Darcy Brooke Styles.
She has a passion for singing and dancing.
One day, when she gets the chance to show the world her moves with her bestfriend, Ryan, she runs into someone. Possibly her own father.
Wanna know what happens?
Read it!(;


1. Just Another Day

Darcy's POV: *BEEP BEEP BEEP* I groaned. Great. It's a Monday morning. You know what that means. SCHOOL.

I hit the snooze button. "Honey, you need to wake up." My mom walked into my room, and lightly shook me.

I stepped out of bed and opened my window, letting the sun shine in.

"You may want to wish your dad a happy birthday.." She handed me my phone. I logged into Twitter viewing all of the "Happy Birthday Harry!" Tweets.

He's 30 years old now. I didn't know he still had fans.

I sighed and threw my phone to my bed as my mom walked out of the room.

You're probably wondering, Harry Styles had a kid? Yep. My names Darcy Brooke Styles. He pretty much abandoned my mother and I when he found out she was pregnant. Some dad.

I went into my bathroom and got dressed. Curls or messy bun?

Messy bun. I put on my skinny jeans, a black Hipsta Please shirt , and my high tops.

I grabbed my phone and my bag. "Bye mum. Love you!" I kissed her cheek, and hopped into my car. I drove to Starbucks, to get a coffee before school.

After I pulled up to school, I was greeted by my bestfriend, Ryan.

"I'll take that!" He took my coffee and began to drink it.

"I don't think so!" I smirked and took it away from him.

He put his arm around me and we babbled continuously as we walked to class.

"Where's Jade?" I asked.

Jade and Ryan, are pretty much my only close friends in this school.

"Hereeee!" She popped up behind us.

"Hey!" I smiled.

"Have you.. Talked to your dad lately?" She asked, unconfident.

"No... I'll Tweet him later." I sighed.

Class began and we three took our seats in the back.

I doodled the WHOLE time, and soon school was over.

Wow. Felt like five minutes!

"Where too?!" Jade asked.

"Nandos!" I smiled.

I got my personality from pretty much all of the boys.

Louis, Im funny, and I have his style.

Niall, Im ALWAYS eating something.

Zayn, Im mysterious.

Liam, Im intelligent.

And then.. My looks, from my father. And my voice. Everyone says I can sing.

We went to Nandos, and talked for hours!

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