The Boy Band and the Motorcross Girls

What happens when two small town girls meet the famous One Direction and they fall in love. Pasts will come back to haunt them, secerets will be spoken of and most of all betrayal with come too. Will the two small town girls be able to handel the famous One Direction or will it end it heartbreak?


5. Chapter 5

Warning sexual content! Read at your own risk!!

Mic's POV

As we are riding to the party the boys are joking around cracking jokes and stuff. When we get to the party we arrive at a really big house.
"Who's house is this" I asked
"Are friend Ed rented it for the party he's throwing" Niall answers
" you mean in Ed Sheeren?" I asked shouting
" yeah, why?" Niall asked
" I love Ed Sheeren. I have been to 3 of his concerts!!" I scream
" yeah she loves him just as much as I love you guys" Makayla says
" we'll today's is your lucky day then" Niall said

We get out of the limo and walk into the house. The boys say hi to a lot of people, but neither Niall nor Zayn let's go of Makayla's and i's hands. I was admiring the house when , I am snapped back to reality by someone calling my name.
" Hello? Mic? Earth to Mic!" Niall said
" What? Oh sorry" I say
"I was just saying, Mic I would like you to meet my friend Ed." Niall said
"Hi" I said
"Hi, it's nice to meet you. I have herd a lot about you and your friend Makayla from the boys" Ed said as he pulling my into a hug

It took all I had not to Fangirl right then and there. We talked and had a couple of drinks throughout the night. Niall and I then head out to the dance floor and started to dance, that's when I spotted Makayla and Zayn dancing too. I locked eyes with Makayla and threw her a wink and she replied with a smile.
Around 10/10:30ish the boys where ready to head out. We where headed back to the hotel when harry suggested that Makayla and I headed to the boys suite to hang out for the night. I was about to protest when Makayla spoke up

"We would love to wouldn't we mic?" She said giving me a "can we please" look
"Yeah we would love to" I said
Out of the corner of my eye I could of sworn I saw Niall do a small fist pump. I looked over to him and he sent me a smile so I sent him a wink in return.

We arrive back at the hotel where me and Makayla head to are room to change into something more comfy. Then we walked up to the boy's suit. As we knock on the door Louis greets us and ushers us into the living room. Eleanor and Danielle are sitting on the couch talking to Harry and Zayn.
"Hey girls" I say sitting down in a chair
"Hey mic" Danielle replies
" you girls are just in time. We are getting ready to play truth or dare" Eleanor says
We get into a circle with me in between Niall and Liam and Makayla in between Zayn and Louis.
" I should warn you girls. We tend to get drunk and do some outrages dares." Louis says


As the hours pass, we all get shit face. Liam and Danielle have gone to bed, so it was just Louis, Eleanor, Zayne, Makayla, Harry, Niall and me.
" okay, your tunnnn" Harry slurred
" okay......... I dare Makayla to have 7 minutes in heaven with Zayn in his room" I say jumping up in down in my seat.
"Okay" Zayn says. he grabs Makayla's arm and drags her to his room
" ready, set go" I scream through the door
7 minutes later I open Zayn's door to see a naked Makayla straddling and naked Zayn who are makingout with a heated passion. Zayne takes his hand off of Makayla's waist to wave me away. I quietly shut the door and go back to the living room
" we'll it looks like their done for the night." I say
"Why?" Eleanor wines
"Cause I caught them making out naked." I say with a smirk
" HA! I knew it" Louis yells
" we'll babe we should get to bed to" Eleanor says smiling at Louis
" yeah i think your right babe" Louis says with an evil smirk
" keep it down you two! My bedroom is right next to yours" harry yells at the couple running up the steps
" we'll it looks like its just us now" Niall says. He wasn't as drunk as the rest of us where.
" actually I have to go somewhere" harry says standing up
" where" Niall asks raising an eyebrow
" I have to meet someone." He replies heading to the door
" at 2:30 in the morning?!" I ask
" um........yeah" he says nervously " bye" he says shooting out the door.
" and then there where two" Niall says
I yawn as I realize how tired I was since it was 2:30 in morning
" Im tired too, I think I'm gonna go back to my room" I say standing up
" wait" Niall says " you can just stay here for the night"
" where would I sleep" I ask
" you can sleep with me in my room" he says
" ummmmm"
" come one its 2:30 in the morning and you look tired and my bed is closer then yours is" he replys with a plea
He had a point
" okay" I say
He smile and grabs my hand and leads me to his room. When he grabbed my hand I felt this spark but I just shrugged it off since I was still a little drunk and tired. When we get to his room there is cloths, shoes and snapbacks everywhere. Reminds me of my room.
" sorry about the mess" he says clearing a path way
" it's okay" I say " where is your bathroom" I asked
" through that door over there" he says pointing to a door across the room.
I go in and pee
When I come out Niall's only in a pair of shorts. I can't help but look at his tones body,
" like what you see" he asks with a smirk
I grab the closet thing to me and throw it at him. What I happen to gab tho was the tv remote.
" OW!" He whispers/yells
" sorry I didn't mean the remote at you" I saw rushing over to him to make sure he's okay
" sure ya didn't" he says rubbing his chest
" I serious" I say looking into his pretty eyes
The next thing I knew I felt a pair of soft lips on mine. As me and Niall kissed I felt fireworks and these butterfly's jumping around in my stomach. Niall puts his hands on my waist as I snake my hands around his neck. Niall pulls me closer as he licks my bottom lip asking for entrance which I playfully deny. Then Niall picks me up and pushes me up against the wall which cause me to gasp which he took the opportunity and slipped his tongue into my mouth. Our tongues battle but his ended up winning. Has he had me punched up against the wall my legs where rapped around his waist so he took me and playfully threw me on the bed. Then he crawled on top of me. As we continued to kiss he pulled at the hem of my shirt. We broke the kiss only so he could take my shirt off and throw it across the room. Then he kissed down my jaw line, down my neck and started to kiss all over my chest. As me hands where I his hair his hands had unclipped my bra and threw that across the room too. As he took my one nipple into his mouth the other nipple was being teased my his thumb and index finger. As his teeth tugged at my nipple I coding help but let a few moans escape my lips. As I felt him smirk against my boob I grabbed his head and pulled him up so his lips met mine. As we kissed my hands where tugging at his shorts, so he too, them off only leaving him a his boxers. I could feel his boner against my Clint so I started to grind on him. Then he took my shorts off as he kissed back down my jawline and my stomach till he reached my inner thigh. Then he slipped two fingers into my underwear so he was rubbing my Clint.
" don't tease me Niall" I say as I inhale a sharp breath. So he take my underarm off and his lips meet my Clint while he slips two fingers inside me. He pushes I and out as I let moan after moan leave my lips. My hands are curled in his hair as I moan more.
" I'm gonna com" I say, not long after I feel my organism coming then I come all over nialls hand. He cleans me up then he comes and give me a long hard kiss so I can taste my self. I have to admit I don't taste that bad. As we kiss I flip him over so I'm on top and he's on the bottom. I kiss down his jawline and down his stomach so I'm right at the hem of his boxers. I slowly remove his boxers to see his shaft spring up. Then I take his head into my mouth and swirl my tongue around him. I hear him take a sharp breath and say
" ah fuck mic"
So then I start bobbing my head giving him a full blowjob. After I have deepthroating him for the 4th time he says
" ah mic I'm gonna com"
Then I feel his shaft twitch, shrink back then I feel hot liquid running down my throat. I make my way back up to his lips to give him a heated kiss. He flips me over, then he spreads my legs open and positions his head at my entrance. Then all at once he pushes his full length in. I scream but then adjust to him. He starts off slow.
" ah Niall, harder, faster Niall harder faster" i whisper into his ear. Then he does as I say. He pounds harder and faster into me.
" Niall!!! NAILL!!!!!" i scream as i am dig my nails into his back. I'm pretty sure there will be marks there in the morning. Then I us over so I can ride him for a while. Finally he flips us over one last time before whispering in my ear
" I'm gonna com mic"
As his thrust get sloppier I start to have my organism
" okay let's go together" I say
Finally at the right moment we come together. He he rolls off of me and grabs my waist and pulls me close so I am cuddling in his chest.
" wow. That was amazing" I say trying to catch my breath
" I know babe" Niall says.
" now it time you get to sleep." Niall says
" sing to me please" I ask
" sure babe" he replys
"Shut the door

Turn the light off

I wanna be with you

I wanna feel your love"

That's all I hear before I fall into a deep slumber.

Harry's POV ( at 2:30)

As I get out the door I breath a sigh of relief because I was being questioned by Mic and Niall and I didn't want them to find out where I was going.
As I get into the elevator I punch the floor number I need and wait to get there. As I am walking down the hall way I get a little nervous. Then I get to the door and knock and wait. Then the door opens to reveal my girl.
" harry" she says with a smile
" Hi Maddie babe"

~ hey guys! Sry I haven't posted in a while I had some trouble writing and then I had 3 big projects due for school. But here it is. Please like and had this story to your favorites! Bye!
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