The Boy Band and the Motorcross Girls

What happens when two small town girls meet the famous One Direction and they fall in love. Pasts will come back to haunt them, secerets will be spoken of and most of all betrayal with come too. Will the two small town girls be able to handel the famous One Direction or will it end it heartbreak?


9. Chapter 8

Makayla's POV

It has almost been a week since Mic left, and I haven't herd on word out of her, and I was starting to worry me. The boys have been keeping me busy tho. We have been going to different place while we traveled. While I was at the boys suite I was on my phone while the boys where at rehearsal. I was on twitter when a call came through. I almost dropped my phone when I saw who it was. It was Mic. She was calling me!!

" hello" I answered
" Makayla?" She asked
" yyeah it's me babe" I said with a smile on my face
" hey, how have you been" she asked
" I have been good, what about you" 
" I have been great actually." She said and she sounded happy so that was a good sign
" that's great" I said with a smile
" yeah, hey do you have your laptop near by" she asked
" um no but Zayn's is close" 
" are the boys with you" she asked and I could tell she was nervous 
" no, why babe" 
" we'll I was hoping we could Skype" she asked 
" OF COURSE WE CAN SKYPE" I screamed into the phone 
" Makayla Hun, no need to yell" she said laughing 
" sorry" 
" it's okay, you remember my Skype name right" she asked
" yes ma'am I do" 
" okay well I'm gonna  I'm gonna hang up so call me on Skype"
" okay cookie"
" bye cupcake" Then I herd a click
I went onto Skype and punched in her name, I had to laugh at what it was. 
SpicyMicMack. I made that her name when I first set up her Skype account. 
I pressed the call button and wait for her to answer. Moments later her face popped up. She was in a pair of jeans, a Pink Floyd tshirt and her hair was down. But she wasn't alone either, she had her fateful dog Max beside her.

We talked for almost 2 hrs before I herd the door of the suite open. 
" shit" I said
" what" mic asked
" the boys are back" when I said that she went stiff. 
" I'll just take you up to Zayn's room so they won't see you"
" okay" she said nodding her head. I quickly headed up the steps to Zayn's room. Just as I was about to open the door Zayn caught me. 
" hey babe" he said pulling me into a hug
" hi" I said giving him a kiss
" where are you headed off to" he asked
" your room" I said
" why is that" he asked 
" because I am" and when I said that I quickly opened the door and tried to shut it but Zayn's foot got in the way 
" what's wrong Makayla" he asked with worry in his eyes
" look if I tell you, you can't say anything to the boy, especially Niall" I said
" okay" he said nodding his head. I quickly pulled him into the room and shut the door. 

Zayn's POV

Makayla quickly pulled me into my room and shut the door
" what's going on babe" I asked
" hold on" she said  she opened my laptop but I couldn't see what she was looking at
" is it okay if Zayn knows. I made him promise not to say anything" she said talking to the computer screen. I was about to ask her what she was talking about when I herd a voice
" yes that's fine" the computer said. As soon as I herd the voice I knew I had herd it somewhere, i was about to ask who she was talking to when Makayla turned the laptop around for me to see the screen. There on the screen was Mic. She was wearing a pair of faded bluejeans, a Pink Floyd shirt and she had a dog laying beside her.
" Mic" I asked
" hi zayn" she said waving 
" hey how are you" I asked taking to laptop from Makayla 
" I'm good how are you" she asked
" I'm good" she said 
" who is that little guy beside ya" I asked 
"This is max, my faithful companion" she said scratching max between the ears
" what type of dog his he" I asked 
" he's sheep dog" she said
" we'll he's handsome" 
" haha yes he is" she said giving the dog a kiss
" we'll ill let you ladies talk" I said " bye Mic"
" bye Zayn" she said
" I hope to see you soon" 
" yeah maybe" she said with a faint smile
I gave the labtop back to Makayla and left to go down stares with the boys

Makayla was still upstars, talking to Mic I'm guessing, while me and the boys where playing FIFA. 
" hey is Makayla still here" Niall asked
" yeah she's up in my room. Why" I asked playing the game against Harry
" I have a question for her" he said " mind if I go ask her or is she asleep"
" no she's up there Skypein Mic" I said trying to score on the game
" what?!?" He screamed. I didn't realize what I said before Niall was running up the stares
" shit" I said dropping the control and running after him
As I got to the top of the steps I figured I could catch him before he reached my room but I was wrong. I saw him standing there at my door way, door hanging wide open. 
"Mic" he asked

Niall's POV

" Mic" I asked 
" Niall what the hell are you doing up here" Makayla asked covering up the labtop 
" Zayn said that you where Skypein Mic" I said " I have to talk to her" 
" Zayn!! " she screamed " I told you not to tell him" 
" I'm sorry it's slipped babe" Zayn said from behinde me
" Makayla please let me talk to her" I pleaded 
" I don't think that's a good......" She didn't get a chance to finish her sentence before someone interrupted her
" it's okay babe, let him talk to me" 
I didn't know where it came form till Makayla moved away from the labtop
There she sat. My angel was on the screen. 
" can we have some privacy" she asked 
" yeah sure babe. If ya need anything just call me on my cell" Makayla said
" okay" Mic said. When Makayla and Zayn left I shut the door and walked over to the bed. There my angel sat. She was in Pink Floyd shirt, bluejeans and she had a sheep dog laying across her lap
" hi" I said
" hi" 
" how are you" I asked
" I'm good, what about you"
" I'm doing alright" I said
" look Niall about the other day" 
I interrupted her before she could finish " it's okay. I understand why you said what you said. Your not ready for a relationship after what you went through and I'm okay with that"
" how do you know what happened"
" we'll after you left I googled your name and something's came up but it didn't give me a lot of detail, but then Makayla came over and I begged her to tell us what happened" 
" oh" 
" don't be mad at Makayla I begged her to tell us what happened"
" I'm not mad"
" are you sure"
" yes Niall it's okay you would have found out eventually"
I smiled at her and she smiled back. Not a fake smile but a true happy smile

We talked for hours till it was going on 3am. Zayn came and kicked me out of his room around midnight so him a Makayla could go to bed, so I went over to my room. Now I was lyeing in bed with a pair of shorts on and Mic was in a pair of shorts and a tank top and she had thrown her hair up. Man did she look beautiful.
" hey mic" 
" yeah" she asked in a sleepy voice
" when r u coming back" 
" I don't know niall" she said 
" please come back soon" 
" why don't you come and get me" she asked with a playful smile
" okay" I said in all seriousness. I would do what ever it took to have her back here with me
" Niall I was kidding" 
" I wasn't" I saw her stiffen a little
" you would really fly out here just to come get me" she asked
" yes, but not just me. I know Makayla miss ya and the lads miss ya too. So we would all be comin to get ya" 
" Niall you don't have to" 
I didn't let her finish " look tomorrow is Friday, me and the lads will fly out stay the night then go to the next stop in the the races" 
" I don't know niall" 
" please Mic" I pleaded 
" fine. You buy the tickets and I will have someone come and pick you p at the airport and bring ya to my place" 
" yay!" 
" Niall! Shh people are asleep" she said laughing 
" opps. I forgot" 
" we'll listen her my Irish boy if you want to come get me I suggest you get the tickets for the plane then go to bed" 
I couldn't help but smile when she said my Irish boy
" yes ma'am" 
" I'll see ya tomorrow okay" 
" okay good night mic" 
"Good night niall" and that's when she disconnect the call
I shut the lid to Zayn's Labtop then opened mine up. I went and ordered the tickets and shut down my labtop. I set my alarm for 9 tomorrow so we ca leave here by 11 to meet our fight which leaves 12 noon tomorrow morning. The we should land around 3 or 4 and mic said she would have a ride waiting for us at the airport to take us back to her place. As I laid down to go to sleep I couldn't help but smile. I was gonna get my Angel back. Then I feel into a nice sleep

The next morning I was woken up by my alarm. I got up and went down stares, where everyone else was. I jumped on on the couch scaring everyone 

" hey guys" I said
" holy shit Niall you scared us all half to death" Louis yelled at me
" sorry" I said with a smile
" someone's happy" Liam said looking at me
" that's because he talked to mic last night" Makayla said winking me
" that's the only reason I'm happy" I said 
" why else are you happy then Naill" harry asked
" because I'm gonna see Mic today" I said
" No she's not coming back" I yelled back at her
" oh well then how are you gonna see her" she asked 
" where gone to get her" I said with a smirk " all of us are gonna fly down and get her, then where gonna stay at her place for the night then where gonna fly to the next race. I ordered the tickets last night. So if we wanna go get her I suggest we get moving because our flight leaves at noon" 
"Yay!" Makayla yelled " lets get ready boys" with that said we where off to get our things.

As we boarded the plane I quickly texted Mic

To: My Angel<3


From: My Angel <3 

Okay I'll have a ride there to pick you guys up. She you in a couple of hours xx;)

As I read the text the attendant lady said that I need to shut my phone off now. So I just my phone down and pulled out my iPod and plugged in my head phones and looked out the window as we took off down the runway. Once we where on the air I felt sleep coming to me. I took one last look around the plane and saw that all the lads had fallen asleep, only Makayla was awake. 
" she will be thrilled to see you Niall" she said
" I hope so" with that said I let sleep take me. I feel asleep thinking about My Angel and how I was gonna see her again 

~~ hey guys!! I figured I'd update now because I probably won't be able to update for a while so I decided I would be nice and finish writing this chapter and post it for ya! Hope you guys like it!

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