Jeanette and Niall Horan had been best friends since primary school, but he started touring and everything changed. During an unexpected return, will things between Jean and Niall change? or will she find love with another band member?


6. Moonlit picnic


It has to be done today. I have to tell Jean that I've been dating her best friend for six months now. I have to tell her that me and Taylor met over winter holiday, I must tell her everything and prevent our friendship from falling apart.



I woke up to my phone ringing, once again.


"JEAN! Why didn't you tell me the boys are staying over your house! you know I love them, why would you tell Taylor and not me!"

Oh god, Hannah.

"Hey, um I'm so sorry I just fell asleep. Wait, I didn't tell Taylor. How did she know that the boys are staying here?"

"I don't know she just told me! anyways, I'm arranging a picnic for all of us, the boys included! please bring them, I am dying to meet them!"

"At what time?" I shouted

"3:00, see you soon!" Hannah said and then hung up

I hopped out of bed and checked the time, oh good it was only 11:00 AM. I slipped out of my pj's and was about to jump into the shower when I stopped and looked down at my wrists, each scar had a story. I first started to cut the night my dad and baby sister were murdered and I wasn't able to help, I closed my eyes and tears started to pour. I wiped them away and hopped into the shower, thinking of the great day ahead of me. I put on light torn shorts and a black bustier with a plaid button down over it, I ran my fingers through my extremely tangled black curls added some eyeliner and lip gloss and rushed downstairs to make breakfast. 

I made some pancakes with bacon and went to the boys rooms to wake them up.


"Wake up! Wake up!" I nudged Liam, Zayn and Louis which were sleeping in one of the rooms.

I opened the curtains to let the sun in, that would wake them up. I rushed to the other room to wake up Niall and Harry but they must have heard all the fuss from the other room because as soon as I walked in they had their ears covered with pillows.

"That's cute, you guys think I wont wake you up anyway." I chuckled as I made my way over to the window, opened the curtains and then tackled them.

"Wake up breakfast is ready!" I yelled and Niall flashed his eyes open

"You're so predictable" I whispered as I left the room. To my surprise I found Liam, Zayn and Louis downstairs ready to have breakfast.

"Good Morning guys" I said as I was serving them breakfast

"We're going to have a picnic today" I turned to face them and grinned as wide as I could

The boys were too busy stuffing their faces with pancakes to respond to me or even act excited. I served myself one pancake but found myself refusing to eat it. Liam must have noticed because he started to lecture me on how I needed to eat in order to stay energized throughout the day. I somehow forced the food down my throat and pretended to like it.



The time was now 2:30 and the boys were getting ready to go out on our picnic. I was in my room still thinking about what Niall could be hiding from me. That's until I heard a knock on my door and a blonde head popped inside.

"Hey can I talk to you?" Niall asked

"Yeah sure"

"Um, there's something I've been keeping from you, something Taylor has been keeping from you too."

"Taylor? You just met Taylor yesterday, how do you know she's keeping a secret from me?"

"Because we agreed on it. Me and Taylor met over winter holiday... and we're dating."

"Dating? Why would you keep this from me? You know that you're my best friend and I'll support you through everything Niall."

"We were just afraid that you wouldn't like it, because I know that you and Taylor are really good friends and I didn't want you to feel like I was coming between your friendship."

"I'm fine with it Niall, honestly if you guys are happy, I'm happy too. Just please don't keep anymore secrets from me. pinky promise?"

"Pinky promise" he said.

"Now tell me everything, oh my gosh how did it happen? when did you start dating?"

"6 months ago, we were both in the same skii resort and well it just sort of happened" he said as he smiled down at the floor

"aw, you guys!" I said and hugged Niall really tight, "now go get changed we have to be in the beach at three!"



"Hannah!" I yelled as I ran through the sand to hug her

"Hey!" she said all happy and excited to see me as she hugged back "Did they come?" she asked

"Oh sorry, they couldn't make it" I lied as the boys walked over to us

"You little liar!" she playfully pushed me as she went over to them and introduced herself. Hannah had already set everything up, she had a blanket lying across the sand and a basket full of snacks, she had an extra basket full of board games and activities for the rest of the day. I spotted Taylor arriving as well, she quickly walked over to me and apologized for keeping her new boyfriend a secret from me.

"It's okay Taylor, I totally understand" I said

"Thank you for being so understanding Jean, I love you so much" She hugged me tightly as Hannah walked over confused

"Okay before you ask too, don't get mad that I didn't tell you earlier but me and Niall are dating." Taylor said

"NO WAY! oh my gosh, that's great. I'm so happy for you!" Hannah yelled as she squeezed Taylor.

Niall called Taylor over to join him, they really were a cute couple. They both had blonde hair and their personalities just matched perfectly. Hannah and I walked over to the picnic area and sat down with the boys and Taylor. We started to eat mini sandwiches with chips. Hannah had gone overboard with the food, she made sandwiches, cupcakes, cookies and brought chips, not to mention the lemonade and sodas, She really did know how to plan a picnic. After we finished eating we started playing a game of truth or dare. The sky started to get dark and it was getting colder down at the beach. Our game of truth or dare shortly turned into a game of spin the bottle, if there had been any other people at the beach, this would have been totally awkward. After about five minutes of playing spin the bottle, Hannah and Louis had made out twice.

"Gosh get a room!" Zayn joked

"Oh you're just jealous you're all alone" Louis replied while laughing

While Louis and Zayn exchanged comments, Harry kept spinning the bottle and awkwardly enough it landed on Me and Zayn.

"oooh, I guess I was wrong" Louis joked

"Oh shut up" I said as I got up on my knees and kissed Zayn on the cheek

"That's it?" Louis asked jokingly and I playfully pushed him.

"Hey did anyone bring a swimsuit? we should so go for a swim!" Taylor said 

"Great idea, but no! lets go anyway!" I said laughing. Everyone started to get up and walk towards the water but I noticed Zayn stayed over at the sand.

"Hey, why aren't you coming?" I asked

"Oh, I um, don't know how to swim" He said as he hid his face from me

"Oh come on! I'll teach you, besides we won't be going to deep into the water" I said as I grabbed Zayn by the arm and pulled him along with me into the water. We all spent the rest of the night running around in the water and playing marco polo. After about an hour and a half of being in the water we came outside and lied on the sand to dry off. But to our surprise, no one woke up and we spent the night down by the side of the beach.


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