The Boy Band and the Motorcross Girls

What happens when two small town girls meet the famous One Direction and they fall in love. Pasts will come back to haunt them, secerets will be spoken of and most of all betrayal with come too. Will the two small town girls be able to handel the famous One Direction or will it end it heartbreak?


7. Chapter 6

Harry's POV

As I walked into Maddies hotel room I embraced her in a big hug. The only reason I didn't want people to know about Maddie and I's relationship is because I know that Maddie is Mic's enemy and because I don't want the paparazzi to come between us like they have in my past relationships. I really think that Maddie is the one. I mean I know I just met her but there's this connection that I get when I'm with her that I didn't get from other girls.

" how was your day babe" Maddie asked when she pulled away from my hug
" it was good, but it just turned amazing" I said with a smirk
" why is that" she asked with a smile
" because I got to see you" I said
" we'll we don't have much time so let's get down to business" she said with her seducing voice. So with that said she grabbed my hand and pulled me to the bedroom to "get down to business"

Mic's POV

I rolled over and opened my eyes. I looked around the room for a clock and spotted one on the nightstand. The alarm clock read 11:30. Then I looked around to see my surroundings. Why wasn't I in my room? Then I felt someone move next to me. I sat up and looked to my left. Why the hell was in the same bed as Niall? Then I remembered what happened. I had sex with Niall. I HAD SEX WITH NIALL!!!! I can't believe it. I didn't want this to happen. I mean I did but not right now. I wanted to get to know him before we had sex. Ah what was I thinking!?! I slowly got out of bed so I didn't wake up Niall. He was so cute when he was sleeping. I gathered my clothes and slipped them on then slipped out the door. I walked down the hall way and was about to leave the hotel suit when I herd someone call my name

"Mic?" A sleepy Irish voice called
"Niall what are you doing up I thought you where asleep." I said
" I was but then I woke up when I saw you sneaking out of my room. Why don't you stay for breakfast and tell my why you where sneaking out of my room" he said a little bit more awake now. I couldn't help but stare at his bare chest. He was just wearing a pair of pj bottoms without a shirt so he toned chest was showing.

" um okay sure" I said walking into the kitchen.
" so what would you like for breakfast" he asked while searching in the fridge
" um look Niall why don't we just talk" I asked
" um okay" he said shutting the fridge door and coming to sit across from me at the kitchen table
" Niall what happened last night"
" it was amazing" he said interrupting me
" yeah it was but it can't happen again" I said
" what do you mean" he asked looking a little worried
" Niall I don't want people knowing about what happened between us and I don't want it to happen again" I said " I was drunk and it was a mistake" it killed me to say those words because I didn't mean any of it. To be honest I would love to have sex with him again but I can't.
"What do you mean Mic" he asked with a little bit of a tremble
" Niall I am a damaged person and I can't handle being with someone right now." I said with sadness " Niall I don't want to have sex with you and I don't want to be with you". When I said that I could have sworn that I saw him flinch
I was about to walk out the door when I herd him speak
" okay Mic as long as your happy ill be happy too"
" Niall I have never been happy" with that said I shut the door and walked to my room.
I didn't even know I was crying till I felt the salty tears hit my mouth. I swiped my room key and walked into the room. I dropped everything I had on my bed and walked into the bathroom to take a shower. When I was done with getting a shower I walked out and went to get some sweets. Once i was dressed I let my hair out of the towel and let it it fall down my back. I pulled the covers from the bed so I could slip in. I didn't turn on the tv or anything. I just laid there and stared at the ceiling. Then I started to cry. I cried and cried and cried. Eventually I feel into a deep deep slumber.

Niall's POV

Once Mic walked out the door I let the tears fall. How could I have been so stupid! I knew that Mic didn't like me back and I knew having sex with her was a mistake. I shouldn't have made a move on her. Then I just let her walk right out the door. I didn't stop her. I just let the love of my life walk away. I stopped crying and dried my tears when I herd giggling coming from the door way that lead to the kitchen . Not even a minute later Zayn and Makayla walked in. They where laughing and joking around when Zayn looked at me.

" Hey Niall what's wrong mate. why are you crying" zayn asked with concern
" oh it nothing mate" I replied
" hey where's mic?" Makayla asked
" um she left" I said
" oh okay" she said as she shrugged her shoulders
" um I heading to my room ill catch ya guys later" I said getting up from the table
" hey niallar don't ya want something to eat" Zayn asked
Shaking my head " no I'm not hungry" then I walked up to my room and shut the door.
I went and crawled back into bed. As I stared at the ceiling I couldn't help but think about Mic. I couldn't help think about what she had said. What did she mean she was damaged? How was she damaged? What caused her to be damaged? I grabbed my phone and went to google. I typed in Michaela Miller. The results that came up where not what I was expecting. "Famous Motorcross racer Michaela Miller was taken to the hospital with server injuries and her fiancé/boyfriend and manager Jason Banks was found dead of a gun shot wound in the bedroom of their apartment." That was what all the results that came up where giving me. I wanted to know how Mic was injured and I want to know about this Jason Banks. I wanna know what happened, and I'll find out even if it kills me.

Makayla's POV

" Nialler turning down food" I said " that worries me"
"Yeah me too babe" Zayne said
" we'll im gonna head back to my room and she of Mic's there" I said
" okay stop over later so we can hang out again" he said giving me a kiss

I walked down to our room and found Mic sleeping on her bed. I could tell she has been crying because her cheeks where all red and and she was hugging her teddy bear close to her. She never left home without that thing and she always slept with it! ALWAYS! I'm gonna find out why she was crying because Mic never cries! NEVER!
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