The Boy Band and the Motorcross Girls

What happens when two small town girls meet the famous One Direction and they fall in love. Pasts will come back to haunt them, secerets will be spoken of and most of all betrayal with come too. Will the two small town girls be able to handel the famous One Direction or will it end it heartbreak?


21. Chapter 19

Mic's POV

As me and Niall got up and got around the next morning, i got a text from Eleanour.

From: El :)

Hey you need to meet the girls and i in the lobby in 20 miuntes

To: El :)

Um okay, but why?

From: El :)

Because we have a party to attented to with the boys and we need to go shopping for are dresses and such

To: El :)

You know i hate shopping and putting on a dress and getting all dolled up

From: El :)

Well suck it up buttercup

To: EL :)

Hey thats my saying!!! Anyway okay see you in 20


After i ate a quick breakfast i went and threw on a pair of jeans, with my ninja turtle tshirt and some sneakers. Then i grabbed my wallet phone and keys and headed to the lift. When i got to the lobby i saw El, Danielle and Makayla waiting for me.

" listen up, if i have to go shopping, i get to drive. Espically if i have to buy a dress"  i said as i waked up to the girls

" fine by us, what are we taking" Makayla asked

" the cummins, of course" i said walking out to my Dodoge Cummins

" but Mic" Makayla wined " i hate try to get in this thing! It sits like a mile of the ground"

" well suck it up buttercup cause i dont wanna hear any of your bitchin unless you wanna hear mine about haveing to wear a dress and all" i said as i got in the truck

" ugh fine" she said tying like hell to get into the back seat. when she did tho she sat there and pouted like a 5 year old.

" you guys are funny, you should become comedians" Dani said

" haha yeah we thought about" i said as i locked eyes with Makayla

" haha yeah we did actually" she said

About half and hour later we pulled up to the mall

"Lets hit it girls" El said


2 and a hlf hours later i was ready to kill my self. We had gone to almost every dress store this mall had and i had yet to find a dress. El found a strapless nude knee lenght dress. it was pretty plain but then she found this necklis that added just enough sparkel, then she found strappy heels to go with it. Dani had found this purple cinderella type dress. the top fit snug against her uper body, but then puffed out at the waist. The top was a solid purple where the bottom had the purple rainbow type thing going on. THe she found black pumps to match. Makayla got this high low dress that was bllue with ruffels at the bottom and had a white lacy over lay, and she got white heeled sandel to match. Now it was up to me, as wee headed to the last dress shop.

As we entered it took me 15 minutes to find two dress that i like. One was a shimmery gold floor lenght dress that was strapless and backless. The second one was a whit floorlength dress that was strapless. It had a row of diamods outlinning the stop and then had a row of twon diamons that acted like a belt that when under my breast.

" i like the white one" Dani said

" yeah me too" Makayla added

" well i like the gold one" El stated proudly

" well why dont i go try them both on and we will go from their" i said

" okay" they all said as they took seats in from of my dressing room. WHen i walked out with the gold one opn they all had funny faces on

" now that i see it on you, i dont like it very much. Its not you Mic, its the dress" El said

" okay good cause i dont like it very much either" i said " letrs hope dress number two wroks" then i turned around and went back into the dress room. As soon i put the white dress on, i knew it was the one. The white popped out on my tan skin, making my tan look darker, and the white made my blue eyes really pop and sparkel. When i stepped out of the dress room, all i herd where gasps

" OMG MIC!!!" Dani yelled " that dress is perfect"

" yeah the white really pops on your tan skin" Makayla said

" and the white really makes your blues eyes really stand out" El added

" guys this is soo the dress" i said

" yeah!" they all agreed together.

After i got out of the dress and paid for it i headed stright for the store i knew had the perfect shoes to go with the dress. WHen i walk into the store it only took me moments to find the shoes. They were white with silver thread and bwon bottoms.

" oh my, there perfect" El gushed

" leave it to Mic to find some way to tie her country ways into the dress" Makayla said

" hey! theres nothing wrong with these shoes! i feel every outfit would look better with a pair of cowgirl boots" i stated proudly

" Ahmen to that honey" Makayla said. Then i doubled over in laughter

" whats so funny" she asked

" you.....sounded..... like..... my.... grandma.... when you said that" i siad between my laughter

" omg what ever" she said " lets get going we only have a few hours to get ready."

After i paid for the boots we headed to the truck and headed home. When we got to mysuite i was shocked to see Maddie waiting outside my door.

" umm Harry invited me to the party and told me yall would be back soon to get ready. Mind if i get ready with yall" she asked looking her feet

" well of course! might as well get ready together" i said looping my arm with hers " lets go"

4 hours later and all of us girls where in the lift. El had pulled her hair up into a normal ponytail, Dani had clipped half of her hair back with a really cute clip, Makayla had her hair is a really tite bun, and Maddie had this black knee lenght puffy dress on that look amazing, she then had black sparkly flats to match and had her hair up in some curly up do. As for me i just left my hair go to its natural wave, along with natual make up. All i had on was simple black eyeliner, where the other girls didnt cake their make up but you could see it clearly. As we stepped out of the lift we all linked arms and looked tords the boys. The boys stood in frontof us, but ahd teir backs turned. As i clearled my throught they all snapped around. Each boy had on a sleek balck suit, and a tie to match our dress. As we walked in synce tords them i locked eyes with Niall and smiled. WHen we reached the boys they gave us a kiss on the cheek and looped their arms with our an lead us to th limo. As we rode to the party we all talked and joked around. When we got to our destanion we all got out, and thats when i noticed somethin was missing.

" Niall" i said

" mmm"

" where is everyone"

" well you see this is a private party" he said leading me tords the doors

" it looks like this is a party just for us" i said

" it is"

" Niall seriousally whats going on" i asked turning tords him just as we had enterd threw the doors

" MIic, Harry and I wanted to do something for you to make up for what we did to you. Makayla told us that because of Jason you never went to your senior prom. SO we orginizeed one so you could go to your senior prom" wen he finsihed i notice that he had slipped a whit corsage onto my wirst. THen i turned around and my hand flew up to my mouth. The place what looked to like to be a big gym was decerated in streamers and baloons. To the side you could see a man waiting to take our pictures like someone would do at a really prom. Everything looked like it was for  really prom

" thank you NIall" i said giving him a hug

" come one, lets go to your senior prom" he said


AW how cute.

so i will update next week like i do

Later :)

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