One Way Or Another

This is a fanfic about One Direction. There is a girl whose dad works as their manager. Her name is Josie. All the guys fall for her but only Zayn Malik catches her eyes.


10. the payne

* Josie's POV *    

                  Wow. Josh was cool. He picked me up and threw me onto the couch. I started giggling. I jumped up and sashayed to my room. Zayn was in my bed sleeping. I giggled and kissed his cheek. I got into my sweats and crawled in next to him. I fell asleep and woke up in his arms. He was snoring softly. I kissed his cheek and crawled out of bed. I tossed on some denim shorts and tied up the side of a too big 1D concert tee shirt. I tossed my long hair up in a messy bun and walked into the living room. Josh, Niall, Harry and Lou were all on the floor sleeping in the same blanket. They looked so cute. They were all cuddled up together. I giggled and walked into the kitchen. But to my surprise, Liam was in there cooking. I snuck up behind him and pounced on his back. He screamed,''AAAHHHH! GET OFF ME WHOEVER YOU ARE!'' I started laughing and kissed his cheek. Whatcha making, Like?'' ''Oh! Josie! I didn't know it was you. I'm sorry that I screamed at you. I'm really sorry.'' Awww! Liam was acting sooo cute. ''Its OK, Like. You didn't do anything. I'm sorry I scared you.'' I started giggling. '' sooo.... Whatcha making?'' ''French toast.'' Liam said. I licked my lips. ''Mmmmmmmm. That sounds good.'' ''That's good because we aren't letting Niall touch it. We have it all to ourselves.'' I yelled out,''YAY!'' I accidentally fell back and tripped on the chair and my foot got caught in the chair legs and it shot pain up my leg! I screamed, waking up the boys. Zayn was the first one down and he rushed to my side. Then he realized Liam was looking at me in shock. Zayn jumped up and threw his hand around Liam's neck and was about to punch him. I screamed at him and said,'' I tripped. I got excited and tripped. Don't touch Liam, Zayn.'' Zayn looked at me then at Liam and let Liam go. He coughed and sat down. Zayn started apologizing and Liam said it was all good and he went into the living room to watch Toy Story. Zayn remembered I'm hurt and started carrying me but then Harry and Niall ran in and grabbed me. I started to breathe heavy and I blacked out.

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