One Way Or Another

This is a fanfic about One Direction. There is a girl whose dad works as their manager. Her name is Josie. All the guys fall for her but only Zayn Malik catches her eyes.


12. the feels

*Josie's POV*

             Harry looked at me sweetly and said,''you alright, love?'' I smiled and said,'' Yeah. I just have a headache. And I was getting choked by Zayn.'' Zayn popped up at the sound of his name. '' Whaa??'' He croaked the words out. '' Oh nothing. You were holding me down in your sleep.'' ''Oh! Sorry Josie!'' He said, sounding apologetic. I smiled and leaned down to kiss him. I would have kissed him but Harry cleared his throat. I glare at Harry and so did Zayn. Zayn looked ready to punch him but before he jumped up, I whispered to him,'' Don't kill him, Zayn. Just kiss me and ignore him.'' With that he smiled and tackled me and started kissing me. I wrapped my arms around his neck. I felt him smile. I pulled away and glared at Harry. He looked away and then just walked away to the lobby. I smiled at Zayn then realized the other guys were staring at us. I stopped smiling and blushed. Zayn put his hand on my shoulder and I smiled again.

                                *Harry's POV* 

                                          Josie... I can't g't her name out of my head. I wanted to forget it. She kissed Zayn right in front of me. I knew it was to get me back. I knew that because she glared at me when she was done. I looked down and walked out. I didn't want her to love Zayn. I wanted her to love me. Just then, Niall walked out and I just broke down. I heard more voices but I didn't care about them. It was a nurse, Liam, Josie, Louis, and Zayn. Wait, and Zayn? I almost killed him on the spot. I said,'' Zayn, can I talk to you?'' Through gritted teeth. ''Erm.. Sure.'' I faked a smile at Josie and walked out, hand on Zayn's neck. '' How could you?!'' I screamed at him. ''Im sorry, Harry. She loves me and you can just deal with that.'' He said, calmly. I ran my tongue over my teeth and suddenly threw my hand out and held him back by his neck. ''I will ruin this band and you if you don't leave Josie alone.''' I whispered into his face. He looked pretty calm. Typical. ''Why... Should... I?'' He said, trying to catch his breathe when i let go. I felt horrible. I just slapped him without thinking. He held his cheek and smirked at me. With that he walked out and started kissing Josie, hard. She looked surprised for a moment but then put her arms on his shoulders. He put his hands on her waist, squeezing her stomache. She smiled and pushed herself closer to him. I clenched my fists and ran and taxklled Zayn. He punched me, leading to kicking and smacking. I held him down by his throat and he gasped for air. I almost killed him before I herd Josie screaming and having a breakdown. I looked at Zatn, who was almost dead. I let go and ran off. I ran to the flat. Not looking behimd me. That's where the guys and Josie were. They were running after me. Once I got to the flat I shared with the guys, I ran to my room and locked my door. Josie was sobbing and saying my name softly. '' Harry? Harry, please open the door. Please.'' I hesitated but then walked to the door. I opened it and Josie was on her knees with her face in her hands. ''Josie" she looked up and faked a smile and stood up.


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