Jeanette and Niall Horan had been best friends since primary school, but he started touring and everything changed. During an unexpected return, will things between Jean and Niall change? or will she find love with another band member?


9. Payback


I somehow woke up, a couple hours later underneath the warm silk sheets of the hotel bed. There was not one sign of blood on the mattress nor my skin. I might be going insane because I was almost certain that I was lying in the bathroom floor drained of life and blood. I brushed off the thought of my insanity and decided to go downstairs to spend some time with Hannah, Taylor and the guys, after all we did come on this trip to bond and have fun. I decided to change into something more comfortable and weather appropriate. I put on a black bathing suit and some shorts and reached for my sunglasses again. I covered up my scars a bit hoping no one would notice them.

"Wey! Look who's here" Niall cheered
Seeing Niall so happy to have me around was welcoming, I ran over to him and wrapped him in a tight hug. In that moment I forgot of everything else, everything was shut off. It was only me and my life-long best friend. Taylor let out a loud gulp as to separate me and Niall. She shot a deadly glare my way and covered it up by saying how happy she was to see that I'm okay. For some reason, Taylor acted strange whenever I was around Niall.
"Hey Taylor, can I erm talk to you?" I asked
"Yeah sure" she said and we walked inside the hotel leaving the pool area so no one would hear us.
"How are you feeling?" She asked me trying to bring up a topic different than the one she knew I was going to talk to her about.
"What was that about?" I asked
"What are you talking about? I'm confused" she replied with a small smile creeping onto her face
"Taylor, look I know that you're dating Niall but you need to understand that he is my best friend, I'm sorry if it makes you uncomfortable but that's just the way things are."
"No, it's not your friendship that bothers me, I know you guys are best friends, it's just the way he looks at you and watches over you. I feel like he's happier with you than he is with me. He cares more about you than he cares about me Jean."
"Taylor that's impossible. Niall cares for us both and you have no reason to worry because they're two different types of love. He really likes you and my friendship with him will never be anything more than a friendship." I reassured her, she pulled me in for a hug and started to sob on my shoulder.
"I just feel so insignificant, Niall is practically my first boyfriend and I just want to make him happy but sometimes I feel like I'm not good enough for him. Whenever he's around you he gets so happy, his face never lightens up to me as much as it does when he sees you, I just-"
"Taylor, Niall really likes you. Stop thinking otherwise, he really is happy with you. I'm so sorry you feel this way, I love you okay?" I said and now I was the one pulling her in for a hug, I felt terrible. I feel like I'm coming in between my best friends relationship I can't bear the thought of them having problems because of me. Taylor and I headed outside and acted as if nothing had just occurred.
"Hey is anyone hungry?" I asked
"Yes!" Harry yelled
"I am starved!" Zayn exclaimed after him
"What about we go over to the buffet?" I suggested to which Harry and Zayn quickly rose to their feet. I asked Liam if he wanted to come along and the four of us made our way to the buffet.

Harry and Zayn were getting a few slices of pizza as for me and Liam, we were making ourselves hamburgers.
"Yumm, cheese fries" I said jokingly
"My favorite" Liam played along, we carried on preparing our food when I suddenly spotted Eric.
"Oh my gosh, Liam Eric is here. Please don't move, don't let him see me." I pleaded. Liam noticed the panic in my voice and grabbed me by the wrist. He pulled me out of the buffet before Eric had a chance to see me.
"Thank you so much" I said as tears started to form in my eyes
"Hey, it's okay don't cry" he said "do you want me to go back in and finish making your burger"
"Yes please, thank you so much Liam you're a life saver." I said flashing him a shy smile. As soon as Liam left I felt as if I were in danger. I turned around to find a pair of dark eyes staring at me, I quickly turned around and threw my head to my knees. Eric walked over to me and aggressively lifted my chin.
"Oh, look the little bitch. What a surprise to see you here." He said while gripping my chin with his strong rough hands.
"Eric let me go, please you're hurting me." I begged
"You mean like when you smacked me the other day? Big mistake bitch, you can run but you can't hide from me, not now, not ever. Remember back in the day when you tried escaping from me, remember what I did then?"
The memories started to crawl back into my mind, the first time Eric physically abused me and I tried running from him he punched me, smacked and kicked me until I was unconscious, when I woke up again he slowly dragged a knife across the outer layer of my stomach. I could never forget the amount of pain he caused me.
"Eric you can't hurt me. You can't touch me anymore, besides we're in public." I said terrified. What he did next is the thing I dreaded the most. He grabbed my face in his rough hands and pushed his face onto mine. He continued to kiss me until I pushed away, I was unable to breathe and disgusted by what had just happened. He picked me up and pulled me over his shoulder, he took me up to his room and I was unable to do anything to prevent him from doing so. He threw me on the bed carelessly causing me to hit my head extremely hard with the bed set. The pain in my had started to increase but I was aware of what was happening. Eric threw himself on top of me and started touching me. He kissed me aggressively and started feeling all over my body. I tried to fight it and get him off of me, I screamed and smacked him. I pinched him and tried my best to stop him but I just wasn't strong enough. He pulled off my shorts and started to take of his clothes. I felt so disgusted. I accepted that I wasn't able to stop Eric, so I just shut my eyes waiting for it to end. Eric pulled my top off and bit me in the middle of my stomach causing my skin to swell up and turn red. I was feeling a mix of emotions at the moment, pain, guilt, anger and disgust. I couldn't just let him take advantage of me, I had to try to stop him although it could result in something so much worse. About thirty minutes had passed and Eric got off of me, he put his clothes back on and left me lying on the bed, emotionless and weak.
"You don't put up much of a fight for a girl who hates me." He said "but your torture doesn't end here, bitch." He left his room and locked me inside. I searched the room to see if I could find a phone or anyway to escape, but he had taken my cell-phone and made sure the room's phone was out of service. Eric had just raped me and locked me away in his room.
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