Forbidden love ♒ my teacher

Vanessa Hastings (but everyone calls her Nessa) is the daughter of a rich lawyer, and a supermodel. She is the prettiest girl on her school, and goes to a very strict privateschool. One day a new teacher walks in, and Nessa gets enchanted by the teachers beautiful eyes. The teacher gets attracted to her as well. What next?


1. The new teacher

"Nessa wake up!" I just sigh and turn around in my huge doubblebed. My private "butler" Maria begins to shake me back and fourth. "Fine I'm up! Urgh!". Maria begins to laugh. "Miss Nessa, you're so lazy." I look at her and smile. "I know. But today, Im not. It's the first day of school, and I need to look gorgeous." Maria look at me like I am weird. "Miss, you're already the prettiest girl on your school." I look back at her. "I am not. Now get out, I need to get ready!".  I took a shower and went to my walk in closet. I came in and look at all of my high heels, skirts, shirts, jeans, dresses, sneakers, flats, designer bags.. I couldn't complain. Or so I could. I have never felt loved ever. My mom always got modelling jobs, and my dad is always busy with his lawyer jobs. My friends (Lauren and Tina) are sweet, they feel the same way as me, since they're feeling the same was as me. I feel like I can be my self around those two, but still I want to feel appreciated and loved.


My phone rings. I pick it up. It's Lauren. "Help me Nessa!", "With what?", "My outfit! I heard our new English teacher is so hot and only 24.", "Omg Lauren, 24? We're seventeen.. Is that even legal?". I heard the silence at the other line. "Whatever, I need to score him. So Nessa don't take him from me, you're so much prettier than me." I laugh. "No. But if you really want to score that teacher, wear your Prada heels, and that Chanel dress you got from your mom!", "Thanks Ness, You're the best." I hang up, and need to find my own outfit. The original Louboutin heels and a high waisted skirt and a v-neck t-shirt, and to pump that up, I was wearing my new real gold statement necklace. Then to make up. Then I was done, and ready to go to school. 


"Hi Nessa!" Tina says and wake towards me and hug me. "Awe, I've missed you." I smile at her. "Nessa you look amazing!" I smile at her, again. "You do to." At the other side of the parking lot, I spot a really handsome guy. He spotted me too, and we kept the eye contact. He smiles at me, and I get enchanted by him. "Omg who was that.." I whispered to Tina. "That my friend, is our new teacher. "Omg Tina. I just flirted with my eyes at him. Lauren is going to kill me." Tina laughs. "You can trust me." We keep on walking into our class and greets everyone. Then I'm standing towards Matt. My ex-boyfriend. We broke up this summer. He cheated on me with my slutty cousin Sara. Hate that bitch. "Nessa can I talk to you?" I role my eyes at him. "Look, Matt let's not make a big deal out of this.  But if you want to then lets!", "Not here, lets go on the halls.". It's really akward. We're standing towards each other. "What ever." Im on my way into the class, but Matt stops me by taking my hand. "Sara was a mistake. Look I know it wasn't right to sleep with here, but we were both drunk." I laugh. "No Matt, you were drunk. Sara is a manipulating bitch. She always thought you were hot." Matt sighs. "Nessa Im still in love with you.", "You're not that good at showing it." I say, and go in to the class again where our new teacher is standing. I sigh. "Sorry I'm late." It was that hot guy from the parking lot. "And you must be, Vanessa Hastings." He says while I am on my way down to my chair. "I prefer Nessa." I answer and look him deep in his eyes. His wonderful eyes. "Nessa Hastings, then." He says and smiles with his sexy smile. His lips are so kissable, and I stare right at them. Okay wow Nessa. He's you're teacher. Then Matt comes walking in, and sits beside of me. "And you must be... Matt  Montgomery" He nods. "So the two of you there was late.. I am Ryan Peterson, and I am going to teach you in English." 







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