Jeanette and Niall Horan had been best friends since primary school, but he started touring and everything changed. During an unexpected return, will things between Jean and Niall change? or will she find love with another band member?


17. Night out

My self harm has gotten worse since Taylor's death. I need help, but I don't know where to start. Taylor was the only person that knew, I was counting on help from her. Not a day goes by that I don't feel guilty about what happened to Taylor, which is why my self harm is worse now, well that and my mother negligence of course.



Mom still hadn't come home, she said it would only be one night.... It's been a week. TheY boys have been keeping me company since the house is so lonely. Niall seems to be recovering from everything, but I honestly don't think he will ever be fully recovered. The boys have been so caring and understanding, especially Zayn. He always looks out for me, I must admit I have a soft spot for him. The boys are like the brothers I've always wanted, the brothers I've always needed. These days we never do much, we haven't been on a night out since the resort, and frankly I'm not looking forward to do so.



"Guys, I know Taylor would want us to move on. She'd want us to stop crying, to be happy. She'd want us to go out and have fun." Niall exclaimed, I can tell he's really trying to make an effort to feel better.

Harry agreed with him, he proposed we went out to dinner tonight. 

"I-I don't know guys. I don't  think I'm ready" I really don't think this is a good idea.

"C'mon Jean, the boys are right. Tay wouldn't want this" Liam backed them up. Soon enough, they had convinced me. A night out with the boys... Yay.

"Okay so at 8 we'll be ready and good to go?" Harry asked, he'd decided he would make reservations for some fancy restaurant downtown.


The boys were in the guest rooms, getting dressed, at least that's what I choose to believe. Meanwhile, I'm in my room, getting ready. I took a quick shower, allowing the hot boiling water to caress every single flaw and every scar on my body. I put on a black peplum dress with a jean jacket and flats. I stared at myself in the mirror, for about twenty five minutes feeling disgusted, before I could run downstairs. To my surprise, the boys were actually ready. 

"Shall we go mates?" Harry asked in a funny, chauffeur kind of voice. Niall, Liam and Louis followed him out the door. I stayed behind, not noticing that Zayn had done so as well. He softly grabbed me by the arm.

"You look...ravishing" he whispered, his eyes traveling all over me. I smirked at him and walked out the door. Zayn is so nice, I actually look terrible.



We arrived at the restaurant in about fifteen minutes, it was so beautiful. Louis held the door open for all of us, with a smile on his face for the very first time since Hannah told us all she never wants to see us again. We made our way in and a familiar face led us to our table.... Brock. Brock was Erik's best friend, in other words... He's a wanna be Erik. I stared at him for a while, and he gave me an evil eye. I decided that tonight I would let everything go, nothing will hold me back from having a good night... Not even Brock.



"yum, all this food looks delish" I said looking down at my menu, Liam and I were the only ones still looking through our menus, the rest of the boys had already decided what they want. Brock came over to take our orders, the boys ordered first, allowing me a bit more time to think it through.

"Uh, I'll have a shrimp cocktail please." I said, forcing a smile at Brock.

"Sure, beautiful." He said winking at me. I could feel Zayn growing extremely uncomfortable next to me.

"Don't" I said rolling my eyes. Brock walked away and said he'd be back with our food in about twenty minutes.

"what was that about?" Zayn asked me.

"oh nothing, you know just-" I cut myself short because I had honestly no idea where I was going with that sentence. Inside , the restaurant was so beautiful. The lights were dimmed so it wasn't so light in here, different colored roses hung from a chandelier on the ceiling, each table had a small white lit candle, and a beautiful pink rose bouquet sat at the bar. This place is perfect.

The boys were lost in conversation about who knows what, except for Zayn he's been acting a bit strange lately.




I feel so protective over Jean, these past few months I've grown to really, really like her. For some reason, I think she won't feel the same way. I feel like I'm not good enough for her. Looking at her under the dimmed lights of this beautiful restaurant, sittingnext to her, feeling her skin against mine is perfect. I just want to reach out to her face, and kiss her.


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