Darcy Brooke Styles.
She has a passion for singing and dancing.
One day, when she gets the chance to show the world her moves with her bestfriend, Ryan, she runs into someone. Possibly her own father.
Wanna know what happens?
Read it!(;


3. Face To Face

Darcy's POV: "Did you say Danielle Peazer?" I questioed, shockingly. "Yes ma'am I did! What are your names?" The man asked Ryan and I.

"I'm Darcy, and this is Ryan."

"Well congradulations!" Just then lights flashed everywhere and Danielle Peazer walked out and greeted us.

"Hello! I'm Danielle! You can call me Dani! Your preformance was phenominal!" She shook our hands and smiled brightly.

"Oh, I'm Darcy, and this is my friend Ryan. Thank you so much!" I tried to act as casual as I could.

"Well, would you like to hang out today?" She offered. Oh no.

"Sure! Sounds great!" Ryan accepted the offer, so I suppose we'd be spending the day with a dancer. A dancer that married my "Uncle Liam".

I remember when mum told me who my father really was, and how his bestfriends would always been known as my "uncle". Expecially Louis. They were very bestfriends, my mum and him.

"Could you excuse me a second?" I quickly ran to my mother before she could say anything.

"Mom. I just met Danielle Peazer. She wants to hang out." Mum sighed.

"Oh honey, just give it a shot." Her phone began to ring. She answered it and looked at me with sorry eyes.

"I'm sorry Darc. I have to go to work. The girls up at the studio need me right now. Love you." She kissed my cheek and she was off. Oh yeah, and my nickname is Darc... Just so you know. My mum is a photographer and she has her own studio with some of her friends.

I walked back to Ryan and Dani who were chatting away. "I'd like to take you guys to my place, so we can talk and get to know each other." Dani walked us out of the mall and to her flat.

"Well, this is it! Make yourself at home!" She had a giant smile plastered on her face. I have to admit, she was super nice.

"MOMMY MOMMY!" A little curly haired girl came running up to Danielle, and grabbed her leg.

"Hello Jessy!" Dani picked her up and kissed her.

"Oh, this is my daughter Jessy!" Jessy looked at me wide eyed and smiled. I waved.

"Honey, who's here?" Just before I knew it, Liam Payne walked into the room.

"Liam this is Darcy, and this is Ryan!"

"It's lovely to meet you, would you like to have a seat with us all?" All? Who's all??

I followed them into their living room which was quite large! I saw him. I looked just like him. I saw Harry.

"These are the two lucky winners of the dance competition!" Ryan smiled brightly waving.

"Well hello there! I'm Louis, and this is Eleanor!" Ryan and I shook both of their hands.

We met Niall and his wife Erin, Zayn and his wife Perrie, Louis and Eleanour, and Liam and Dani.

As soon as I got to Harry, I looked him straight into the eyes.

"Woah, you two sure do look alike!" Louis piped. I could feel the burn come across my face.

"Matthew, come back here!" I heard Perrie yell. Matthew must be their son. She brought him our of the bathroom, and back to the living room. He had a hair brush in his hand. I could see how he was Zayn's son.

Niall and Erin had two twins, Calli and Addie. They were adorable.

"Where's Tommy?" Eleanor looked around the room. "I'm here." She then a tall boy, with green eyes, and brown hair walked out of the living room.

"Well hello beautiful." He simply picked up my hand and kissed it. I blushed.

"Hi..." I shyly replied.

"I'm Tommy, The Tommo Tomlinson, and who might you be?"

"I'm Darcy, Darcy Styles." I replied. Uh ohhh. I turned to face Harry.

"I'm HIS daughter." I pointed at him.

Anger built up inside of me.

"Tommy, how old are you?"

"I'm 18." I was shocked. Now I was beyond angry.

"HOW COULD YOU?!?!?! LOUIS KEPT TOMMY! HOW COULD YOU." I screamed at Harry. And left.


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