Jeanette and Niall Horan had been best friends since primary school, but he started touring and everything changed. During an unexpected return, will things between Jean and Niall change? or will she find love with another band member?


3. GNO

TAYLOR'S P.O.V --------------

Should I tell Jean that I talked to One Direction's manager today? Should I give her the amazing news or just wait for the day to come? She's going to be so happy! Going on our trip to the mall today would be no good while I try to hold this back from her. Oh lord help me keep my mouth shut


. ----------------- JEANETTE'S P.O.V------------------

Taylor, Hannah and I were on our way to the mall for our girls night out. It feels kind of good to forget about everything else and just hang out with your friends. Hannah was driving, I was riding shotgun and Taylor was sat at the back. I turned on the radio and One Direction's new song "Kiss You" came on the radio, great more memories. I wont lie though, it sounded pretty good. "Do you love One Direction as much as we do!?" The radio lady announced, "if you answered yes and you're from the Bradford area, you're in luck! Stay tuned to for more info!" "WAIT WHAT!?" I yelled so loudly that I almost caused Hannah a panic. "They're coming o.m.g guys they're coming to Bradford I..." I started but Taylor cut me off "well, we don't know yet so don't get your hopes too high I don't want you to get disappointed." "Buzzkill" I muttered. We arrived at the mall a few minutes past 6 and made our way to fro-yo world, unfortunately we arrived during Eric's shift and there was no way I could look him in the eye

.---------------------- HANNAH'S P.O.V-----------------

Jean asked me to order for her because of jerk face Eric. I took down Taylor's order as well and ordered for the three of us. "Can I get a choco mint fro-yo and two vanilla sprinkyo's please" "Anything for such a beautiful lady" Eric replied "Um excuse you but you know damn well I'm Jean's best friend and you know that I dislike you, so if you value your life at all don't flirt with me ever again, now hurry up!" I rudely replied, gosh I despised Eric so much, I knew he was absolutely nothing but trouble since I laid eyes on him. He shoved the fro-yo's my way and I walked towards the girls. "What was that all about sassy-pants?" Taylor asked me "Ugh that idiot had the nerve to flirt with me" I replied, Jean shot up a look at me and furiously walked away.


JEANETTE'S P.O.V ---------------

- That jerk! I can't believe him but I've learned to expect nothing more from him. His actions make me so upset I hate him! I walked into the bathroom and let it sink in for a minute. I couldn't let his idiotic actions get in the way of a fun night out with my BFFs, I just have to ignore him and move on. I looked down at the cuts on my wrists for a moment and traced them with my index finger, I heard the bathroom door open and I immediately covered my arms with the sleeves of my large cardigan and walked out of the bathroom


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