The Boy Band and the Motorcross Girls

What happens when two small town girls meet the famous One Direction and they fall in love. Pasts will come back to haunt them, secerets will be spoken of and most of all betrayal with come too. Will the two small town girls be able to handel the famous One Direction or will it end it heartbreak?


20. Chapter 18

Mic's POV

it felt good to wake up to someone olding me. It made me feel warm and fuzy inside. When i woke up Niall had his arms around my waist and pulled snug against him. We also had are legs tangled together. But there was one problem. I had to pee

" Niall" i wispered

" mmm"

" i have to pee" i said

" mmhm"

" that means you have to let go of me" i said laughing at him

" mmm fine" he fianlly said at last

Thank god, i thought as i raced into the attached bathroom. Once i was done peeing and brushing my teeth an hair, i went to get my phone off the nitestande. Only it wasnt there.

" Niall" i said

" mmmm"

" have you seen my phone" i asked

" um check the couch in the living room princess" he said

" thanks babe" i said levaing the room

He was right. There layed my iphone. i grabbed it and sent a sent a text to harry

To: Hazza :P

Hey, text Maddie and tell her that I'm meeting you guys for lunch, my treat. I said

i went in to the kitchen and grabbed and apple, then my phone buzzed

From: Hazza :P

Ok, what time?

To: Hazza :P


From: Hazza :P

sounds good! meet you in the lobby?

To: Hazza :P


Once I was finished with my apple I went up stares and started rummaging threw my suit case.

“ what are you doin babe” Niall asked as he sat up. His hear was all over the place and he still had that sleepness in his eyes. He looked really hot,

“ looking for something to wear. Im Taking Harry and Maddie out for lunch” I said settling on a pair of jeans with a red and blue plaid shirt and my boots.

“ oh can I come” he asked rubbing his eyes

“ if you want” I said going into the bathroom and stripping of my bedclothes and getting in the shower. Just as I had finished washing my hair out I her the door to the shower open and clothes and then I felt a pair of arms snake around my waist

“ Niall” I yelled

“ mmm” was all I got because he was too busy kissing my shoulder

“ what are you doing” I asked

“ well if im going with you to meet Harry and Maddie for lunch I need a shower” he said

“ okay well you coudnt wait till after I was done” I asked

“ well why whats the point in waisting water, and its not like I havent seen you naked before” he said kissing my neck

“ beause of this, we wont be ready in time if you keep doing what your doin” I said

“ we have plenty of time” he said capturing his mouth with mine

2 hours and some hot morning sex later, me and Niall where standing in are under garments arguing over who get the bathroom mirror

“but I need to do my hair” he said

“ so do I and I need the blow drier. All you need to do is stand in front of a mirror and apply hair jell” I siad

“ ugh fine you win” he said grabbing his hair stuff and going into the bed room.

“ thank you” I yelled to him

“ yeah your welcome” he said

After we did what we had to do and got dressed we finally headed off to the lobby. We got there 10 minutes tho

“ here you guys are” harry said as we stepped out of the lift

“ sorry, we had hot steamy morning sex this morning in the showe” I said smirking at harry has he got a pure face of horror

“ ew I didnt need to know that” he said

“ ah youll live” I said “ now lets go im hungery”

Once we got into are car and headed off to lunch Naill and Harry chated but me and Maddie stayed silent. When we got to the resturant and got seated the lady took are orders and left. Now it was time to talk.

“ Ok Harry and Maddie I asked you guys to lunch because I wanted to talk to you both” I said

“ Maddie I know your still mad at me for what happened years ago, but that was years ago. Let it go. We where in high school and I didnt meant to collied with you at that race. It was an accident.” I said

“ its not that” Maddie said

“ then what is it” I asked

“ it was Jason” she said

ust the mention of his name made me stiffen

“ I had had a crush on him sence the third grade. Then in high school we started talking and getting real close. Then you came. He saw you and had to have you. He forgot all about me. Then when everthing went down between you to and he ended up dead, I was hurt. I coudnt believe that he was dead, ut once everything with the funeral was over I was hurt upset, but most of all I was mad at you. I thought you had taken the only man I would ever love away from me. So I set out to make your life hell like you did mine. But then I ran into Harry here one day after a race. And I knew from the moment I made eye contact with him that he was the one. I love him with all my heart I really do. Im sorry for the way I treated you and the things ive said to you and about you over the years” she said

“ wow” was all I could say “ I didnt know about you and Jason. He never said anything about you to me when we where together. But I could understand why you would have been mad at me. Its okay I forgive you. And im sorry about the way I treated you and the things ive said about you over the years too”

“ friends?” she asked

“ friends” I said

“ but if you ever hurt Harry in anyway shape or form, I will hunt you down and kill you” I said “ we clear?”

“ crystal” she said

“ good. Now lets eat im hungery” I said

After we ate and paid for are meal we all went back to the hotel. Me and Niall just chilled in my suit for the rest of the night. Then as we went to bed Niall said something to me that I will never forget

“ Mic I am truly in love with you

at first I didnt know what to say but then I spoke

“ I love you too Niall”

when I said that his head jerked up and his eyes had happiness in them

“ im glad you do” he said



wow a lot happened in this chapter. Mic and Maddie made up and Niall told Mic he loved her, and she said it back

Ill update next week like I always do

Later :) 

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