Thy Kingdom

spirit, God, kingdom


1. Highest of highest


I raised my hands toward heavens

prayed to Gods and Angels.

`Do not forsake me`

I cried in anguish.

Silence reigned.

I wept in misery

my spirit distressed

flew to the skies

in search of divine grace.

The wandering spirit

gently touched by the blue cloud

pleaded in grief wild

`Take me to the Highest of highest.`

Cool and white moon light

flowed through the night

caressed the spirit with rays tender

kissed it back to the blue pearl.

Trapped in the body

cradled in the heart

spirit cried in agony

`Where do I find you Lord`?

Divine Mother's gaze soft and kind

Her grace carried on wings of wind

the light breeze whispered

`Look in to thyself my child.`

I prayed to my soul celestial

the light of soul ethereal

floated through an angel

to lead me to the supreme real.

The path radiant and resplendent

resonant with church bells

temple hymns, prayers in mosques

all mingled in to melting notes.

Love of Jesus

grace of Krishna

mercy of Allah

purity of Buddha

All an eternal flow

from the fountain of divine grace

in the kingdom of `The Highest of highest`

Only One, One Only.

The grace of God in a bountiful lot

flowed in the kingdom of heart.

Deep in love sweeter

merged in bliss nectar

I murmered

`Glory to Thy Kingdom Lord!`











































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