Jeanette and Niall Horan had been best friends since primary school, but he started touring and everything changed. During an unexpected return, will things between Jean and Niall change? or will she find love with another band member?


12. Oh boy

"Let's play spin the bottle!" Louis yelled as per usual. Whenever we had some sort of hangout Louis wanted to play spin the bottle. We were down at the beach, having a picnic that Hannah talked us all into. Before anybody could object to Louis' proposition, he fetched a bottle and spun it.

"ooooh Harry and Hannah" Liam said looking at Louis which looked annoyed.

"Hey it was your idea after all" I joked and to which Louis rolled his eyes. As awkward as it was, both Hannah and Harry got up and kissed. A small tap to make sure Louis could survive. We took a break from our game of spin the bottle but decided to continue playing it later.

"Why don't we play something else?" I asked

"Yeah like what?" Liam said hesitant to my question

"Anything, a sport" I laughed. Soon enough we all got up and crowded around the beach's volleyball court. We had picked teams and were playing along with some people that asked to join us.

"Our team is so going to win" I teased

"Pst! Sure you are" Zayn said, "tell you what, the losing team has to cook for the winning team for the rest of  vacation" he adedd

"Oh deffinitely, just putting it out there that I hate onions in my food." I said jokingly "We're so going to win this" I whispered to my team

"Oh yeah? Bring it on" Niall challenged as he shot the ball up in the air and smacked it my way. Unfortunately for him, I had become a pro at volleyball but he's yet to discover that.



"HA! In your face Niall" I said happily. We had played four rounds of volleyball, all which the losing team challenged the winning team to. My team won three rounds and so Niall and his team had to cook for our team whenever we wanted, the perks of being a volleyball champ. Hannah, Taylor and the boys were over by the picnic area but I had stayed at the volleyball court, thinking. I kicked the sand as I walked around. The night was dark and full of shiny stars the size of pebbles. I must have been too distracted by the stars to notice that Zayn had crept up behind me.

"Hey" he said as he nudged me by the waist as if to scare me. I laughed at his attempt and looked up at him.

"Hey" I said still laughing

"So do you just, kick the sand while you think? what did it ever do to you?" He said laughing

"Ha ha Zayn, you're so funny" I joked and playfully punched his arm.

"Why don't we uh, go join the others? besides it's getting kind of.. chilly over here"

"Yeah sure" I said getting up and linking my arm into his. We walked towards the rest of our friends and made our way under a palm tree to rejoin our second moon-lit picnic.

"Finally!" Louis yelled, "We're trying to carry on with our game here!" He joked but started to spin the bottle before I had any chance to respond. Zayn was right, it was getting chilly outside. The wind was picking up more and more by the second, the stars kept shining and the night was basically perfect.

"Hmm, what have we got here" Louis said through a smile

"Yikes, this ought to be good." Liam said

I looked at them confused, that was until I glanced at the bottle and saw that it was pointing towards Niall and I.

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