Panem Mayhem

What would I do if I were to spend two full solid weeks in Panem? Hmm...One chapter isn't really enough, but I have crammed some of my ideas into this movella. Hope you like it! Copyright (C)


1. Panem Is A Total Mayhem

  I stick my head out of the window and let my loose hair flutter in the wind. I am almost there, I think, as I approach the flickering dot of light at the end of the dark tunnel.

  My closed eyes bring before me an image of the visit I paid last month. I had flown to Panem during my world tour, which was a country with twelve districts. A country which held a set of brutal annual games, The Hunger Games, where little children were made to fight to the death. The president, Mr. Snow, had warmly welcomed me with the utmost enthusiasm and bid me for an ‘Invitee Tour’. People of the various districts cast a gloomy eye on me, acting like I had come to entertain myself by watching the butchering of their lives to shreds.

  I was asked to meet the ‘Victors’ of each district, and came across a really amicable female Victor, Katniss. There were the usual ‘Hi’s, ‘How are you doing’s and ‘The weather is nice’s. However, with the end of my so-called Invitee tour, I couldn’t get to know her much well.

  I am going to Panem, again. I can’t bear to make another Invitee Tour. I can’t tolerate the look of dismay on those faces again. So, I am going through a rather special route to the country. I am going through a secret underground tunnel.

  I reach the mouth of the tunnel, and squint as the sunlight hits the windshield of the enhanced automatic path-sensitive car.

  “Hey MoonAvis!” I hear the distant greet from a familiar voice.

  “Katniss!” I say, as I excitedly jump out of the car and dart towards Katniss.

  “How was your journey?” asks Katniss.

  “Excellent,” I say.

  “Come inside,” says Katniss, tilting her head to a house that appears probably thrice the size of mine.

  “Your house is beautiful,” I say.

  “Beautiful or stale, I hate it. Snow-zilla gave it to us,” she whispers.

  “This is Peeta,” she says, as I smile and shake hands with a boy who appears kind enough to carefully carry an ant with a damaged leg back to the anthill.

  My eye catches a glimpse of a charming boy with a sturdy build, who, seeing me, gets off the couch and gives me welcoming gesture, saying “Hello, you must be MoonAbish? I am Gale.”

  “It’s MoonAvis actually,” I say giggling, as I try to hide my instantly flushed cheeks.

  “Oh, he always gets the girl’s name wrong the first time,” she says, laughing.

  We all chat for some time, sitting at the magnificent dining table, when Katniss proposes that we go to the woods. Peeta, on the other hand, decides he is better off sitting on the couch sketching away drawings of plants, flowers and creatures than actually going near the real ones.

  The woods are a breathtaking display of nature overflowing with dense trees, fluttering songbirds called mockingjays and beautiful flowers around river banks here and there. Katniss shows me her skills with the bow and arrow, while Gale fills me in with his information on traps and snares and teaches me to build some of them. We three do pretty much the same things for a handful of days, hanging around in the woods with each other.

  One day, while we are admiring the fragrance of the Primrose flower, a deafening sound commences all of a sudden, leaving the ground trembling.

  “What the hell is happening?” I shout out to the other two over the noise. However, I have my doubts answered in seconds as a huge black flying object appears in the sky above us out of nowhere.

  “Oh my god, a hovercraft!” Katniss yells with fear.

  Katniss yanks me under a cave to cover me. “They must have found out you have come!” she yells again, as the hovercraft starts descending.

  “How?” I ask, intensely worried.

  “I don’t know that, but they must have, somehow, with all those buttons and screens stuck on their walls! But I swear Moon, I wasn’t expecting this, I am so sorry,” she says, getting me worried still.

  “What if they take me?” I say, a hint of a tear showing up in my swollen red eyes.

  “Listen, we won’t let them take you. Come on, we need to get you out of here!” says Gale.

  “How are you going to do that?” I say, panic building inside me to such amounts I was going to explode.

  Gale signals me to a hole at the end of the cave. “This hole must have its opening in—“

  “The tunnel!” I exclaim, my heart lightening up a little.

  “Goodbye MoonAvis,” say Katniss and Gale together, as I get ready to jump into the hole. I give them a reassuring look and turn to jump.

  I experience a feeling of all the panic flying away as I slide down. Quite unexpectedly, I feel my feet hit the ground. My automatic car is already awaiting me. I love my car for this. I bolt towards it and press the ‘Start’ button. It starts immediately, and I drive away back to my own beloved country.

  These were my two weeks in Panem. Woah.




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