Jeanette and Niall Horan had been best friends since primary school, but he started touring and everything changed. During an unexpected return, will things between Jean and Niall change? or will she find love with another band member?


19. Chapter 19



I kind of always had a feeling that Zayn liked me, and I must admit, I am excited for tonight. I haven't been out on a real date since Eric and I broke up. This shall be good. Zayn and I decided that he would surprise me, leaving me clueless as to what I should wear. I hopped in the shower and threw on a little black dress afterwards, I figured you can never go wrong with one of those. For once, I straightened my always curly and tangled hair. I applied some mascara and a light shade of red lipstick. It was only seven thirty and I was already dressed, so I decided to write a letter to Taylor.

"Dear Taylor,

 I have a date tonight. I'm actually really excited. I guess you were right when you told me that Zayn had a thing for me, which was like always! I miss you so much, I honestly wish you were here right now, helping me prepare, giving me a pep talk and wishing me the best of luck like you always used to do. I'd be lying if I told you I'm not bawling my eyes out right now. I still haven't heard from Hannah, I wish life was like before, we were so happy and innocent, we were inseparable, look at us now. I miss you dearly, talk to you soon. 

      Forever your best friend, Jean"

I finished writing my letter and heard a knock on the door. 

"Come on in!" I shouted as tears filled my eyes. I always get emotional when I write to Taylor. I looked towards the door and saw Niall's head slowly pop inside my room. I hadn't noticed that my tears had ruined my makeup, so I now had mascara rolling down my cheeks.

"what's wrong?" He asked while he brought his soft pale fingers to my cheeks and wiped away the tears. I couldn't say anything, I couldn't find the words. I wrapped myself around Niall and hugged him tight. He was always there to comfort me.

"stop crying Jean, you look beautiful. You should never cry before a date" he tried to cheer me up but his voice sounded down as well. I hugged him tighter, I was no longer aware of why I was crying so much, but I couldn't stop. He lifted my face and stared deeply into my eyes, he wiped away my tears once again and slowly placed a kiss on my cheek.

"Come on, clean yourself up" he said trying to smile as tears started to fill his eyes as well. I nodded and Niall made his way out of my room. If I didn't have Niall in my life, I would literally be a mess. My parents left me, my best friends left me, my ex boyfriends never took me seriously, my life is so pathetic. I started to cry even more as I thought of my past, I fetched my razor, the only thing that allowed me to feel better.



"Jean! Zayn is looking for you!" I heard Liam shout from outside my door. I was sitting in a corner of my room, my dress was stained with blood, my makeup was running, my straightened hair was puffy, I was a mess. 

"I'm almost ready! Tell him I'll be down in about five minutes" I managed to respond. I got up and rushed into the bathroom to wash my face. I re-applied my make up and slipped out of my black dress. I found a bright red strapless high-low dress and curled my puffy hair. I even convinced myself that I looked better than I had before. I rushed down the stairs and found Zayn waiting for me by the door. He was wearing a white shirt with the sleeves rolled up and a black blazer accompanied by dark jeans. 

"Wow" he said as he looked at me up and down. I smiled and walked towards him, he led me out of the door and into his car. Soon enough, we were on our way to who knows where.

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