Short Harry Fanfic


1. Harry

You breathe out, your eyes still shut, but you can feel Harry's lips caress your skin. He kisses your neck, then your collar bone.

You let out a soft moan as his finger enters you slowly. He kisses your lips softly 'Harry..' you whisper. He kisses you again and you feel a second finger go in. Every time he goes in and out it brings you closer to your climax. You pull him into the bath with you and kiss him, feeling him  already.

You're not sure if this is what he had planned, but oh well, you open your legs alowing him to enter you easily, slowly thrusting back and forth, you grip the side of the bath, feeling almost ready to explode.

Harry continues to thrust in and out , slowly then quickly, giving you so much pleasure.

You moan as you both reach your climaxes together.

He exploads inside you, warming you from the inside out. You lay there in the warm water, both of you soaking wet.

Harry kisses your temple and whispers 'I love you.'

You lay there with Harry in your arms just listening to each others heart beats.

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