Forbidden love ♒ my teacher

Vanessa Hastings (but everyone calls her Nessa) is the daughter of a rich lawyer, and a supermodel. She is the prettiest girl on her school, and goes to a very strict privateschool. One day a new teacher walks in, and Nessa gets enchanted by the teachers beautiful eyes. The teacher gets attracted to her as well. What next?


5. ..

I woke up in his couch again. I heard noises. It was silent, but I could tell what it said. "Shh, you're waking her up." I heard a laugh. "She's your student man.. You're screwed!", "She is nothing more but that." I heard one more laugh, from the same man. I could tell, cause it was a man voice. "She's hot. Mind if I take her? I'm only nineteen." "Shut up Pete." I went up from the couch and snook out. I walked to Matt's house, and pretended that I had slept in my car. I knocked on the door, and waited for an answer. "Oh, Nessa.." He said surprised. "I need a ride home." I said. "Sure." As we walked to the car, I caught Ryan staring at us from the other side of the street. "What?" I whispered to myself, but Matt didn't notice. Finally I got a text from Ryan. "What are you doing with him?" It said. "Wow, you shouldn't be jealous. You said that I was nothing more than a student, right?" I texted back. We finally arrieved our destination, after a long awkward ride. I stepped out of the car. "Thank you Matt." And I walked in again. My dad was sitting at the diningtable, when I went in there to get some breakfeast. "Where have you been Honey? And where is your mom?" He said and smiled. "Mom is on a photoshoot in Hawaii. And I stayed over at a friends house." He smiled again. "Okay Honey." And my phone rang. It was Ryan. My dad looked at the phone. "Who's Ryan?" I smiled at him. "Oh, an old friend." And I went up to my room, and answered back. "Hello?", "It's me Ryan..", "No shit.." I said. "Who was that guy you spoke with today?", "My brother." "Oh okay, but Ryan?", "Yeah?", "Why can't I just be your normal student?", "I am afraid that's to late..." I didn't answer that quick.. "NESSA!" My dad called after me, and I hung up.


The rest of the weekend was spend with a fancy brunch at my Grandparent's house, and an art-event, and afterwards a spa treatment with my aunt. That's was just sunday. So next day when I went to school, something weird happend. I went to school, normally, when someone stopped me. "Nessa, right?" He smiled at me. He looked so friendly, and really handsome as well. "Yes?" I said and smiled back. "I'm Mr. Montgomery's brother, Pete." I smiled at him.. "Oh, I was only crashing at his house, because my car didn't work." He smiled at me. "Yeah, he told me. But you know what?" "Huh?" I said. "I know that you don't know me, but do you want to go out for dinner tonight?" He smiled at me. "Sure." I said and smiled back. "Here's my number.." He texted it in to my phone. Ryan came over. "Pete, what are you doing?" He rolled his eyes. "Asking her out, she said yes." Ryan looked over at me. "I'd better go.." I walked to class. I know that it was really bitchy to go out with his brother. But I was really upset, that he totally regretted me. Ryan went after me. "Nessa, did you agree to go out with my brother?" He said. "Really... Ryan, I really don't think you can say anything here..." I said and looked sad at him.. "I really want you, but you don't want me. So. To bad.." "Nessa!", "Omg, I don't want to do this, Im going to skip school today. Sorry."  

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