The Boy Band and the Motorcross Girls

What happens when two small town girls meet the famous One Direction and they fall in love. Pasts will come back to haunt them, secerets will be spoken of and most of all betrayal with come too. Will the two small town girls be able to handel the famous One Direction or will it end it heartbreak?


17. Chapter 15

Chapter 15

Makayla's POV


Did she really just say that to me?!

" Did she really just do that" Liam asked

" yeah she did" Harry said

" wow shes really pissed" Louis said

" ya think" I said

" hey are you okay Makayla" Zayn asked he said looking at me with worry in his eyes

" yeah I........I just.......I don't know" I said with tears threating to spill out

" aw baby please don't cry" Zayn said pulling me into a hug

" I just don't know what to do. She has never been this mad at me before" I said while crying into his chest

" she will get over it" He said while he rubed my bacck

" obviousally you don't know Mic. She can hold a grudge" I said

" yeah we know" Harry said

" well lets get checked in, then we can go up to our room and order pizza and pick a movie" Liam said.

As we get checked in and walk down the hall tords are room we see someone open their door. Then we figured out who it was. Mic walked out with Max on a leash and........ are you in shock


Mic's POV


Just as i was about to bite into my large pizza there was a knock at my door. When i opened the door i coudnt believe who was there. There stood.......................................................................... Josh Devine

" um hey Josh" I said

" Hey Mic, can I come in" he asked

" sure" I said moving out of the way so he could come in

" oh where you busy" he asked

" nope I was just stuffing my face with pizza" I said " would you like some"

" sure I can never turn down pizza" he said grabbing a slice and sitting down on the couch

" Fast Five, really Mic" he said as he said laughing

" hell yeah man! I love the fast and furious series" I said grabbing my slice of pizza and sitting down next to Josh

" Me too" he said

" Like omg" I said laughing. Just as I was about to hit play, but then Max came up to me and layed his head on me and looked up at me with his puppy dog eyes

" aw who is this little guy" Josh said gushing over Max

" this is my fathfull companion Max"  said

" Hes so danm cute" Josh said petting Max between the ears

" hes gonna love you to death now because your petting him between the ears" i said

" aw well I will always love him" Josh said

" so really right now Max" I said looking at him

" what" Josh said

" he wants to go for a walk" I said

" how do you know. Are you a dog whisper" he asked

" haha very funny Josh. But no. when ever he wants to go for a walk he always comes and lays his head on my lap and gives me his puppy dog eyes" I said

" oh well lets take him for a walk" Josh said hoping up off the couch and walking tords the door

" But what about my pizza" I cried look at the pizza sitting on the cofffee table

" it will be here when we come back" he said grabbing my hand and pulling me off the couch

" but but"  I said looking at my pizza

" you will live" he said

" ugh fine" I said giving in and pulling on my shoes and coat and grabbing Max's leach and putting it on him

" yay!" josh said jumping up and down like a little kid who found a toy store bigger then his room

" haha lets go" I said opening the door. Once I stepped out into the hall, I wanted to turn right back around and go back into my room. There stood Liam, Niall, Harry, Louis, Zayn and Makayla out side of the elevator door

" hey guys" Josh said

" Hey Josh" Liam said giving us weird looks

" What are you guys up to" Josh asked

" oh just going to our room" Liam said

" oh thats cool" Josh said

" what are you and Mic doing"  Niall asked

" just taking Max for a walk" He said

" oh" was all Niall said and I could here the sadness in his voice

" well we better get going. see you guys later" Josh said walking tords the elevator doors

" see ya" Liam said

When me and Josh got in the elevator, I let out a breath of realif.

" what was that all about" Josh asked me

" what do you mean" I said acting like I didn't know anything

" the tenson back there. Are you guys fighting" he asked

" um yeah kindof" I said stepping out of the elevatoI doors and walking tords the exit to go outside

" wanna talk about it" he said walking beside me

" its kindof a long story" I said

" well we have time" he said

So threw out the walk I told Josh about what happened. Not once did he did he interupt me. While we where walking Max, we found a dog park. So me and Josh where now sitting on a bench while Max was running around.

" well it seems to me that Niall and Harry both screwed up for not telling you. But then again it wasn't Niall's secret to tell you. I'm sure if Harry hadn't told you soon, Niall would have" he said

" yeah I guess your right. But it hurts me because I thought Harry was my best friend, and I thought we told each other everything, but for him to keep this from me really hurts me." I said watching a car go by.

" I can understand that your upset and all, but imagine if you where in Harrys shoes and you where dating his enemy. Would you wannna tell him right away or would you wait a while and wait till you guys where serious and then tell you" Josh said looking at me

" I would have waited till we where serious, then told Harry. But then on the other hand, I would also have that thought in the back of my mind that I was dating Harry's enemy." I said turning to him

" that is also true." he said

" then on the day of the fight, I come to the kitchen to find Makayla and Niall eating dinner together and talking like nothing was wrong. Like I thought she was my best friend. That she would always have my back. But no she is siding with them on all this." I said

" yeah I could see you getting mad at that" he said looking at Max

" I just don't know what to do. I'm so confused. I wanna forgive all of them, but I can't seem to because I feel like they all stabbed me in the back" I said while getting tears in my eyes.

" Mic look at me" Josh said while grabbing my chin and making me look him in the eyes

" there will always be fights, some big and some small. But no matter what makayla will be there. And Niall, oh where do I start, he's one of my best buds and I can tell you, he is hurting and upset about what happened. After everything went down he went back to his room and yelled at Harry. He was yelling so loud that i herd him 4 rooms down. And now that you won't talk to him, he dosn't know what to do with him self. He dosn't know how to come and talk to you about what happened. Then there is Harry. Harry is so mad at him self for not talking to about him and Maddie. He is beating him self up about it. You just have to take one day at time and see how thing plays out. You can lash out at them, but then you can't go and act like nothing happened. They understand that they are gonna have to earn your friendship and trust back, they just don't know how to do it"

" wow" was all I could say " okay ill take it one day at a time. I won't lash out, but I won't act all sweet either"

 " thats good" he said smiling at me

" I'm so glad I can talk to you" I said giving him a hug

" anytime girl" he said. Just then we herd clicking noises

" shit the tablods" he said jumping up trying to cover his face " grab Max and lets get out of here" he said

I called Max over and hooked him on his leach, then Josh and I started to run back to the hotel. Once we got back to the hotel we hurried inside and jumped into the elevator

" glah! thats gonna be one hell of a story" he said

" yeah it is" I said

Once we got back to my room we sat down and started the movie then ate the rest of the pizza. Josh fell asleep on the couch, so I went and got him a pillow and blanket. Then i went and grabbed a quick shower and crawled in bed with Max and fell alseep thinking about everything that happened.





" WHAT?!?!?!" I screamed at the person yelling at me

" you need to see this" Josh said

" see what?!" I asked sitting up in bed

" this" Josh layed something on my bed. It was a magazine

" Does Josh Devine, drummer for the famous band, One Direction, have a fling with girl Motorcross racer Michaela? Look inside for pictures of what seem to be a first date"

" what the hell is this bullshit" I said getting angery

" its gets better. Turn to page 33" Josh said sitting down on my bed

" Last night we spotted Josh Devine and Michalea Miller taking a walk with Michaela's dog. They then procceded to sit down at a bench at the local dog park and have what looks like a heart to heart chat as we see Michaela get teary-eyed. Then at the end they both have a nice lovey lokking hug. Could this be a new relationship blooming or just some silly little fling"


" that is complete bullshit!" I said yelling and throwing the magazine across the bed room

" yeah I know it is" Josh said

" this dosn't help with everything else going one" I said getting out of bed and heading over to my dresser and getitng clothes for today

" I know it dosn't. If one of the boys asks you about it just tell them the truth. they will understand. They know what its like with the tabloids." Josh said getting up and leaving the room.

GAH! Could things get anyworse.



~ hey guys!

       So a lot going on right now. It took me forever to figure out who I wanted to be on the other side of the door. Then I figured out it should be Josh. Okay its question time

What will happen when Niall sees the magazines?

What will happenen between Mic and Niall? Will they work things out, or will things go down hill even more?

Will Mic accept the fact the Harry is dating Maddie or will she be hateful tords them?


Please leave your comments below. I apperacate reading them and getting yall's feed back!

Until next time, enjoy summer, have a care free summer and most of all LOVE ONE DIRECTION! Also if you haven't, wish Josh Devine a late Birthday!! He turned 22!!!

Later readers! :):)

MicMack :) ~

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