The Boy Band and the Motorcross Girls

What happens when two small town girls meet the famous One Direction and they fall in love. Pasts will come back to haunt them, secerets will be spoken of and most of all betrayal with come too. Will the two small town girls be able to handel the famous One Direction or will it end it heartbreak?


22. Chapter 20

Mic's POV


After I got over the fact that Niall and Harry had done this, Niall led me over to the man who was waiting patiently to take pictures. As we took our pictures we a funny face, one where we had our noses pressed together, one where I was on Niall's back and just has the last picture was about to be snapped, Niall suddenly grabbed my waist and dipped me, and then right before the camera snapped, he kissed me. It wasn't a simple "picture kiss" but one that said "I love this girl right here" type of kiss.  After he pulled away from the kiss and pulled me up, I looked up at him.

" You crazy Irish child" I said with a smile

" would you have me any other way" he asked with a smirk 

" nope" and them I pecked him lips once more

" hey come on, your hold up the line" Harry said 

" don't get your panties in a  twist Styles" I said as Niall led me away from the picture thing and towards tables that had been set up and decorated.  

" I do not wear panties!" Harry shot back

" oh my bad that right, you wear tightly whiteys" I said 

" you got that right sister" he said in the most horrible ghetto voice

" ok then" I said as Niall pulled out a chair for me

" so where gonna have some nice steak and ice cream for dessert" he said as he sat down right next to me

" we'll that's sounds simple but fancy" I said taking a drink of my water

" well I know you don't like fancy things so I went wit something simple."

" I still can't believe you guys did all this" I said taking another look at the gym

" well we had help from Makayla too" 

" really" I asked

" yeah, that day you umm say me having dinner with Makayla I was really there to ask her for some help" he said scratching the back of his neck

" oh my. I thought you guys were like, doing something else" I said as I felt my cheeks start to heat up due to my embarrassment.

" It's ok, you didn't know" he said taking my hand and lifting it to his mouth to kiss it.

 After eating we went out to the dance floor. Me and Niall danced, then I had a dance with everyone of the other lads,  and even had a dance with the girls too. It was nice, no it was amazing. I still couldn't believe that Niall and Harry had done all this just to apologize. After the party we all headed back to the hotel. Niall had come back to my suite to spend the night. We had just sat down to watch the Hunger Games when he started to talk

" come back to England with me"

"what" I asked, turning to look at him,I could have sworn he asked me ti goi back to England with him.

" Come back to England with me" he said look me in the eyes. His face showed he was serious 

" are you serious" I asked

" yeah I mean, what's the point in staying here in the US. The only thing you have is your house and you tour 1/4 of the year. Come to England with me. I can take care of you there. And this way we won't have to try and deal with a long distance relationship." 

" Niall I can't just get up and go. I have debts I have to pay, a moarge, and friends and stuff like that. I'm not some pop star that can just drop everything at the snap of the wrist" I said

" don't worry about that stuff, I have enough money, I can pay it all off. If you want you can keep the house and we use it has a vacation house. Please come to England with me, I don't think I could bare not to be with in a mile from you, let alone be in a different country as you. Please please come with me, I'm begging you" he said. When I looked into his eyes I could tell he really really really wanted me to go with him. 

" are you sure" I asked in a whisper

" as sure as I have ever been about anything in my entire life" he said

" what about Makayla" I asked " she my best friend I just can't leave her here and go run off with you"

" Zanyn's gonna ask her to come to." He said

" well the ok"

" you'll come with me back to England" he said

" well i have to pack everything up, and all and do some things, but yeah I'll go back with you to England" I said looming deep into his eyes. I ment it. I would have to pack everything up, and tie some lose ends, but I was gonna go to England with Niall. 

" oh bloody hell yes" he said jumping up off the bed and doing a little victory dance

" come back down here you crazy leprechaun" 

" i love you Michaela Leeann Miller" he said as he sat back down on the bed

" and I love you Niall James Horan" I said. Then we leaned into each other and we kissed. When I pulled away from the kiss I thought " ah fuck the movie" and went back I for more. 




Hey guys......

ik ik  I'm like a month or two late on updating I'm seriously so fucking sorry. I let this all get away from me. I'm seriously sorry. But if your still hanging on I really appreciate it. 

So looks Like mic and Makayla are going to England. Holy shit!! Lol. So questions for this chapter 


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