The Boy Band and the Motorcross Girls

What happens when two small town girls meet the famous One Direction and they fall in love. Pasts will come back to haunt them, secerets will be spoken of and most of all betrayal with come too. Will the two small town girls be able to handel the famous One Direction or will it end it heartbreak?


19. Chapter 17

Chapter 17

Mic's POV

As I woke up I was awear that Niall had his arm around me waist while he was spooning me from behind. Slowly I removed his arm and go up and went to the bathroom. As I stepped into the shower I herd the bathroom door open. Then I herd the shower door open and in walked Niall

" Niall what are you doing?! Get out of here" I said hitting him with my scrunchy.

" why babe?" he said grabbing me from behind " its not like I haven't seen you naked before"

" ugh fine, but no funny business! I have business to deal with today, and u want to get it down soon" I said

After our shower we both got dressed and went down to get some food from the kitchen

" so what are you gonna do to day" I asked Niall as he sat down with his plate of food

" well me and the lads have an interview and then we have to rehearse for tonight's show" he said

" oh that's right I have to race tonight" I said sitting down beside him

" yeah, so what ever business you have to take care of I suggest you do it soon" he said

" yeah, I'll do it after we eat" I said

Once we finished eating we headed over to the boy's flat. Once we walked in all eyes where on me.

"Niall where have you been and why is Mic here" Makayla asked

" well hello to you too" I said

" well as you guys know I went over to Mic's yesterday to figure out what was going on. It turns out that Josh stopped by Mic's yesterday to talk to her. They took max on a walk and stopped at the dog park so Josh could figure out whats going on. After Mic told him he sat there and gave her advice. The reason she was crying was because she was really upset about the situation. After the talk Mic gave him and hug and told him she was really glad she had a friend like him" Niall said sitting down on the chair in the living room

" so there's nothing going on between you and Josh" Louis asked me

" nope" I said

" so then where were you all night Niall" Harry asked

Niall didn't say anything, instead he grabbed me by the wasit, pulled me down into his lap and gave me a big kiss. After the kiss I just sat there on his lap

" so you guys finally made up" Makayla asked

" you bet we did"  Naill said smiling up at me

" and let me tell you make up sex is the best sex" I said

" ew" they all said

" so what about me" Makayla asked looking down at the ground

" well I was really pissed that you where siding with the boys the whoe time but then i thought it over and you had your reasons. SO yes i forgive you to. I mean how could i live without my best friend" i said

" omg thank god" makayla said running over to me and attacking me in a hug

After the hug i got off on Niall's lap and walked over to where Harry was standing

" Now the only other person I need to talk to is you, Harry" i said

" Me" he asked

"  no the other Harry! yes you" i said

" oh, um okay" he said

" look why don't we go someplace else and talk" i said

" okay um let me grab some shoes" he said

after Harry got his shoes i gave Niall a peck on the lips and me and Harry headed out

" so um where are we goin" he asked as we stepped into the elevator

" the roof" i said

as we rode to the roof neither of us said a word. Once we got there i walked over to the edged and leanded agaisnt it

" so Harry. What you did to me was wrong. You lied to me and kept a big secerte from me. I thought we where supossed to be best friends"

" i know what i did was wrong, but i was afraid to tell you. i was afraid that you would hate me and never talk to me again. But you have to understand. Maddie is amazing. She makes me laugh and smile and shes really nice. I mean i know you guys hate each other but i just can't stay away from her" He said

" i understad Harry. And after today i would like to sit down with the both of you and have a talk. But if she dosn't play nice while im willing to then i don't know if i will be able to tolerate her when you have her around" i said turning tords him

" so your gonna give this a chance" he said truning tords me

" yes, because i don't want to lose you as a friend Harry" i said

" so does this mean im forgiven" he asked

" your forgiven" i said

" yes!" he said pulling me into a hug

" now come on i have a race to get ready for"

When we got bak to the room me and Makayla went to get ready for tonights races. As usal I got first and second in all my races and so did Makayla. Once the racing was done I went over to Nialls room to spend the night with him.

" hey baby" Niall asked me as we layed in bed

" yes love" i asked

" after all this racing is over, whats gonna happen to us" he said. We only had 2 more weeks of racing left before the sesion was over

" well if you woud like, we can keep this relationship going. I can come over to England to visit you and you can come to Mackville to see me" i said rolling over and snuggling into his chest

" yeah that will work" he said

" goodnight babe" i said

" goodnight babygirl" Niall said as i fell asleep.


~ Hey guys!

So looks like everything is working out between everyone. so now is the time for the new questions

Will Mic be able to accept Maddie

Will Mic and Niall be able to hold a long distance relationship


So this book will soon be coming to an end, but dont worry i will be making a sequel to this book. Also i will be coming out with another story later this week. Its not a fanfic but just a regular book. ITs gonna be called Georgia Boy, so if you guys want please check it out and tell me what you think.

Until next week lads and gals

Later :) ~



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