The Boy Band and the Motorcross Girls

What happens when two small town girls meet the famous One Direction and they fall in love. Pasts will come back to haunt them, secerets will be spoken of and most of all betrayal with come too. Will the two small town girls be able to handel the famous One Direction or will it end it heartbreak?


8. Chapter 7

Mic's POV

I rolled over and looked at the clock on the nightstand next to my bed. I had slept for almost 3hrs. Then I rolled back over to see the tv on and to see a crying Makayla on the next bed over.

" your watching The Notebook again aren't you" I asked. She jumped almost 5 feet in the air and let out this high pitched scream. I couldn't help but laugh.
" Mic your such a bitch" she said when she looked over at me
" haha it was funny to me" I said sitting up in my bed
" you know I get scared easily. I thought you where asleep, so when you spoke I thought it was someone else" she said
" I was asleep but I just woke up and saw you crying at the tv"
" yeah The Notebook is such a sad movie" she said blowing her nose
" eh not really"
" ah whatever your just like a guy" she said smiling at me
" damn right I am! I just look better and I have boobs" I said laughing
" got that right girl" she said laughing along with me
Makayla got up to go to the bathroom so I took the opportunity to grab the remote and turn something else on. I had just found Tom and Jerry when Makayla grabbed the remote out of my hands and turned the tv off.

" hey! I was gonna watch that" I said to her
" we'll looks like your not now" she said
" come on give it back" I pleaded with her
" no! We need to talk" she said
" about what?!" I asked with a hint of curiosity In my voice
she took a deep breath and proceeded
"Mic what happened between you and Niall last night" she asked. As soon as she asked I stiffened
" I don't wanna talk about it" I said with anger
" please mic" she pleaded with me
" nothing happened Makayla." I said " I was drunk and so was he and we had meaning less sex"
" obviously it was meaningless our you wouldn't have been crying" she said coming over to sit on my bed
" I wasn't crying" I said looking at the wall
" yes you where. When I came to find you I found you sleeping on your bed and your cheeks where all red and your cheeks only get red you have been crying. So don't tell me you weren't crying, just tell me why you where crying" she said
I paused for a moment then I broke down, full sobs and all. Makayla grabbed me and pulled me into her arms
" shush's gonna be okay" she spoke to me with a cooling voice like she always did when I would cry. After a little while when I had calmed down I spoke.
" me and Niall had sex and it was amazing" I paused then continued " but we can't be together"
" why mic" Makayla asked me
" because I'm afraid. I'm afraid to let my walls come down. I worked so hard to build them and I won't let them come down for someone I just me" I said
" Mic......" She said
" Don't Mic me!" I said with anger in my voice. I pulled away from her embrace and looked her dead in the eyes.
" I'm not ready to have another boyfriend!" "Not after what happened with Jason" just saying his name brought tears to my eyes and made me shiver
" I know that Mic, I know it's gonna be hard but you have to let go and move on. All that happened months ago" she said with a plea
" yeah well what happened had been going on for over 2 years!" I yelled with anger " you can't expect me to move on!" I yelled
" I don't expect you to move on really fast, but you can't let what happen to you effect you forever" she said. And she was right. What happened to me was horrible but I can't let it take over my life. I just wasn't read to let go yet. I was still afraid.
" I'm just afraid Makayla" I said
" I know you are" she said " but let me tell you something. Niall won't do what Jason did to you. He's better then that"
" What's it matter what he is like" I said " last night was a one time deal, it's not like I'm gonna see him again."
Makayla sighed then spoke " actually you will"
"What do mean" I asked with curiosity and anger in my voice " they where to only preform the other day right?!"
" No, from what Zayn told me their management as signed them to preform at every event for our whole tour" she said
" so they will be with at we are while we compete?!"
" yes. So that means that you will be seeing Niall a lot"
" no! No! I can't face him after what I told him" I screamed
" what did you say to him Mic" she asked
" I told him that I don't want it be with him, but I think I do. I mean he makes me feel safe. " I said
" Mic you have to go and tell him" she pleaded with me
" No! I can't" I said " he won't want to see me after what I said to him! I saw the hurt in his eyes when I told him what I told him"
" Mic your gonna have to face him eventually because of them traveling with us." She was right. I would have to face him eventually if I was racing. But what if I wasn't racing?
" no I won't" I Said
" what do you mean Mic" she asked with curiosity
" I mean your right I will have to see him because of them traveling with us, but what if I wasn't racing. What if I just went back home?!? Then I won't have to see him" I said with a hit of satisfaction in my voice
" Mic you can't just run from your problems" Makayla said
" I'm not running I'm simply leaving so I don't have to see him" I said
" yes, you running from the problem mic" she said
" we'll whatever!" I said " I don't want to face him, so I'm just going to go back home and leave for this season"
" and what about me" she asked
" oh you can stay and race, I'll just head back home and act like none of this happened." I said
" whatever mic" she said with anger " but just remember that one day all this will come back and bite you in the ass" she was right but for now I just had to get away and think.
" will you help me back" I asked with my puppy dog eyes
" of corse I will. What kind of best friend would I be if I didn't help you" she said
We hugged then we got set on packing. After we finished packing I got on my laptop and ordered a ticket to fly back home. We loaded all my stuff up in the truck then headed to the airport. When we got to there they had announced that my plane was boarding
" well chick I wish you luck! Kick ass out there and ill see ya later" I said
She had tears in her eyes when she hugged me " you know I will. Maybe a little later in the season you could fly back out and see me" she said
" yeah maybe"
" last call for flight 106B" the lady said over the intercom
" we'll I have to go" I said giving Makayla one last hug goodbye
" bye my spicy micmack" she said using the pet name she had given me
" bye my vanilla cupcake" I said using the pet name I used for her.
I gave the lady my ticket and walked down tords the doors. I looked back and saw a crying Makayla. I waved and she waved back. I then turned boarded the plane. Once I was on the plane and I got settled in my seat, I took out my iPod and plugged in my headphones. We where about to take off when I asked my self a question that I knew would come back to haunt me " was I making the right choice?" " of corse I was. Niall will be better off with out me in his life. I am to damaged and I have to much baggage for him"
the plane started off down the runway when I fell into another deep sleep

~hours later~

I woke up to a flight attendant shaking me awake
"Miss? Miss wake up"
" um sorry yes" I said waking up
" we have landed and you need to get your things and exit the plane"
" um okay thank you" I got out of my seat and walked to the baggage clam are to get my bags. Once I grabbed my bags I walked out side. The heat hit me and I remember where I was. I them called for a cab
" um could you please take me to 1125 Laney roads MackVill"
" I can only go as far as the bus station out side of MackVill Hun" the taxi driver replied
" um okay"

Once I got to the the bus station I went and called up an old friend. After a few rings they answered the phone
" hello" my old friend Laney answered
" hey Laney it's me Mic"
" OMG! mic what's up girl?!" She screamed into the phone
" um do you think you can come pick me up. I'm at the bus station right outside of town"
" sure thing girl" she said " I'll be there as soon as I can"
"Thanks Laney"
" anything for you girl"

About 1 hour later and old, rusted out blue ford truck pulled up. I walked over threw my bags in the bed and hopped into the passenger seat. Laney embraced me into a hug when I got in.
" what are ya doin home so soon girl?" She asked as we rode home
"Um I just wasn't feeling it to compete this season"
" awh okay we'll it's good to have ya back" she said " it's been boring since you and Makayla left"
" I bet"
The rest of the ride was silent until we reached my house.
"We'll thanks Laney"
" anytime girl" she said "so will I see ya at the hoedown tonight"
" you bet! I have yet to miss one when I'm home"
" alright see ya then" with that said Laney hauled ass out of the drive way. I took a deep breath of the air and walked into the house. I was greeted by my dog Max. You see me and Makayla share a house I'm a little town called Mackville located in Kentucky. We moved here when me and Makayla where 16, because we hated livening where we did. So we moved down here got jobs bought a house and finished high school. The population of this town is only 200 so everyone knows everyone here and every Friday night the town has a hoedown located at the browns farm down the road. Everyone goes so we can dance and eat. We all bring a covered dish and we all play music and line dance. Me and Makayla always go and preform. You see me and Makayla can both sing but I play the fiddle and she plays the guitar. We'll without her here it looks like ill be playing with the band tonight. I go up stars and unpack then get a shower then I dress in a pair of jeans a plaid shit and pull on my old warm out boots. I grab my fiddle and my cowboy hat and go out and jump into the truck. Then I head off to the hoedown.

Makayla POV

I hated to see Mic board that plane but I wasn't gonna stop her. I know she need time and so I was gonna let her have time. I got back in the truck and headed back to the hotel. When I got there my phone went off tell me someone was calling me.
"Hello" I said answering the phone
" hey it's me babe" Zayn's voice said thro the phone
" hey babe what's up"
" I wanted to see if you and Mic wanted to come and hang out with is boys tonight again" Zane asked not knowing about mic
" um sure but Mic wont be coming" i said with a hint of sadness in my voice
" why not. Is there something going on between her and Niall" he asked
" I'll tell ya when I get up there. Okay"
" okay babe see ya in a bit" with that said I hung up and went and jumped in the shower. The I got dressed and headed up to the boys suite. When I got there I knocked on the door. Zayn answered and pulled me into a hug then gave me a kiss. I walked into the livening room to see Louis and Harry playing FIFA, Niall eating a bag of chips, and Liam on is phone.
" hey guys" I taking a seat next to Liam on the couch
" Hey Makayla" the boys said
" so babe where's Mic at" Zayn asked taking s seat next to me
" Um she left" I said
" where did she go" Zayn asked
" um she went home. She went back home" I said with sadness. When I said that Harry and Louis pause the game, Liam put his phone down and Naill's head snapped up and they all gave me there full attention
" what do you mean she went home" Niall asked with sadness
" yeah where did she go" asked Harry
" she went back home. She got on a plane and headed back home" I said
" why, where is home" Niall asked with concern
" she went back home to Kentucky Niall." I said
" Why?!" He asked with anger and sadness in his voice
" because she had to Niall" I said looking at the floor
" no she didn't. She was running from me. She hates me!" He yelled
" no she doesn't hate you Niall. Actually she likes you a lot she doesn't want her past bring you down" I said trying to reason with him
" what past?" Harry asked
" um that's not for me to talk about" I said looking at harry
" I know what happened" Niall said
" you do?" I asked
" we'll not all of it but most of it" he said " it has to something to with a guy named Jason Banks right"
" yeah how did ya know" i asked
" we'll after me and Mic talked this morning she said something about being damaged and well I gout curious and google her name and stuff about her being put in the hospital and her fiancé/ boyfriend and Manager being shot" he said
" yeah that's right but there is more to it" I said
" will you tell us?" Niall asked
" ummm" I paused
" come on Makayla we already know the jist of it we just need the few missing parts" Niall pleaded
" okay" I said and Naill smiled " but! You can't tell Mic that I told you"
"Okay we promise right boys" Naill said looking at the boys they all shook there head
" okay well it all started when me and Mic moved to Kentucky when we turned 16. Me and her moved because we hated where we lived s we moved down there got jobs and bought a house and went to high school. During are sophomore year there we Mic met a senior named Jason Banks. They started talking and eventually they started dating. When I first met him the vibe I got off of him that I didn't like, I never said anything. For 2 years Mic and Jason dated. Eventually one summer night before Mic and I started are senior year at high school Janson proposed to Mic. Of corse she said yes she was in love with the boy for crying out load. What happens in those 2 years that they where together was something none of use saw coming. You see Mic was one of those girls who wanted to wait till marriage to have sex, we'll Jason didn't like that. So he was cheating on Mic with his "Assistance" that was helping him because Jason had become Mic's manager for her motorcross career. So all those years he cheating. One day after Jason had proposed, Mic came home with a bloody nose, a black eye and 4 broken ribs. I had asked her what had happened and she said that she had gotten into fight with Jason because she found he was cheating on her. I told her that she need to call the cops on him for hitting her but she said that he didn't mean to hit her or cheat on her. We'll me and mic had gotten into a fight so she packed her things and went back to the bastard. We'll about 2 months later I found Mic crying our porch. She had told me that Jason had not only beat her again but he had rapped her too. So for a couple days she spent them with me. Then one day Jason came to the house trashed and demanded that Mic come back home with him. I told him that he need to get his ass off of my property. We'll he didn't that so well so he punched me and kicked me. We'll Mic had herd all the commotion and came down stares. When she saw Jason hitting me she started to cry and scream at him. He said that he would only stop if she came home so she said that she would go home with him. So he stopped kicking me and grabbed her by the arm and dragged her out to his truck. I screamed and pleaded with Jason not to take her but nothing I said stopped him. When I saw him leaving the house I ran and called the cops. When the cops go to Jason's house they found a barely conscience Mic and a dead Jason. Turns out that once Jason got Mic to his house he rapped her then beat her. When he was done with Mic he left her on the living room floor bleeding and naked. Somehow she had enough energy to get up and get the handgun that she had hidden the pantry. She got up and went to the bedroom where a sleeping Jason was. She had thrown a book at him to get him awake. He had yelled her saying that she didn't have enough the first time so he went to get up when Mic shot him in the gut. He then still proceeded after her so she shot him 4 more times. Then she collapsed on the floor and almost died. Is the cop hadn't gotten there in time Mic would have died." I didn't realize I was crying till Zayn pulled me into a hug trying to calm me down. All the boys looked shocked but Naill looked like he was about to cry. I then proceeded " when Mic was taken to the hospital she fell into a coma. She was in a coma for almost a month. Then when she woke up she acted like nothing happened. She went back to school graduated and went back to racing."
" how could someone do such a thing to such a sweet girl" Liam asked shaking his head
" I don't know liam all I know is that Mic will never be the same girl she was" I said
" that's what she ment when she said she was damaged" Niall said finally speaking
" yeah that's what she ment Niall" I said
" I have to go after her" he said getting up from the chair and walking tords the door
" Niall no you can't" I said getting up to go after him
" why not" he asked spinning around
" because she needs time. She needs some time be things straighten out. I told her once we get close to home she need to fly out and see me. Maybe then she will be ready for you but right now she is still healing" I said
" okay then I will give her time but you let her know that I will always be here. Im not going anywhere and I will fight for her" when he said that he went up to his room and slammed the door. I sighed and sat down on the chair. Zayn came and started to rub my shouders
" he'll be alright" Louis said
" it's not him that Im worried about its Mic" I said
" we'll from what I herd she seems like a tough nugget" Liam said
" I know and that's the point. She tough yes but she to tough and that's what I'm afraid of. I'm afraid that she won't let her walls come down to let someone love her. I know that Niall is good for her I just need her to know that." I said sighing
" she will babe just give her time like you said" Zayn said.
The rest of the night the boy took turns playing FIFA and Niall just stayed in his room. I just couldn't help but worry about him and Mic.

~~ WOW! A lot went down in that chapter! We found out about Jason!
- will Mic let the walls that she spent so hard building come down?
- will Niall work his way into Mic heart?
- Will people find out about Harry and Maddie?

Let me know what ya think. If ya have any ideas just leave them in the comments. Please like/vote and comment on your thought!

Love ya guy!!

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