The Boy Band and the Motorcross Girls

What happens when two small town girls meet the famous One Direction and they fall in love. Pasts will come back to haunt them, secerets will be spoken of and most of all betrayal with come too. Will the two small town girls be able to handel the famous One Direction or will it end it heartbreak?


16. Chapter 14

Chapter 14

Mic's POV


Today we are going to the Angel stadum for are next race. It was late January almost Feburary, the 31st to be accurate. Im still not talking to Makayla so she decided to ride with the boys in their tour bus, but asked me nicely if I would haul her fourwheeler. I may be mad at her, but I coudn't turn away from her. So this morning we kindof made up.


 I had woken up to some music playing out in the living room. I got up went and took a shower in the on suite bathroom, then got dressed in a pair of blue jeans, my cowboy boots, and a simple white shirt. I then pulled my hair up into a messy ponytail. I was debating if i wanted to put makeup on, so i just settled for eyeliner. Then i walked to the living room to see what was going on. When I walked in i coudn't help but laugh. Makayle and Zayn where dancing around like complete idiots and belting out the lyrcus to " She's Not Afraid". While they continued dancing, I got out my phone and started to record them. By the end of the song I was dieing of laughter. Once they herd me the snaped around screamed.

" AHHHHH!! I didn't know you where up" Makayla said

" You scared the shit out of us Mic" Zayn said

" hahahahahahahahaha that was great. This will be a youtube hit!" I said still laughing

" WAIT! YOU WHERE RECORDING US?!?!?!?!!?" Makayla screamed at me

All I did was shake my head and laugh. Then Makayla lunged at me and tackled me to the floor

" Give me the damn phone Mic" she said trying to get the phone out of my hand

" never!" I yelled at her

" well at least let us see it" she said

" okay, okay. As long as you get your fat ass off me" I said

" okay" she said getting off of me and fixing her clothes and hair. I did the same as i got off the ground.

"but I want something to eat first" I said walking to the kitchen

" That wasn't part of the deal" Makayla yelled after me

" yeah but im hungry so im gonna stuff my face" I said searching the frezzer settling on eggo waffles. I popped them into the toaster, then hoping onto the counter getting on twitter

"MIC" Makayla winned at me

" okay okay come here you two" I said pulling up the video on my phone

As they watched it i coudn't help but laugh, while they shot me death glares. Just as the video ended my waffles popped out of the toaster, scarring us all.

When I went to sit at the table to eat my waffles, Makayla and Zayn came and sat with me. They had this serious look on their face.

"Mic we need to talk" Makayla said

" About" I asked

" This whole ordeal" Zayn said

" Whats their to talk about. Harry lied to me and hide the fact that hes dating Maddie from me, and Niall knew and didn't tell me. Then I come to find out that my so called best friend is taking thier side in this argument. So Zayne, please tell me what the fuck there is to talk about!" I said getting angery

" Mic Im not taking anyones side in this argument. Im just trying to figure things out" Makayla said

" sure, whatever Makayla. Why don't you go pack. I wanna leave soon' I said throwing my waffles out, becuase i lost my appitate

" ummm well you see, Zayn asked if I would ride with him in the tour bus. So I was hoping that you would carry my gear with yours." she said looking at the ground

" See you are taking sides. But its whatever, ill carry your damn gear, but have it ready by noon because thats when im leaving so that way I can get to the stadum early." I said walking to my room to start packing.

" Mic wait." Zayn said

" what" I said turning around

" our gps on the bus is broken and we don't know how to get to the stadium. Do you think we could follow you" he said looking at the ground

" yeah sure i guess, but yall need to be ready by noon, because thats when im leaving" i said

" yeah thats fine, ill call the lads right now and tell them to be ready to roll" he said

" okay see ya in a few" i said walking into my room to start packing



2 hours later and I had everything packed and loaded into the truck and trailor.

" yall ready" i asked walking up to Makayla and Zayn who where standing by the tour bus.

" yeah just waiting on the others to come and get on the bus" Zayn said

" hey, here they come now" Makayla said pointing her finger

i turned around and thats when i saw them. Harry and Niall where walking behinde the others. Well they where really slurcking, wather then walking. Harry looked like he hadnt really done anything for days, and Niall look like he kust crawled out of a hole.

" Hey Mic" Louis said walking up to us. As soon as he said my name both Harry and Niall's heads snapped up and looked right at me

" Hi louis" I said

" hey Mic" Harry said

" Hi Harry" i said

" how are you" he asked stuffing his hands in his pockets

" well beside finding out that my best friend is siding with the two boy who i cared about that lied and hide things from me, when i thought we told each other everything, I just fuckin peachy" I said giving him my angery smirk

" oh" was all he said  " i think im gonna go and take a nap" he said getting on the tour bus

" yeah we should get going" Liam said. Liam, Louis, Makayla and Zayn all got on the tour bus, leaving me and Niall alone

" hey Mic" he said looking at the ground

" Hi Niall" i said

" look I know your mad at me, but you have to know that i had just found out about Harry and Maddie the same day you did" he said looking at me with plead in his eyes

" yeah sure whatever niall. Lookn we have to go if we make it to the hotel before midnight" i said walking tords my truck

" yeah" he said

" oh hey niall" i said turning around

" yeah" he said sticking his head out the bus doors

" tell Makayla and the rest of the boy's that im gonna have to stop, so i can put diesel in the truck" i said

" yeah okay, will do" he said getting on the bus.

I went and got in the truck and drove on the the high way, with the tour bus right behinde me. I found a Sheetz and pulled off and fuled up on the truck, then went in and got an energy drink, and iced coffee and and sandwich. Then i waited in the truck till the Lads and Makayla got what they wanted, then we where off.

It was almost 10 when we arrived at the hotel. I parked the truck then went in to get a room. When i got the the dest , Makayla and the boys where behinde me. I waited paciently for the man to return.

" how may i help you ma'am" he said

" um yes, i need a one room suite" i said

" what, Mic why one room, are we gonna share a bed" Makayla asked from behinde me

" um not i figured that you where so far up the boys asses that i would let you room with them" i said trunign back to the man

" What the fuck does that mean Mic!" Makayla asked me angrly

" well becuase you just had to ride with your new friends, you made it very clear whose side your on. So like i said before, you can room with them" i said truning around

" Im sorry ma'am but all we have is a 5 room suite and a 2 room suite room avaiable" he said looking up from his computer

" ill take the 2 room" i said giving him my card so i can pay from the room

 " well see, i can room with you mic" Makayla said

The man handed me my card back and the room keys. I then turned and grabbed my suit cases.

" yeah um how no" i said to her and walked away and got on the elevator with max. When i turned back to stand in the elevator, I saw all the boys and Makaylas mouth hanging open.

" Have a nice stay" i said to them right before the doors closed on the elevator.

Once i got to my room i went stright for the living room. I ordered room service and put a movie on. Just as i was about  to bite into my large pizza there was a knock at my door. When i opened the door i coudnt believe who was there. There stood..............................................................................................................................................................




~ Hey guys! haha i left you with a cliff hanger.

Who do you think is at the door?

Well if you wanna find out, you will have to wait. thanks you guys are amazing!!!!! keep on be amazing!

Later guys and gals!!!

MicMack :)~


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