" I will always love you <3 "

Niall and his girlfriend go to France for valentines day. On the flight back, something terrible happens. Will it change their lives forever?


5. The rescue

Lauren's P.O.V.

"Niall! What happened?!" I shout. Suddenly, I can feel something under me. It's Niall! He picks me up on his back, and starts to swim again. "Niall! You don't have to do that! We just have to rest for a bit. I have to get some new energy. Then I can perfectly swim myself!" I scream. "Oh yeah! Come on, let's rest for 10 minutes." He says sarcastically. "It's winter! The water is ice cold. If you rest for 10 minutes, you'll die!" He shouts. Really? You can freeze to death so quickly? "Babe, please let me down. You don't have to carry me! I'll swim myself!" I say. After 2 minutes I convonce him, to let me swim myself. I can let him carry me, even though my leg hurts like hell. I probably have hurt it while exiting the plane. We swim for a while again, and the coast get's closer with every move. "Lauren! Can you see that? There is a lifeboat! We have to make them notice us!" Niall screams.

Niall's P.O.V.

I am glad to see that there's help. We wave and shout, as suddenly a life guard jumps into the water and rescues us. They come just in time. I'm exhausted and freezing, Lauren's leg hurts, she is even more exhausted than I am and her lips are blue. As the life guard pulls us on the boat, Lauren collapses.

Lauren's P.O.V.
•Everything is black. Where am I? Oh yeah, we just had a plane accident and Niall and I swam for hours. Now I'm on a life boat. Wait a minute.. I'm cold, I'm actually freezing. Why can't I open my eyes? Niall? I can't open my mouth either. Am I sleeping? Is this a dream? Niall? I want to see you! Are you okay? Why wont my eyes open? Am I... Dead?

Niall's P.O.V.

"Lauren?!" I shout. She is breathing. That's a good sign. But why wont she open her eyes? "You need to help her! She wont open her eyes but she's breathing!" I scream at the life guard. They wrap several blankets around her, to keep her warm.
After a few minutes, we arrived the coast of Dover. An ambulance arrives. "What will happen to her now? Is she going to be okay?" I ask a doctor. They don't know yet. We'll have to see. I start to cry. Hopefully she'll wake up. I love her so much, I can't live without her. Life would be worthless. I need her. Her eyes show me the point of life - finding love. And I found love. My first real love and she's my everything.

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