The Boy Band and the Motorcross Girls

What happens when two small town girls meet the famous One Direction and they fall in love. Pasts will come back to haunt them, secerets will be spoken of and most of all betrayal with come too. Will the two small town girls be able to handel the famous One Direction or will it end it heartbreak?


18. Chapter 16

Chapter 16

Niall's POV

When I saw Mic and Josh walk out of her room, I was crushed and angery at the same time. Was she just gonna forget about me and what happened between us. Was she seriousally gonna go for Josh, when she knows that he is one of my best mates. I just didn't know what to say. I'm just so confused. Once we got into our suit, no one said a thing. I was the first to speak

" well that was awkward" I said sitting down at the breakfast table

"yeah it was" Liam said " do you think they have a thing going on"

" oh hell no. I know Mic and I know the way she looked at you Niall. One thing is for sure, she is not over you and she is not getting with Josh." Makayla said

" I hope not" I said " look guys I'm tired. I'm gonna go to bed"

" okay night Nillar" Liam said

As I went and got in bed I couldn't help but think of Mic and Josh together. I sure hope Makayla was right.

*The next Morning*

As I woke up I herd the TV on in the living room so I knew someone was up. So I got up and went out. When I got there everyone was crowded around the TV.

" morning" I said

" oh! Good Morning Niall" Makayla said

" what are you watching" I said sitting in the chair

" um nothing" Louis said trying to change the channel but I stopped him when I herd Mic's name

" oh wait leave it on Louis" I said sitting up, paying more attention to the TV

" I don't know lad" Zayn said

" just leave it" I said listening to what the TV hostess had to say

   "Late last night, Paparazzi got pictures of the Drummer from One direction, Josh Devine, and motocross racer, Michaela Miller, taking a walk with Michaela's dog. They then proceeded to the local dog park where Michaela's dog played, while her and Josh shared what looked like to be a heart-to-heart moment. Threw out the talk it looks like Michaela even got teary eyed. Then at the end they shared what looked to be a lovey hug. What is going on. One minute Michaela is with Niall Horan, from One Direction, now she's with the drummer? Looks like someone has some explaining to do! That's it for today. I'm Lily Moore, and this is Hollywood Leads. See you tomorrow"

I was angry. Beyond angry. I was furious!

" that's it! i'm going to go and talk to them about this" I said getting up and walking tords the door

"Niall no' Makayla said coming after me

" I have to Makayla" I said and shut the door to the suit

when I got to Mic's room I pounded on the door

" I'm coming" I herd her yell " yes?" she said opening the door

" we need to talk" I said pushing past her and walking into her suit

" oh hi Niall" she said shutting the door " lets talk in the kitchen I guess" she said walking tords the kitchen. As I followed her I happened to look over and see Josh asleep on the couch with Max laying on the floor beside him

" so what do you need Niall" Mic asked as she sat down to a plate of food

" what is this about you and Josh. Are you seeing him? have you forgotten about me? was I just some toy you used to get to him?" I asked sitting across from her

" okay hold on!" she said " One, who the hell do you think you are barging into my room questioning me about what I'm doing?" she was getting mad, but I didn't care, I was pissed and I wanted answers

" just answer the questions Mic" I said

" OKAY FINE WHATEVER!" she said " Josh came to my room last night. Me and Max where sitting on the couch eating pizza getting ready to watch a movie. I invited josh in. We ate some pizza and then Max decided he wanted to go for a walk. so we took him on a walk when we ran into you guys in the hall. Once me and Josh got in the elevator he started to question me because he noticed the tension between us. so I told him about everything that happened on are way to the dog park. I asked him what to do because I didn't know what to do. So josh talked to me. I started to cry because I was afraid of losing you and Makayla. then at the end of are talk I hug him and thanked him for being such a  good friend. A FRIEND Niall. That's all he is. So no I'm not seeing him,no I didn't use you, and no I didn't forget about you. I could never forget you Niall. Everyday we spent together I fell more and more for you. When everything with Harry and Maddie went down I was hurt. But then Josh told me something's and I was gonna eat my breakfast and then I was gonna come talk to you all about everything. I miss you Niall" when she was done she had tears streaming down her face

" I miss you too" was all I could say. I didn't know what else to say so I decided to show her. I stood up, walked over to her, pulled her out of her chair and kissed her. I kissed her with all the love and passion I felt for her. at first she was shocked but then she kissed me back the same way. As I pulled away we caught are breaths.

" i'm sorry" she said

" me too" then I kissed her again

All was well again. just as we pulled away josh walked into the kitchen

" oh hey Niall. Look the things on the TV and the magazines-"

" its okay I know. Mic told me everything" I said

"oh okay good. Now i'm gonna head out of here and give some people a call and clear this whole thing up" he said

" bye Josh" Mic said

" late Mic, later Niall" he said walking out the door

" now where were we" Mic said pulling me back down for another kiss.

as we kissed we made are way to her bed room. we ended up in the bed, both of us shirtless. Mic started to go for my pants but I stopped her.

"are you sure Mic" I asked looking into her eyes

" as sure as a pig is about mud" she said. I couldn't help but laugh at her. Then I pulled her back into a kiss. A things went from there.


Once we finished, Mic was laying on my chest while I stroked her back. As I watched her eyes close I was for sure she was sleep but then she spoke.

" I think I Love you Niall" she said. At first I was shocked but then I spoke

" I think I love you too Mic" and then I watched the girl I loved fall asleep and then so was I.



~ Hey guys!

 oh wow a lot happened there. But it looks like Mic and Niall got back together. They even broke out the L word. Things are getting serious. So some new questions for you

What's gonna happen between Mic and Harry?

Will Mic talk to Maddie about Her and Harry?

looks like yall will have to wait till next week to find out!

Thanks for reading!

Laters Yall

MicMack :) ~

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