Forbidden love ♒ my teacher

Vanessa Hastings (but everyone calls her Nessa) is the daughter of a rich lawyer, and a supermodel. She is the prettiest girl on her school, and goes to a very strict privateschool. One day a new teacher walks in, and Nessa gets enchanted by the teachers beautiful eyes. The teacher gets attracted to her as well. What next?


4. I don't know

I was really surprised, because Ryan didn't even call or text me. And I didn't have his number. And it was midnight! I saw it as a sign. A sign that said that I should forget him. But I couldn't let him go. I was crazy about him. My phone called, and I had a mini-heart attack. I answered. "Heyy Nessa, I am so drunk, so I love you. Take me baaaack, omg!" It was Matt. "Are you drunk again?" I could hear a laugh on the other end of the phone. "Okay Matt, where are you? I'm following you home." "I am sitting on a bench, towards a shop called pada, parda, what.. Prada?" He said. "I know where that is. Stay where you are." I hung up, and drove. I had no idea why I helped him. But last time he was drunk, he broke his leg. The time after that, he broke his left arm, just after the other time where he broke his right arm. I drove away, and stopped the car, where I saw Matt, crying. "Matt, what's wrong?" I looked at him in a "Whats-wrong-I-feel-sorry-for-you"-way. He looked up again. "I am so sorry Nessa. I really want you back. What can I do?" I hugged him. "Matt, can't we just be friends?" He looked at me again. "I guess. By the way, I moved again. My adress is in my texts." I opened his texts and his mom had texted him his new adress. And it was a block away from Ryan. I should go to his house afterwards. I dropped him off. "There you go Matt." We hugged and he went to his door himself. His mom hated me. So.. I went to Ryan's house afterwards.


I stared at his door for two minutes before I knocked on it. I was kind of getting cold feet. But I thought, "Never mind," as I knocked on his door. I could hear his footsteps as he opened the door. He looked messed up. "Ryan.." He looked surprised at me, as he stood with a glass of wine in his hand. I helped myself in, and closed the door. I took the glass out of his hand. "Please don't say that you're drunk." I looked worried at him. "Nessa, I'm not. What are you doing here?" I looked annoyed at him. "I am worried. You don't call or text me, did you even see the note? And I really like you, and I really don't know anymore Ryan. If I didn't come here, then I would have gotten any sleep, and....." He stopped me. "Wow Nessa.. I saw your note. But this is fucked up. That school. The best in the hole country. I can't be seen with a student there." I looked flirty on him. "Who says that you will?" I grabbed him closer and began kissing him despratly, as he kissed back. Suddenly he pushed me away. "No Nessa..." I looked weird on him. "So you're going to shut me out? Fine." I went out to my car again, that stood infront of Matt's house. When it suddenly didn't work. 


I went back to Ryan's house. He opened the door. I looked straight to the floor of shame, that I had to come back here. "My car broke down. Can I crash on your couch?" I said. "Yes." He said and helped me in. "Thanks." I said again. He got me a blanket and a pillow. And put it on the couch. "There's food in the fridge, and you can watch tv here in the living room. Help yourself." He said, and walked back up to his bedroom. I couldn't sleep that night. So I found an old western movie. It was called "Shane". It was one of my favorite movies, because it was my grandfather, that played Shane. I was so facinated. I never got to meet him, so it was always fun watching him on movies. So I sat there and watched that movie. Covered in Ryan's blanket, that smelled just like him. I cried. It was just so many little things in my life, that were just wrong. Little did I know, as he had walked downstairs, and stood behind me. "That's my favorite," he said. I got a huge chock and sniffled and dried my eyes in the blanket. But he could see, that something was wrong. "Nessa.. What's wrong?" He sat down beside me. He only wore boxershorts, so that put me in an awkward place. I laid my head on his shoulders. "Everything." I said and pretended to smile. He kissed me on the forehead. "Sorry I acted like a jerk." He said as he watched the movie. "That's ok." I said, as I crumbled down under my blanket. "It's freezing." I said. He held his hands around me. "Better?" He asked. I smiled. "Much better." It was friday, so I could stay there until the very next day.

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