The Boy Band and the Motorcross Girls

What happens when two small town girls meet the famous One Direction and they fall in love. Pasts will come back to haunt them, secerets will be spoken of and most of all betrayal with come too. Will the two small town girls be able to handel the famous One Direction or will it end it heartbreak?


12. Chapter 11

Chapter 11



Harry's POV 

As we rode home from the hoedown I got a text from Maddie 

From:Maddie x
Hey babe just wanted to see how you where doing in Kentucky 

To: Maddie x
I'm doing good babe we are heading back tomorrow sometime

From: Maddie x
Okay be careful. Night babe 

To: Maddie x
Okay night love

I can't help but think about her all the time. I ,just love to think about her hair and her smile, and most of all her eyes! Her eyes are amazing, they have the most beautiful color to them! I can't wait to tell the lads about them, but then I have to remember Mic. Me and Mic have become very close, and I know it will kill her to know that not only have I been lying to her but have been dating her enemy. Ugh! This is gonna be hard....I have decided to tell her as soon as we get back, but I'm gonna talk to Niall about it first.

Mic's POV 

The next morning me and the lads and Makayla got everything I needed and headed to the airport. We decided to bring max along with us because he's good company. On the plane ride back I feel asleep on Niall's shoulder, then he woke me up so we could ride to the hotel. Because I missed a lot of my training time, I had to get to work right away today. So as soon as I got unpacked I suited up and headed down to the training area to work on my stunts.

Niall's POV 
After Mic left for training Harry came and asked to talk to me. 
" what's up lad" 
" we'll ya know how I haven't been around a whole lot" he asked 
" yeah" I said with a raised eyebrow
" we'll it's cause I've been seeing someone" 
" Harry do you mean a drug dealer someone because if your in trouble" I didn't get the chance to finishes because he stooped me by laughing 
" no man I'm not doin drugs, I mean a someone as in a girl someone" he said 
" wow! Mate, who is she, does mic know yet cause you guys are like best friends"
" that's what I wanted to talk to you about" he said lookin at the ground 
" okay so talk" 
" we'll the girl I'm seein is amazing, but I'm afraid to tell Mic" he said playing with his hands
" we'll ya just have to tell her, I'm sure she will be happy for ya as long as your not seein someone she hates or her so called enemy Maddie" 
He didnt respond just looked at the ground
" your not seeing Maddie are ya lad" I asked leaning forward from my seat
" yeah I am" he said still looking at the ground 
" we'll good luck with that mate" I said standing up and walking tords the door 
" wait where r u goin, i need your help" he said runnin after me
" what do you want help with harry, you have to tell mic. The longer you wait then more and more riskier it will become for you. Ten if mic finds out the wrong way you will regret not teller her sooner." 
" I guess your right, I'll tell her when she gets back, where is she by the way" 
" she training, which is where I'm headed now, so if ya want you can tag along and tell her after her tranin" 
" yeah good idea just let me grab my phone" he ran to grab his phone and then we headed down to the arena 
When I got there mic was in mid air tryin to do what looked like a triple backflip. Before she could complete the third flip she landed in a pit something soft. Ad she landed with the bike right on top of her. I ran down the b,each era and jumped down into the dirt and ran tit he pit. When I got there mic had pushed the bike off of her and she was laughing her head off
" BABE! are you okay?" I asked 
" haha....yeah...haha....I'm fine" she said laughing " that was fun I can't wait to try it again" she said getting out often pit
" your not doin that again" I said, how could she want to  d that again she could have died or somethin
" yes I am Niall" she said with anger
" I'm not taking chances with you, so like I said your not gonna do that stunt again". I said throwing my angry  voice right back at her
" NIALL! You listen here!" She screamed at me " I have been doing stunts since I can remember, and I'm not gonna let you stop me. I have fallen into that pit with my bike on top of me so many times I can't remember. So either you can deal with me doung stunts and go sit n the bleachers or you can leave right now!!!!!!!" 
" whatever but I don't wanna bear it when you get hurt" I spat at her turning on my heal and storming over to the bleachers. How could she be so careless" AHHHHH! 
" hey lad are you okay" Harry asked
" no I mean how cold she be so careless. She could get seriously hurt or even die doing stuff like that" 
" we'll remember mate she has been doing this stuff for along time so..." He said looking at is phone
" whatever harry!" I spat at him sitting down
" look mate I have to go meet Maddie ill catch ya later"
" yeah whatever" 

15 minutes later I got a text from harry 

From Harry: keep Mic away from are suite I'm here with Maddie

To Harry: okay mate

Looks like I'm gonna have to keep mic busy 


Mic's POV 

I can't believe he tried to tell me what I can and can't do! Grr whatever I'm done for the day anyway. As I walked tords the bleachers Niall was standing there waiting for me 
" what are you doing here" I spat at him
" I was waiting for you to get done" he said looking at the ground 
" whatever, I'm heading back to your suite then I'm gonna back to mine to take a shower then I'm going to bed" I said waking past him and tords the elevator
" okay babe that's........wait you can't go to my suite" he said 
" why" 
"Umm because...." He stuttered he only stuttered when he was hiding something 
" why not Niall I need to get my phone and get maxes food bowls" I said hitting the button on the elevator to the floor where mine and the boys suites where 
" because you ca get them later after you wake up" he said 
" no Niall I need that stuff now, so can you please unlock the door" 
" no mic...." I didn't let him finish because I grabbed the room key out of his hand and swiped it and pushed open the door 
" seriously Niall what's the big...." I didn't finish because there on the couch was a girl making out with harry and stranding him. When they herd me the girl stopped and looked over along with Harry. As soon as I saw who the girl was my mouth feel open and my eyes bulged out of my head. There straddling Harry was............MADDIE!!! OMG how cold he!! 
" um mic....." Harry started 
" no don't....." I said holding my hand up 
" Niall I thought I to,d you to keep her out of her" he said angerly 
" wait so you knew about them too!" I asked 
' babe" he started but I didn't let him finish 
" Mic" 
" babe" 
" no don't talk to me either of you" I quickly grabbed my phone off the table and ran out of the room. I quickly opened my door know Harry and Niall where hot on my heels.
" babe open up" 
"Mic let me explain please" 
Both Harry and Niall said banging in my door 
" NO GO AWAY BOTH OF YOU!!!! I DON'T WANT TO TALK TO YOU EVER AGAIN!!!" I screamed. Finally they stopped banging on the door. Once I was sure they left I clutched my pellow and cried. Max then come up and loyed his head on my lap 
" why did this have to happen to me" 
After 2 hrs off crying I finally went and got a shower. Then I went and walked down to the arena. I went and sat in the bleachers as I watched the racer race around the track. It only took me a split second to know who was driving. I haven't seen Makayla all day and I really needed to talk to her. As soon as she stopped and took off her helmet I yelled at her
It took her a minute to find me but when she did she ran up to me
" Niall told me what happened are you okay" she asked with worry in her voice 
Just the mention of his name made me angry and upset at the same time
" no" 
And then I cried for the second time today. Makayla rapped me in her arms and rocked me. I don't know how long we stayed like that but eventually I remember Makayla calling Niall to come and carry me up to the room. Then darkness welcomed me into a dreamless dream.

~~hey guys sorry I haven't uploaded in a while and I'm sorry but here's a chapter to hold ya over because I'm having MAJOR WRITERS BLOCK!!! Ahh it's so frustrating so like I said I'm sorry but I hope you like this chapter and ill try to upload as soon as I can! ✌Out readers 


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