One Way Or Another

This is a fanfic about One Direction. There is a girl whose dad works as their manager. Her name is Josie. All the guys fall for her but only Zayn Malik catches her eyes.


8. Dont Hurt Him

*Josie's POV* 

                    Zayn and I walked out to the front room holding hands. I saw Harry and immidiatly stopped. ''What's wrong, babe? Zayn asked me. I motioned him to come down to my height. ''Harry. What will he do to you?'' ''I said I don't know, Josie. We will see in a second.'' I just bit my lip and walked forward. Harry looked at me and smiled but then looked at me and Zayn's fingers intertwined. He frowned and looked at me again. I felt tears forming in my eyes. I hated hurting someone's feelings. I let go of Zayn's hand and ran to my room. I started to bawl in the corner. I heard footsteps and my door flew open. I didn't care who it was. I just sat there crying. It was Zayn. He asked,'' Why are you crying?'' ''Because I saw pain in Harry's eyes. I hate when I  hurt someone.'' ''He will kill me if he found out we kissed. I shouldn't have kissed you. I wasn't thinking. I'm soo sorry Josie. I practically ruined your life.'' I sniffled and said,'' Zayn, you didn't do anything. Ill just go and talk to Harry about this. No problem.'' I reached up and pecked his lips and walked to Harry.

                  Harry was in the front room muttering to himself. ''I'm gonna kill that Malik. He took her from me. He knew I was in love with her. I thought she loved me.'' He must have not known I was there. I did love him but not in the way I love Zayn. I love the guys like brothers. They are super protective over me and Zayn is just the person I love in the true love way. ''Harry, I do love you but as a brother. Don't hurt him.'' Harry stood up and walked to me and cupped my face. ''I love you in everyway,. He knew I love you but he went and took you.'' Harry got closer. I felt his hot breathe on my face. He got too close. I got uncomfortable. I thought he was gonna kiss me but when he got closer and I tried to slip away, he grabbed my waist and pulled me close. I rested my head against his chest, relieved. I looked up at him and said,'' Harry, your like my brother. I love Zayn in the true love way. You and the guys are like my brothers. I have to go.'' ''Josie, don't go. I like this. Its relaxing to sit here with you in my arms.'' Harry pulled me tight and walked backwwards. He fell with me in his arms onto the couch. I giggled and pushed myself up. ''Harry. This isnt right. Bye.'' I walked out before he could reply.

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