Jeanette and Niall Horan had been best friends since primary school, but he started touring and everything changed. During an unexpected return, will things between Jean and Niall change? or will she find love with another band member?


15. Please don't leave me.

"HANNAH!" I yelled desperately "OVER HERE!". Luckily Hannah came fast, I could tell that she had been running because she was panting like crazy. When she saw me, sitting next to Taylor's bleeding body her face expression fell. She covered her mouth and tears started to fall from her eyes.

"W-what happened!?" She asked through her tears. I could tell how much this hurt her, because I was feeling the same way. The ambulance still hadn't arrived, if we were lucky, Taylor wouldn't bleed to death. I told Hannah what happened, I expected her to be upset at me and think that it was all my fault just like I did. Oddly enough, she didn't. Ten more minutes passed and that's when I finally heard an ambulance siren. Hannah and I still hadn't told the boys, and honestly I don't know if we should, or how to. The paramedics rushed out of the truck and carried Taylor onto one of those ambulance beds. They didn't even ask what happened, they took one look at her and realized she needed help immediately.

"Are you guys coming with the patient?" one of the paramedics asked, Hannah was crying too much to answer so I did. We got into the truck and drove off to the nearest hospital. I decided to tell the boys when we were in the hospital, I hope they wont be upset because of how late I told them. When we arrived at the hospital, the same man that asked us if we were accompanying Taylor led us through a door in the back, while Taylor was taken through the front to be checked out by a doctor. I searched for Taylor's phone and dialed Niall's number.

"Hello?" I said, trying to calm myself down so Niall wouldn't notice how upset I actually am.




I felt terrible for what happened with Taylor. I know I shouldn't have kissed Jean but I just couldn't help myself. The worst part of it all, was that I really liked it. Growing up I kind of always had a thing for her. Well, I guess we're older now and these feelings should be gone, which they are. I just don't know what happened. I was going to run after Taylor when she ran away, but Jean wouldn't let me, she said she should be the one to talk to her. I suddenly heard my phone ring, I felt so relieved when I saw that Taylor was calling me, I really do like her and I hope we can work things out. I picked up the phone, but it wasn't Taylor on the other line. It was Jean, and she sounded worried.

"Jean? What's wrong, why do you have Taylor's phone"

"Niall, uh. I don't know how to tell you this- I."

"Is something wrong? What happened?"

"Well, um. Taylor kind of got into an accident-"

"SHE WHAT!? WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME SOONER! WHERE IS SHE?!". She started crying, I could tell by the sound of her voice that Taylor was really bad.

"We're in Saint Martins hospital. I didn't want to worry you, I just- I'm sorry I should have told you sooner, come please. Taylor needs you." and with that, she hung up. I couldn't believe what I've just heard. It's all my fault, I should have gone after her, I could have protected her.




My best friend was battling between life and death right now. I know now isn't the time to point fingers, but if only they wouldn'thave kissed. This stupid trip was a mistake, everything about it has been terrible. I don't want to see anybody right now, especially them, especially him. My best friend might not survive because of him, she had so much going on for her and he just came into her life and now what? Now she's lying in a hospital bed, barely alive. I never want to see any of them again. Isn't it funny how your thoughts on someone can change in a matter of seconds? I never had a problem with Niall, in fact I thought he was perfect for Taylor. But right now, what I'm feeling towards him, is hate.




Niall and the boys came over to the hospital as fast as they could, I could tell he really cares about her, they all really care about her. Niall was in tears, the rest of the boys were fighting theirs. I walked over to Niall and hugged him, I told him everything would be alright and that Taylor would be perfectly fine, just like I needed someone to tell me. 

"Who's here for Taylor Sander?" A doctor asked. My hand immediately shot up, maybe Taylor was going to be alright after all.

"I have good news and bad news" the doctor said.

"Good news first" Hannah replied

"Well, the good news is that for now Taylor is fine. The bad news is, she's really fragile, she has some broken bones and has lost lots of blood, if we don't find a donor with her blood type soon, she might-"

"Don't say it, please don't" I interrupted him, the last thing I wanted to hear was that Taylor could die.

A couple more hours passed, we still had no results. I was growing anxious, as well as everybody else. The doctor walked out yet again, this time his face didn't look so hopeful.

"Friends and family of Taylor Sander" He yelled and then made his way towards us.

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