The Boy Band and the Motorcross Girls

What happens when two small town girls meet the famous One Direction and they fall in love. Pasts will come back to haunt them, secerets will be spoken of and most of all betrayal with come too. Will the two small town girls be able to handel the famous One Direction or will it end it heartbreak?


15. Chapter 13

Chapter 13 Makaylas POV

As Mic finished singing the boys and I ran down to the arena. As I went to pull her into a hug she pushed me away. I have to admite that I was hurt, but i guess i deservd it. As I watched Mic ingore us and walk out of the arena getting high fives, and fist pumps from the guys in the stands, I turned to the boys.

" Guys I don't think im gonna get her to go dress shopping" I said

" Its okay Makayla, I can call Eleanour up and have her take her" Louis said

" Yeah and I could give Dani a call to and get her to go along as well" Liam added

" Yeah that might work. Just tell them to tell her that its a girls day out and have them casually stop at a dress shop. That way Mic won't get sispcious" I said

Both Liam and Louis got on their phones and gave the girls a call. Because the suprise was taking place in 2 weeks, the girls where gonna go shopping the week before and then on the day of the "prom" they are gonna take Mic to day spa and then take her back to our room and tell her that they are taking her to a party when really they are taking her to our "prom"

As the boy and I walked back to our room Zayn asked if I would come and spend the night with him. I was going to say no but then he gave me his "pretty pretty please" look, then he started to pout his lip. He looked so damn cute that I coudn't say no. When we got to the boy's suite, they all went to their rooms leaving Zayne and I alone in the living room.

" Wanna watch a movie" he asked as he sat down on the couch

" sure" I said sitting down beside him

" what movie" he asked getting up and going over to the movie rack

" I don't care, suprise me" I said. It then only took him 5 seconds to pick a movie and pop it into the DVD player

" what movie did you pick" I asked as he sat down and i snuggled into him

" im not gonne tell you" he said with a playful smirk

" but why" I wined

" because you told me to suprise you, and so by tellin you it won't be a suprise" he said

" huh fine" i said pouting, but then i stopped and snuggled into him As soon as the opening scene came on, i knew right away what movie it was

" HOW DID YOU KNOW THAT I LOVED THE NOTEBOOK" I yelled at him as i jumped into his lap, straddling him

" well when we went on our first date, I remembered you saying that it was your favorite movie" he said smiling up at me

" aw babe" I said giving him a long passionate kiss. Soon that kiss because a heated hungry.

" lets go to your room" I said as he kissed down my neck

" but what about the movie" he asked

" screw it, I have seen it plenty of times" i said pulling him by his shirt off the couch.

As we are going up the stairs to his room, he pushed me up against the wall and grabbed my bumm giving me the hint to jump up and wrap my legs aroud his waist. He then carried me up to his room and threw me on his bed. He then took his shirt, and pants off, leaving him in just his boxers where you can see his errected shaft. He then started to crawl up to my face where he attacked my lips hungerly. He then started kissing down my neck and then started to suck on my boobs threw my shirt.

  ** this next few paragraphs contain sexuall content. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!!!!!!**

Then he took my shirt off and bra off and attacked my nipples. One had his mouth and the other he was tweaking with his index and thumb. All I could do was moan and put my hands in his hair. Then he started to kiss down my tummy till he reaced the button on my jeans. Then unbutted my pants and slid them down my legs slowly.

" i love your legs. there so long tan" had kissin up my thigh. Then he started to rub my clint threw my panties. Then he started to lick me.

" mmmm your so wet" he said Then he slowly pulled my panited down. He the went back and i swear his toung was magical, and don't get me started on his fingers. the whole time I was moaning and scratchin his scalp with my fingers. After i had my orgasam and Zayn cleaned me up and he came up and gave me a long hard kiss

" Now i know why Mic calls you her Vanilla Cupcake" he said with a smirk After that I attacked his lips, and lets just say, we didn't get much sleep that night......


  ~hey guys!!!!! im sooooooo sorry that i took forever to upload. There is no excuse in the book that i can use. and im sorry that this is a short chapter, but i figued you would still like to hear from me. This Chapter is dedacated to my Best Friend, Makayla who is really my Vanilla Cupcake, while im her Slutty Whore, so i had to give her slutty secen in my story while she gave me my slutty scene in her story.......aso PLEASE GO AND READ HER STORY LET ME LOVE YOU!!!!!!! any way i hope to post more this week. THANKS FOR READING MY STORY!!!!! MICMACK :)~

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