Forbidden love ♒ my teacher

Vanessa Hastings (but everyone calls her Nessa) is the daughter of a rich lawyer, and a supermodel. She is the prettiest girl on her school, and goes to a very strict privateschool. One day a new teacher walks in, and Nessa gets enchanted by the teachers beautiful eyes. The teacher gets attracted to her as well. What next?


3. I like you too

So today was the day. I had to go to school and face Ryan. Shit shit shit shit! I was so nervous. We had him in the three first periods. Yay! Not. "Hi Ness. Were you sick?" Tina and Lauren said, and walked with me to class. "Yes, I had a ... uhm... a really bad cold!" They looked weird at me. "But it's still summer? And its California?" "Uuuh yes, but I got a cold anyway." They didn't answer, as we walked into the class. Matt came from behind and held me tight. "I've missed you Nessa." I looked back at him. "Matt... Please..." He let go. "Geez ... " He said as he walked back to his seat. Right when Ryan came walking in. I looked straight to the floor. I couldn't look him in the eyes. "So today, we are going to do a little test. It is about nouns/trick words." He said. I realized that Ryan had helped me with the test. I looked up suprised and I catched Ryan looking at me. I looked straight down again, and then he began passing the test out. "Here's one for you, Vanessa." He said. "Nessa, please." I said but did not make any eyecontact. "What's wrong Nessa?" Matt said, and pulled his arm around me. "Nothing Matt." I said. 


When all of the three akward classes were over, I were just going to run out. But of course someone stopped me. "Nessa. I need to talk to you." I looked across the room, and waited until everyone left the classroom, and closed the door. "I can explain.. Okay I can't but, sorry." He looked to the floor. "Look, Nessa.. I have feelings for you. And ..." I interupted him. "You have feelings for me?" He stood spechless.. "Uhm, yeah.. Nessa the first time I saw you.. I just thought, who is that girl? And I have a hard time holding my feelings back. But we both know, that it isn't right." I looked sadly to the floor. "I guess so. Again I am so sorry." He smiled at me. "I'm not. I enjoyed that kiss, and I'd wish that it would have lasted longer. Like this." I looked at him, as he walked towards me. He held his hand on my cheek, and countinued the hand through my hair. He followed his hand with his eyes, and took it back on my cheek. I laid my hand on his cheek. He leaned closer to me, and laid his soft lips on mine. He began kissing me. First I didn't kiss back because of confusion. So he pulled back. "Sorry Nessa. But I have been wanting to do that for some time now. He walked back to the desk, and I was ready to head out from the class. Then I stopped. Alot of thoughts went through my head. It's worth it. "Nessa?" He said confusted. I turned around. "Uhm.." I walked really fast towards him and began kissing him, and he kissed back. I couldn't hold back. He couldn't either. His hands were placed on my hips, and I had my hands on his face. Suddenly I let go. "Kiss me like this?" I said and smiled. "Wow.. Yes.." He smiled back. Suddenly Lauren came into my head. Omg I promised her.. "I have to go." I said and looked scared. And I just walked fast. "Nessa you forgot your bag." And I walked fast in again and looked to the floor and grabbed my bag. "Bye?" He said, as I was walking out.


Next day of school were akward as well. As me and Lauren were walking to English class. And while he walked in, she whispered, "He's so dreamy. I'd kiss him any time." She said. "WHAT DO YOU KNOW?!" I said in panic, very loud. Everyone stared at me. "Sorry, bad day." I said, as everyone turned their heads back, except for Ryan. He kept staring. "What was that about?" She whispered. "Uhm it was my mom, that uhm had uhm kissed an uhm other man, and uhm the word kiss reminded me of that." She looked sorry for me. "Awe, I'm sorry. Just remember that I will always be there for you." I felt so guilty. The way I had betrayed her, while she was so loyal to me. I felt ashamed.  "Yeah, I know that." I smiled. It seemed fake. When the period was over, I decided to give Ryan my number. I know. Betraying my friend, but I really liked him. So I went to his disk. "Mr. Montgomery?" He looked at me like he was surprised. "I just wanted to know if we had any homework?" He smiled at me. "No." I had a paper with my number on, and left it at the table, and he sure saw it. 

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