One Way Or Another

This is a fanfic about One Direction. There is a girl whose dad works as their manager. Her name is Josie. All the guys fall for her but only Zayn Malik catches her eyes.


4. Love is a Dangerous Thing

* Louis' POV* 

                Ohmygod. Josie lookes beautiful. And maybe as sassy as me. She had long, dark blonde hair in a high pony. With a tight black tee with the British Flag on it with a short pink skirt. Red Toms? I couldnt be able to pull that off if I was a girl. She looked nice. A casual sort of nice. I fell for her right when she smiled at me.


        * Harry's POV*

                      Josie looked amazing. In an everyday look, at least. I fell for her. She was drop-dead- gorgeous. I saw how Lou and Liam looked at her. I will get her. I won't let them get to her. I felt jealous for Niall. He actually got to hug her. I will try to get her. Wait, where's Zayn?

   *Zayn's POV*

             I could tell she was gorgeous. I heard everyone oohing and awwing over her. I almost ran out there but I knew that if I fell for her, Harry would kill me. I couldn't look at her. I would fall for her if I did. I just decided to go to the flat. I mean, love is a dangerous thing.

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