Jeanette and Niall Horan had been best friends since primary school, but he started touring and everything changed. During an unexpected return, will things between Jean and Niall change? or will she find love with another band member?


11. Cut



I was so grateful to have Liam and Zayn in my life right now. If it weren't for them, I'd probably still be in Eric's room, left to die and for him to come back around and use me once again. They had left me off in the room and sent Hannah and Taylor in to make sure I was okay.

"Jean, tell us what happened. Please we want to help you, just let us know." Hannah said to me

I started to cry at her words, at this moment I was very fragile. I loved my friends so much, I'm so thankful for them. When you have as many near-death experiences as I've had, you really learn to appreciate the people around you.

"Eric" I started as tears kept pouring from my face "I, I saw him in the buffet and left as fast as I could. Liam went back into the buffet and all of a sudden I was alone with Eric. He, He carried me to his room, he kissed me and threw me on his bed and then he..." I let out a large sigh and started crying even more, just the thought of what had just happened made me go crazy. "He took advantage of me" I finally let it out, "Then he left me in his room all alone, but he came back shortly and did the same thing again. I tried to escape from him but he" I started crying again before I could even finish the whole story

"I'm so sorry Jean, don't worry. He can't hurt you anymore, you're safe now." Taylor said, pity filling her eyes as she walked over to me and hugged me tightly

"Then what did he do Jean?" Hannah asked me as she started to tear up as well.

"He beat me, over and over again. He threw me against a wall and beat me with a lamp, he kicked me and kept hitting me. and then he left me there, all alone and locked" I said crying even harder than I was before

"He can't hurt you anymore Jean, I love you so much" Hannah said through her tears as she made her way towards me to wrap me in a hug

"Please don't tell the boys what happened, just say that he beat me. Please don't let them know about the rape, I don't want them to look at me differently" I said before crawling up onto the bed and hugging myself into a ball, I fell asleep in a matter of minutes, I was so exhausted after only one day, I never thought our vacation would be full of miserable events.

I made my way down a dark and isolated alley, trying to escape the attacker. the night was chilly with a slight breeze, the only thing I could hear were my shivers and his footsteps.  He was slowly walking behind me as if he knew he was going to catch me. His footsteps crunched against the concrete floor.  I kept running as fast as my legs could carry me, but this alley was only twists and turns. I tripped over a wire, I looked up to see Eric standing in front of me, ready to kill me.

I woke up screaming, Eric taunted me in my dreams as well as he did in my life. Hannah and Taylor struck up looking concerned.

"JEAN ARE YOU OKAY?!, WHAT'S WRONG!" both Taylor and Hannah shouted, it was 7 am and I just woke them up through my screams.

"Sorry, I just" I started when tears started to pour from my eyes "I had a nightmare. Eric, he tried to..... he tried to kill me" I somehow said through my tears. Hannah and Taylor gave me looks of pity and walked over to me to hug me tightly and reassure me that everything was going to be okay.



"Picnics are deff our thing" Hannah said as she cut up some sandwiches and put them inside the picnic basket. She had convinced all of us to have a picnic in the beach again. She said we all needed to get our minds off of things and have some fun.

"Really? I think they're just your thing" I joked

"Hey, well someones feeling much better" Hannah replied acting fake hurt. We kept laughing and I started to help her pack the lunches. I really was feeling better although I should be devastated. Taylor walked out of the bathroom wrapped in her towel and I took it as my cue to go shower. I made sure to lock the door so no one would see the scars and new bruises on my body. I showered quickly and washed my tangled curls. I came out of the bathroom and threw on a long sundress, I left my curls exactly how they were and rushed back to the kitchen.

"Oh my god. Jean what the hell" Taylor said shocked, she was looking down at my arms.

"Wha-" I started but cut my self short as I realized I had forgotten to cover my scars and they were pretty much exposed to her. "oh" I said as I grabbed my arms as if to cover them from her, "Um.. I don't know what to tell you"

"Why Jean! For how long, why did you never tell me!" Taylor asked

"I, I'm so sorry. It's been a while, two years to be exact." Taylor opened her mouth as if to say something, she looked shocked but I carried on

"After, the incident with my father and my sister. Ever since Eric, ever since my life went downhill."

"Jean why didn't you tell me? I'm your best friend I will always help you Jean! You mean so much to me why don't you trust me!"

"I do trust you, I just. I'm sorry" I said and collapsed to the floor, I started to cry once again. Taylor walked over to me and picked me up.

"I didn't mean to make you cry, I'm sorry. I just want you to know that I'll always be here for you Jean." she said as she embraced me in a tight hug. Most of my friendships now a days are based off of lies and secrets, I just can't take it anymore.

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