I lost everything

Have you ever loved someone and then got hurt? Well, that's exactly what I am going through. I fell in love with someone i can't have, but that wasn't enough. He forgot about me.
He made me feel so much pain. I didn't know what to do.
This is my story......


2. 2. Nothing like before...

-you sing really good, Simin said and gave me a big smile.

-congratulations. You're through, he said.

I let out a relived breath and smiled to the judges.

I got off the stage but bumped in to someone on the way.

The boy in front of me was nothing like I remembered.

-Niall? My voice was weak.

-Great. Another fan. Why can't they leave me alone for one second, I heard him say before he turned to look at me.

-you don't remember me? I asked quietly.

-why should I? You're just a fan, he said.

Those words made my heart break into millions of pieces.

Tears started to build up in my eyes, but I turned away before anyone could see them.

When I arrived home later that night, the house was dark. That meant everybody was asleep already.

I quietly tip toed to my room and closed the door after me.

On the bed was a note from my mother.

"Niall was here today looking for you. I told him to come back tomorrow. Just thought you should know"

I threw the note in the trash bin and laid down on my bed. For a couple of minutes I just lay there looking at the ceiling thinking about old memories I shares with my ex-best friend who didn't remember me.

The sun was shining and behind me I heard his laugh.

-Melody. Come back here, he said between his laughter. A smile spread over my lips and I turned to look at my best friend. His blond hair almost disappeared in the high grass. I stopped and just looked at him for a moment. He was really beautiful, his smile, his eyes. Everything.

To me he looked like an angel. I smiled at the thought. I looked up at the sky and smiled sadly. I always said my sister was an angel. She died when we were 4 years old. The thought of her made my knees go weak and soon I was laying in the grass, crying my eyes out. In just a matter of second, Niall was by my side hugging me tightly while whispering that everything would be alright.

Back in reality my heart ached like never before. I lost everything that meant something to me. My beloved sister, and now Niall too. He maybe remembered memories we shared but he didn't remember me.

I felt how the sleep took over me and soon I was sleeping.

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