The Boy Band and the Motorcross Girls

What happens when two small town girls meet the famous One Direction and they fall in love. Pasts will come back to haunt them, secerets will be spoken of and most of all betrayal with come too. Will the two small town girls be able to handel the famous One Direction or will it end it heartbreak?


1. Chapter 1

Mics pov


Hi my name is Michaela but you can call me mic. I'm 19 and I am 5'6 with long brown hair and blue eyes as blue as the sea. I currently live in Kentucky, but my job takes me all over the us. Now you may wonder what my job is. We'll I'm a Professional motor cross racer. Yup that's right! I race four wheelers and dirtbikes for a living. I have been racing since I was 4 years old. I am know world wide for my tricks and my wins. As a young girl I hated anything girly. I hated playing with dolls and playing dress up. One day my dad bought me a four wheeler and that's when the racing started. Today is the first day of the AMSOIL Arenacross event. It's a big sponsorship event where we go from place to place competeing. Today is the frist event and it is being held in Worcester, Mass. I'm ridding up with my crew and best friend Makayla. Me and Makayla (Makayla and i) have been friends since we where 4. We met at a motocross race when we collided into each other while going around a turn. Yes mckayla races too. Makayla is 19 and she is 5'5 with long blond hair and bright green eyes. Makayla and I have been racing together ever since we collided. We usally either finish we me in first and her in second place or her in first and me and second place. But usally I win first.

"Omg! Mic guess what?!?!" Makayla yelled I to my ear.

"What!" I yelled back

"One direction going to preform at thte arena this weekend!" She squealed! Makayla is obsessed with this boy band called one direction. I personally don't care for them. All Ik is that they are all British except for one which is Irish. I think they are all cute expecially the blond one! I love his eyes.

"OMG! Like that is so totally awesome! Not!" I laughed at her

 "Mic this is the one time I could meet them! All racers get to meet them." She yelled.


" Whatever lets just get unloaded." I said


 As we where talking I had pulled into the parking lot with the truck and trailer and we where now unloading and walking up to rehester when I bumped into someone.

"Watch where your going miller." Sneered Maddie Maddaline was my arch enemy. We started off as friends but one race she bumped into me and recked which caused her to loose her first place trophy. Evey since then we haven't been friends. She had Long black hair and turquoise -ish colour eyes , she was 5'4 and very skinny, she was like a twig. Plus she was very attractive

"Why don't you move your big ass out of the way." I said back.

 "Don't start with me Miller!"

" Don't start with me Black!" With that said we started to circle eachother

"Mic she's not worth it" yelled Makayla

"Your right Makayla let's get checked in"

 With that said I walked tords the regression stand. As we where walking everybody turned and looked at me and Makayla. Some boys waved or nonded there heads but most stared. I mean I can't blame then. Me and Makayla are not only very good looking but we are one of the best there are. I am known worldwide for my stunts and race and makayla in known all over the country for her racing. We can beat all of the boys in are section and most of the older boys in the higher sections. Once we are registered we go back to the trailer to suit up. We have to race in about an 1hr so we have 1/2 hour to get ready. as we are walking tords the arena with are four wheelers and my dirt bike (because I race both dirtbikes and four wheelers where Makayla only races fourhweeler because she is afraid of dirtbikes) she lets out this high pitched scream that makes me almost drop my bike.

 "What the fuck makayla. Why the hell did you do that." I screamed at her.

 "I just saw one directions tour bus and saw them walking into the arena" she yelled Oh god here we go I thought. When we get into the arena and get are things put away me and makayla walk over to where the boy band is at becuase mackayla wants meet them. When we get there, there is a crowd. There is about 3 or 4 body guards surrounding the boys.

"Sorry only the racers can meet the boys at this time" one of the body guards says.

"Excuse me but we are " I say as we show him are passes He raises his eye brows but lets us thro. When we get to the boys mckayla looks like she is about to explode.

"Um Paul I thought that only the racers where aloud to see us right now?" Liam says looking me and makayla up and down.

"We are racers" i say All of a sudden all the boys turn to look at us.

"Wait you girls both race" Harry says with a raised eye browns

"Yes I'm mic and this is makayla. We are both racers." I say

"Really, that new" says Louis

" Yes mic here is known world wide for her stunts and her racing and I'm known all over the us for my race" makayla says

" Is that true" niall says When niall speaks I almost faint. God he is so much hotter in person

"Yes it's true"I say with a shakey voice.

"Wow that's cool" zayn says. When zayn says that a voice comes over the voice box

"Will all the racers for the 18-20 dirtbikes division please line up"

"We'll I have to go and get ready "I say. "Lets go makayla."

"See you boys around" makayla says.

"Good luck mic" niall says I smile and walk away

As we line up I get my energy rush. I watch as the light starts to blink then all of a sudden the gate is down and I'm racing down the arena with a lot of speed. At first it is neck and neck but then as re get around the first turn I take first. As re race I hold first place. When I cross over the finish line the crowd erupts in cheers as whistles. I go to victory lane to get my ribbon. Then I ride back to Makayla who is up next with her fourhweeler.

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