Jeanette and Niall Horan had been best friends since primary school, but he started touring and everything changed. During an unexpected return, will things between Jean and Niall change? or will she find love with another band member?


5. Catch-Up

"Hey do you guys want something to eat?" I asked the boys, they were over at my house. Finally I wasn't all alone in this huge house.

"Eh yeah, we could eat" Niall quickly replied, of course, he was always hungry.

"How about I order a pizza?" I asked. Big mistake, the boys each started yelling out toppings all at once.

"Pepperoni! No mushrooms instead! How about meat lovers? I vote cheese!" they shouted.

Great, I'll just order four pizzas. The delivery was fast, the pizzas arrived in about 20 minutes, in the mean time we chatted. The boys were all so nice, they were telling me stories of their tour.

"One time, Niall did his signature jump and messed up his leg. He was walking around like a penguin for about a week." Zayn said. 

I couldn't help but to burst out in laughter. "Gosh you're such a geek Niall" I joked, Zayn and the rest of the boys chuckled.

"If you think that's embarrassing, you've obviously never heard of the time Niall..." Harry started but was cut off by the door bell.

"Oh pizzas here!" Niall shouted and ran up to the door to get the pizzas and pay the order. we ate and decided to watch a movie afterwards.

"How about Insidious?" Louis suggested

God no, I hate scary movies I thought to myself.

"Yeah!" Niall shouted

"Perfect, I love that movie" the rest of the boys agreed.

Oh great, I thought. "Sure, why not. Who doesn't love a good ol' scary movie?" I lied.

"Uh, you don't" Niall joked around

"Oh shut up Niall" I said nudging him on the shoulder. Louis searched for Insidious on Netflix and started the movie. I got up to clear the mess of the pizza but Niall pulled me by the arm and made me sit between himself and Zayn. I kept screaming every now and then, one scene caught me by extreme surprise and I accidently jumped and hid my face in Zayn's chest.

"Oh my gosh, I'm sorry.. I just.." I started but Zayn cut me off

"No worries love, I understand you're scared" He somehow managed to say while he was giggling.



It felt good to have Jean cuddled up on my chest. I noticed Niall gave me an awkward stare, but it felt right. I don't know why but when she touches me, or when I hear her voice I feel butterflies in my stomach. I've only just met her, this has never happened to me before, I must just be confused.



I felt relieved when the movie finished, I was scared breathless. I spent half of the time hiding behind a pillow. I felt the boys look at me every now and then and giggle at my foolishness. I know I've only just met them, but I feel really close to them already, as if I've known them all my life.

"Hey it's getting kinda late, where are you guys staying tonight?"

"Well, we were going to stay in Zayn's house, but it seems that between his cousins and parents, it's a full house so we were going to head to a hotel for the night." Liam replied.

"No way, you guys can't stay in a hotel, I'm sure you can figure something out" I said

"Nah Jean, we tried. We'll just make our way to a hotel it can't be that bad." Niall said

"Wait, why don't you guys stay here? My mom is barely ever home, and well the house does get pretty lonely with just me. come on stay" I said flashing Niall my puppy dog eyes, that always worked on him

"Are you sure your mom wont mind?" Louis asked

"Not at all" I replied

"Well then guys, I guess we should stay here." Niall announced to the boys.

I prepared the guest rooms for the boys, I was headed downstairs when I heard whispering.

"when are you going to tell her Niall? she deserves to know." someone whispered

"Yeah Niall, she is your best friend. just tell her" I heard another voice say.

"Alright, alright. I will just stop pressuring me!" Niall whispered back.

I wonder what he could be hiding from me. Why would he keep something from me? I thought we were best friends, best friends don't keep secrets from each other.

"The rooms are ready" I interrupted them

"Oh, thanks so much Jean" Niall said, all of the boys thanked me and wished me a goodnight as they climbed the stairs to the rooms.

I myself went to my room and locked myself in the bathroom. Why would he keep something from me! I thought. My assumptions were tormenting me. I'm probably not a good enough friend! He's keeping it from me because he doesn't trust me, that must be it! I started to cry as I kept thinking over what could possibly be so bad that Niall would hide it from me. It reminded me of Eric, he would always keep secrets from me when we were in a relationship. I must not be trustworthy I thought to myself as I scanned the bathroom for my razor. I closed my eyes and let my razor work its magic, I slowly dragged it across my wrist and opened my eyes to see the blood pour out of me.



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