go home Ryan. I'll see you at school tomorrow." I mumbled.

"Okay. If you need me, call me. I'm here for you at anytime. I'll see you at school." He smiled slightly and walked home. I felt bad for making him leave but I really just wanted to be alone. I checked my phone. It was 5 am. I have to get up in an hour. Great. I layed back down and closed my eyes. That was the weirdest, scariest dream I've had in a long time...
I sighed knowing I couldn't fall asleep, so I flipped the Tv on. I watched some old '90's Disney shows. My favorite. Maybe I won't go to school today. This can be my day off. Sounds nice.

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