One Way Or Another

This is a fanfic about One Direction. There is a girl whose dad works as their manager. Her name is Josie. All the guys fall for her but only Zayn Malik catches her eyes.


9. beautiful life

*Harry's POV*

                    She giggled adorably and rested her head on my chest. I thought she finally fell for me but then she said,'' Harry, this isn't right. Bye.'' I was heart broken. I looked at the ground when she walked to her room. I almost cried but I would look like an idiot if I started bawling in front of the one I love most. I got frustrated and called one of Niall's friends.''Josh? Hey man! Life's good. John's daughter is visiting and she is gorgeous but she loves Zayn. Yeah. Wanna come and hang?'' Josh said sure and he was on his way. About 20 minutes later, he was at our door. I got up to open it but Niall ran to the door and flung it open. He screamed,'' JOSH!!!! MAN I MISSED YOU,!!!'' I said,'' Hey Josh. How are you?'' He didn't answer me. He just started walking around like he was looking for something. ''Whatcha looking for?'' Niall asked. '' Well Harry said there was a hot girl here and....'' He stopped and looked up at the stairs. I looked up and saw Josie blushing and looking at me. ''You think I'm hot? Huh?'' She started to giggle. I looked at Josh and Niall and blushed. Josh mouthed the words,'' Sorry Man.'' I looked at him and laughed. ,''Yes I do Josie.'' She giggled and ran down the stairs to me and jumped into my arms. '' In sorta liked you when I first met you but I'm with Zayn.'' I frowmed . '' I know that but I still like you.'' She looked at me and smiled. ''Harry? Are you gonna introduce me to your guys' friend?'' Oh! Right! '' Josie this is Josh. Josh this is Josie.'' I set Josie down and she walked over to Josh. ''Nice to meet you Josh.'' She said. 

         *Josh's POV* 

                       Harry was right. She is hot. But I heard twice that she is with Zayn. OK. I'm cool with that. I can wait another lifetime for the perfect girl. I winked at Niall and Harry. ' she is beautiful' I mouthed. Harry glared at me. I instantly frowned. I looked at Josie and smiled. I picked her up and flung her onto the couch. She was giggling like crazy. 

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