The Boy Band and the Motorcross Girls

What happens when two small town girls meet the famous One Direction and they fall in love. Pasts will come back to haunt them, secerets will be spoken of and most of all betrayal with come too. Will the two small town girls be able to handel the famous One Direction or will it end it heartbreak?


4. Chapter 4

Chapter 4 Flashback/dream He was coming at me with his hand balled into a fist. I was backed into a corner. "Please Jason." I pleaded "I don't give a shit!" then I felt his fist collided with my cheek. I fell to the ground in pain. Then he continued to kick me in my stomach repeatedly. Then he picked me up and threw me on the bed. "No Jason I said I was sorry!" but that wasn't enough. He started to rip my close off then he ripped his off too. End of flashback/dream I woke up to someone shaking me "Mic. Mic wake up its only a dream." Makayla said to me "Where am I?" I choked out "Back at the hotel." "How did I get here?" "You fell asleep in the van and Niall carried you here." Just the sound of his name brings peace to me "Okay thanks.." "Are you okay?" Makayla asked "I guess. It was another dream or flashback. He was hitting me and then he was gonna rape me!" I said tears flowing down my cheeks "It's okay Mic. He can't hurt you anymore remember?" she said "Yeah I know. He's six feet under." I said "Yeah that's right. Go back to sleep." She said crawling into her bed "Okay goodnight Makayla." "Good night Mic." Next morning, The dream I had last night still haunted me. Me and Makayla we headed down to get some breakfast when we ran into the boy band. "Hey guys!" Makayla said "Hey girls." they replied "How ya feeling Mic?" Niall asked looking at me with worry in his eyes, "I'm fine Niall thanks for carrying my fat ass to bed last night." I said with a smile "First off, your welcome and second off, your not fat." he said with a smile "Well would you gals like to join us for breakfast?" Zayn asked eyeing Makayla I know she noticed becuase she turned bright red and look towards the ground. "We would love to." I said We walked to the dinning room and got some food. Niall and I talked abut different things while we ate. When we talked it was just us, it was like no one else was in the room. We talked about are hobbies and are favorite things. We actually have a lot of things in common. Like we both eat.....a lot and it's true, I I love food. And we both like the same American tv shows and music. "So girls there's this party at a friend of ours and we wanted to know if u guys wanted to come?" Zayn asked looking at Makayla "We would love to!" Makayla squalled "Pick you guys up around 8?" Asked Niall "Yeah that's fine." I said "Oh, and wear something fancy." Niall said We finished breakfast and Makayla and I headed off to the local mall in search of a dress for each of us. I hate wearing dress, hate it! "Grrr I hate wearing dresses." I said i pulled into the malls parking lot with the truck "Oh you will live." Makayla replied with a smirk. We walked into the mall and went to so many different store that I can't remember any of the names. At this one store called Debs (I think). I found this really sparking red floor dress that was strapless and hugged my body perfectly. I walked out to the dressing area where Makayla was with the dress she had picked. She picked a teal floor dress that had one strap going across the shoulder. When I stepped put of the dressing room I had to clamp my hands over my ears becuase of Makayla "OMG! THAT'S THE PERFECT DRESS FOR YOU!!!!" She screamed "I know right! I actually like this one a lot." I said with a smile "We'll let's go and get some shoes because I know you don't have any heals with you." she said I changed back into my boots, jeans and a t-shirt and found Makayla in the shoe section. When I got to her she was holding these very pretty heels with diamonds. "Wow those are really pretty!" I said admiring them. "Good because they are for your dress." she replied We went and got a necklace for myself and some earrings and a bracelet then we paid and headed to the truck. We got back to the hotel and Makayla got to work on doing my hair and makeup. While Makayla was dong my hair I got a text from Niall. We all exchanged phone numbers this morning at breakfast. From: Niall :) Hey meet us in the lobby at 8 then. x To: Naill :) Sure then babe. x When Makayla and I had all gotten ready we walked down to the lobby. Makayla had gone with a curly updo and eyeshadow. Me on they other hand looked like I had just walked out of a beauty pageant. Makayla had left my hair down but curled it and it looked amazing! Then she put eyeliner and little eye shadow on me. We had walked down the stares and saw the boys waiting for us. Louis had a very beautiful brunett on his arm who I assumed was his girl friend and liam had a girl on his arm to who I also assumed was his girlfriend. Louis was the first to see us. He cleared his throught and all the boys turned around. I think I saw both Zayns and Nialls jaws drop when they saw us. "Wow!" Niall said "You girls look beautiful." Zayn said I saw Makayla blush and look down at the ground "Mic you look gorgeous." Niall said I could feel my cheeks getting red so I just looked at the ground. When we got to the end of the steps both of the boys had given Makayla and I an arm so we grabbed on. The girls on Louis's and Liam's arms introduced them selfs. Danielle was Liam's girlfriend and Eleanor was Louis's girlfriend. We all chatted as we walked to the limo. I noticed Zayn couldn't take is eyes off Makayla. We all got in the limo and drove off to the party. Niall's POV Me and the lads where waiting in the lobby for the girls. All of a sudden Louis cleared his throught. That's when we all turned around and I saw her. She was wearing a red sparkly dress with heels. The dress hugged her body just right. I glanced at Zayn and I could see him starting to drool because of Makayla. When I locked eyes with Mic I was speechless. "Wow." was all I could manage "You girls look beautiful." Zayn said. I saw Makayla blush and look at the ground "You looks gorges Mic" I said and saw her blush and look at the ground. Me and Zayn walked to the end of the steps and held out are arms for the girls to grab onto. We walk to the other lads and Eleanor and Dani introduced them selfs as we walked to the limo. Then we all got into the limo and we headed off to the party. ~ hey guys! What's up?! Sry I haven't updated in a while. Been really busy with school so here is chapter 4! Hope you guys like it! -MicMack~

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