Love gone Wrong

The life of the girl and the boys- a classic tale of a love gone wrong. A lifetime of Ellie (me!), Ana, Megan, Kasey, Maicy and the boys - Zayn, Niall, Liam, Louis and Harry - as they struggle through teen years, trying to survive as friends. But, with rumors, lies and bullies making hard, will they do it? Tears are shed, hearts are broken. But what doesn't kill you makes you strong, right?


6. it won't be for long

When I arrived home I went home and pulled out a book, everything would be okay tomorrow when mum and dad get back. I was put off reading when the phone rang but I left it for Louis to get. About and hour later I hear Harry say to the boys " Should I go tell Elle?"

It was silence apart from Niall mumbling

"Yeah go tell her Haz" Louis said almost silently,

"Yeah, he would go tell her!" What was up with him? It was Niall again! I heard footsteps on the stairs, then a knock on the door,

"Um, Ellie." He opened the door slowly as he entered, I knew it was bad news from his tone of voice, and the fact that it all went quiet when Lou was on the phone,

"Your moms not coming back for a while," Oh god no - I'm stuck with a cheater!

"How long?" I was just praying it wasn't long.

"It's another six months!" Harry sounded HAPPY about this, didn't he know about Niall and I? We just sat in silence for a few moments - why, I don't know but it was nice. "Forget it!" I heard Niall burst, I think Harry did too. We both stood up and walked straight for the door to be nosy and go see what the hell that was about! When I walked in I got deathly stares from Louis and Liam, Zayn was glaring at Harry.

"What the fuck have I done this time?" I said it clear, I had obviously upset them somehow! 

"Come with me," Louis ordered me - what the hell?

"Now!" He barked orders at me.

"You're coming too Harry."  He had an evil glare on his face the entire time.

He led us to the smaller living room which was the other side of the house,

"I told you she was off limits." He stood tall in front of Harry. Wait, what!? 

"Lou, mate. I don't have a CLUE  what you're on about." Harry awkwardly laughed.

"Oh, don't play it innocent. Niall told me all about it." Lou was mad and the tension was so thick you could practically taste it, the confusion on Harry's face way obvious.

"What?" I barked at Louis,

"Who the hell told Niall that!?" I was so mad that I was close to tears, I can't believe he believed that! I broke and the tears ran down my face, I forced my way to the door and through the kitchen, where Zayn and Liam were. I marched towards the exit and to my car with tear stained cheeks, I knew where I was going even if they didn't - it was a good twenty minutes but I don't care. I pulled my car to a stop and dragged myself out, locking the doors. I walked up to the house and knocked loudly on the door - I looked around anxiously, it was now pitch black with no street lights or anything like that  his sister answered the door. 

"Is he home?" I needed to know, now.

"Yeah, he's in his room - you know where it is." I marched up the stairs, tears only just controlled by myself. I didn't bother knocking, the door swung open with a light push and I stormed in.

"I can't believe that you actually believe whoever told you that bullshit!" I walked to the padded blue chair and slumped into it, he was sat on his bed on his phone - he dropped it onto the covers.

"You cheated on me with Melissa and then you have the guts to come to my house, even if it is with my brother!" The tears were pouring out now. His jaw dropped as I said that,

"I loved you and you made me feel like shit!" I shouted,

"I thought you loved me, but silly me I guess!" I was sobbing out loud now and I had mascara all down my cheeks, his face clearly read shock.

"I never cheated on you! You went out with my best friend while we were together!" Niall was struggling to talk, 

"I did love you, and I still do! But you cheated on me and that I can't forgive!" He burst into tears and sent me away, I didn't leave - I fell to rest out side of his bedroom door.

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