Forbidden love ♒ my teacher

Vanessa Hastings (but everyone calls her Nessa) is the daughter of a rich lawyer, and a supermodel. She is the prettiest girl on her school, and goes to a very strict privateschool. One day a new teacher walks in, and Nessa gets enchanted by the teachers beautiful eyes. The teacher gets attracted to her as well. What next?


2. Miss Hastings, may I speak with you?

I had to change it to past tense, because it is easier and sounds way better.


Two weeks of boring school had past by, and I was still fantasicing me and my Ryan. Or, not really "my" Ryan but.. I wish..

Right then, I was actually in an english class, just daydreaming about Ryan, and not listening to anything he said. Until I fell asleep. I woke up because Matt started cuddling my cheeks. "Babe wake up." I looked at him. "Babe? Seriously babe? You're to much Matt." He looked at me. "Sorry, the period is over." He said. Matt left and I was  alone with Ryan. I grabbed my bag and got prepared to leave. "Uhm actually, Miss Hasting, may I speak with you?" I looked at him, in a shocking way. "Yes, of course... I mean yes." I sounded a little bit to excited there. "You don't seem so interested in english, you seem bored. And I've seen your grades. They sound a little bit to overrateded when I see "your work".", "Wow that was harsh.." I said in a dissapointing way. "No no, I want to tutor you. At my house, or here where ever you want to. If you even want to." I smiled again. "Okay that sounds fine. Your house? When?" He smiled back. "Hm, now? Or is that too soon? I just can't do it the other days of the week." I had plans, but I would toss them for him. "No problem." We went down to the parking lot and took his car. Nobody saw us. 


We went to his house and it was small and cute. "It looks nice." I said to him. He smiled at me. "Thanks." He found his keys and locked the door up. "You can hang your coat here." I didn't answer, and I just hung my coat. It was akward. "We can sit here." We sat towards each other. He gave me a paper with some english verbs. He explained it all to me. But this time I actually listened. I knew that my grades were in danger, but only in english. I knew that my dad would be so pissed if I got bad grades. "So is that a noun? Or is it a trick question?", "A noun, right?" He smiled, "Yea!" We kept on practicing and suddenly I gave up. "I can't!" I smashed my hands gently to the table. "No, you can do it!" He put his hand on mine. "You just need to concentrade." I look at our hands.. "Uhm.. that is kinda... uhh.. hard sometimes.. I get uhm.. distracted..." He smiled at me. "I know the feeling." I smiled back. We kept looking into each others eyes. He stood up. And let go on my hand. "Uhm.. You'd better..." Just while he was speaking, I stood up to and kissed him softly on the lips. I don't know why, I just took the chance. "Uhm I am so sorry, seriously. I'd better go.." He hesitated.. "No Nessa, please..." I regretted that I kissed him so bad, and I just walked so damn fast. 


"Welcome home, Miss. I have cleaned your room, and you have recieved flowers. I have put them in water in your room and put the card infront of the vase." Maria said. "Aha, thanks." And I walked really fast towards my room. "Uhm Maria, can you just get the rest of the day of, I am just going to sleep now." I yelled. "Yes miss." I went to my room and removed my make up, and took my heels of and laid in my bed, and slept the day away, and the night, and when Maria woke me up, I told her that I was ill, so I could sleep again. So I did. And then it was weekend. So I didn't see Ryan in a couple of days, but I couldn't face him after what I had done. But I had to.

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